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The truth has slipped out on this program and on many others. When we have these nattering nabobs on the left call here and complain that there are this number of millions of people uninsured, we always say, ‘It doesn’t matter, everybody gets treated in this country, especially if you go to the emergency room. Everybody gets treated.’ Technically nobody doesn’t have health care coverage in this country, technically. And now the truth has slipped out. New York congressman Anthony Weiner — or is it Whiner? He pronounces it Weiner? I don’t want to purposely mispronounce it because some people might think Weiner is, you know, taking a jab here, but if it’s the way he really pronounces it, I want to get it right. Question: ‘We could easily have a natural disaster, if not quite on this scale at least the same broad ballpark, a slightly heavier earthquake in California could do extraordinary devastation in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Thinking about this and maybe it’s appropriate, tell me if it’s inappropriate in asking, but how would survivors of something like this here fare in terms of getting on their own feet economically after this with the health care system we have in place right now?’

WEINER: Frankly, every single day when people go into a hospital emergency room, you know, there’s some questions asked, ‘Let me see your insurance card,’ but at the end of the day we care for them. So we really don’t have a discussion in this country about whether or not we’re going to have health care for everyone. We really do. The only question that we’re having now, it seems almost silly it’s so petty, is how are we going to distribute that health care.

RUSH: How are we going to distribute — thank you, Congressman Weiner, the truth is out, everybody gets treated. The question that he was asked was a softball setup. The question, ‘With the health care system in the condition that it’s in now,’ meaning it’s horrible, ‘and if we had a natural disaster here, oh, my God, what would happen with health care in this country?’ And Weiner just shot down the question, ‘Oh, everybody gets treated here. That’s not the problem. What we have to do is redistribute the health care.’

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