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RUSH: Okay, let’s compare Brown’s days in office before 2012 elections to Obama’s. From January 3rd, 2005 when Obama became a senator to Wednesday, November 4th, 2008 when he was elected president: 1,401 days (or three years, ten months, and a day). From January 19th, yesterday when Brown was elected, to November 6th of 2012, Election Day: 1,022 days (or two years, nine months, and 18 days). So Brown will have 400 fewer days under his belt than Obama did. However! However, let us never forget that Obama was on the campaign trail for many of those days.

He actually worked 150 days in the Senate, combined. Most of those days were prior to the announcing of his campaign. But then, after that, was mostly on the campaign trial, went back to solve a financial crisis with McCain a couple times. He’d go back for a couple of votes, go back to listen to a State of the Union speech, but 150 days is what Obama was elected president on, that kind of experience in the Senate.

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