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RUSH: This is Nancy in Wayne, Ohio. You’re on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Just a quick note. Algore is correct about global warming. He’s only off by six planets. According to photos from the Hubble, Pluto is warming up.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s because of the blizzards here in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. According to noted global warming scientists here in America and at the IPCC. These massive snowstorms are not only causing global warming and are an indication of it here, but they’re having a dramatic impact on the surface temperatures of what was a planet (no longer is) Pluto. It’s getting bright red out there. I mean, we humans, if you think we’re destroying just the Earth (chuckles) you are wrong. We are destroying our solar system. It’s all because of you. Your SUVs, your smokestacks, and all the rest of this gunk and garbage that you’re putting into the atmosphere. You think it just stays here? (snorts) You seen Mars lately? You seen the storms on Jupiter? They found another eye up there! Saturn? Folks. Let’s go to the audiotape. Dylan Ratigan yesterday afternoon, MSNBC.

RATIGAN: Rush Limbaugh taking me on by name today, even though I actually don’t subscribe to either of the theories liberal or conservative. I was simply reporting a scientific fact: That some scientists say that higher air temperatures, when the air mass is warmer, it can retain more moisture and as a result these scientists believe that the warmer air mass — which retains more moisture — may subsequently offer more precipitation, something that would fall from the sky. These exact types of storms may reflect that. I honestly have no idea. I was simply reporting that that is part of the science. So to argue that the snow is evidence that there’s not global warming borders on moronic.

RUSH: Well, not quite, Dylan. At least I’m glad you admit that you have no idea, but when you say you’re only reporting what’s part of the science, that’s not true. There’s no settled science on this. Are you people not aware of the hoax this has all become at East Anglia University, at the IPCC with the Himalayan glaciers? I’m going to tell you something, Dylan. What’s happening with these snowstorms is exactly, according to my climate scientists — I’ve got some, too, and it’s settled as far as I’m concerned, Dylan. If these things continue, this is exactly what we’re going to get with global cooling. Which, uh, shows you where we are. This equals global warming. Here is Morton Kondracke on Fox yesterday afternoon.

KONDRACKE: This has become theological. You know, those people who believe in global warming believe it as though it was a statement from God and vice-versa. Rush Limbaugh is convinced that it’s human arrogance that even conceives that mankind could be creating global warming.

RUSH: He’s right about that, but the other side does not believe it’s a statement from God. They don’t believe there is God! Global warming, liberalism, is their religion. Not progressivism. You, folks, I’m getting — I’m getting pounded here by a couple people on this. Don’t be fooled by this. This term ‘progressive,’ I know the history of it. It’s nothing more than a mask, George Lakoff (rhymes with), the liberals come up with all kinds of lingo designed to disguise who they really are. They know the terms that hurt them. Progressive doesn’t hurt them with the average, ordinary American. You can go out and do a poll: ‘Okay are you progressive, conservative, or liberal?’ Progressive will end up higher than liberal. Because they think that sounds good. ‘Yeah, I’m progressive. I’m forward thinking. I’m an imaginative guy.’ Howard Fineman, MSNBC Countdown with Whoever. Question: ‘Is life on Earth going to be threatened because the people who recognized and warned about climate change didn’t just go with that phrase, ‘climate change,’ instead chose ‘global warming,’ opening the opportunity for Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to kill us all?’

FINEMAN: Well, I do think that, uh, labels matter, and in retrospect simply focusing on warming was a mistake. Uh, just in terms of the politics and the salesmanship of what is undoubtedly a really, really big problem. But it’s also now gotten all wrapped up in Obama and Gore and the whole big government idea.

RUSH: Let me ask: Howard, how in the world is something SCIENCE political? The very fact this is political ought to tell every one of you it’s not science. Gee whiz! Yeah, they goofed up. They called it ‘global warming.’ I don’t know how I’m going to kill us all, but ‘the politics and the salesmanship of what is undoubtedly a really, really big problem’? It’s a hoax!

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