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RUSH: From an eager-to-help Associated Press, we had a forerunner of this story yesterday: ‘Facing criticism that President Barack Obama isn’t connecting with the American people, the White House is infusing –‘ It’s bad. Folks, the left is so ticked off at Evan Bayh, you cannot believe how mad they are at him. Jonathan Capehart is calling this a brain drain of the Senate. If this is a brain drain of the Senate then I say more of it. The more Democrats we lose, the more brains we lose, fine and dandy, I’ll get rid of those brains every time it happens. I’ll cheer it. And we got John Podesta, who was former chief of staff for Clinton saying the Obama administration’s a mess, the Republicans are going to clean up in November, may take the Senate back. Charlie Cook, noted nonpartisan pollster and political scientist analyst said the same thing.

Remember, folks, let’s go back just one year. This time last year it was settled political science that the era of Ronaldus Magnus was over. Last year at this time it was settled political science that the Republican Party would never be in power again, at least for 40 decades. I was the head of a failed party, conservatives were a dying breed, Obama was golden, the Democrats had all the votes and the power to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, forever. And yet just like global warming, we have to always be reminded that the ultimate definition of science is that it is never, ever settled. It is always changing. New factors come into play constantly, and it needs endless examination as it is endlessly never settled, and it needs a highly trained specialist like me to continue to analyze it. One year ago everybody in this country thought I was the one whacked out. Even people on our side thought I had lost it. I was the only one suggesting that what was going to happen has happened. I was the only one suggesting the era of Reagan was not over, that conservatism is timeless, as is the Constitution.

And now here it is a year later, and we get this story from an eager-to-help AP: ‘Facing criticism that President Barack Obama isn’t connecting with the American people, the White House is infusing its communications strategy with some of the ironclad discipline and outside-the-box thinking that made the Obama presidential campaign famous — and successful. Sensitive about talk that the president was sometimes overexposed during his first year in office, the administration now is more discriminating about how and when the president deals with media –‘ Like as in never. ‘– and about whom he talks to when he does.’ He went out there today, we got the tape, ramping up the whole notion of nuclear power. Eight-point some odd billion in loans. Now, this is going to be fascinating to watch because the entire entertainment industry, the Hollywood left — do you realize why we don’t have any nuclear power in this country in the last 30 years? One movie, The China Syndrome, starring Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas, and Jack Lemmon was in there. That’s the reason that we do not have any nuclear power plants in the last 30 years.

Now, what everybody seems to forget here, you can’t build new nuclear power plants and take ’em online without someplace to put the waste, and Obama’s closed it. The waste repository was Yucca Mountain in Nevada, and Obama has closed it. Nobody is talking about that. He can do all he wants, he can extend loans and he can get the process going, but wait ’til the regulations and the red tape. This is simple pandering because his own party does not want this. His own entertainment donors don’t want this. They don’t want nuclear power. They’re not just going to roll over and say, ‘Oh, our guy wants it? Okay, cool. We’ll support it.’ But without someplace to put the waste, it’s all academic. Mona Charen wrote about this at National Review Online four or five weeks ago. It’s my superior memory that allows me to remember this. Here are some of the things that the Obama administration is going to do.

‘More direct, rapid response to criticism. Through blog postings on the White House website by a small cast of Obama aides and unsolicited e-mails from press secretary Robert Gibbs blasted to the White House’s vast press list, the administration seeks to more quickly and widely counter perceived misinformation. And Gibbs has finally resorted to Twitter. More events at which the president speaks directly to the public without the filter of the media.’ More? How can there be any more? Four hundred some odd last year. ‘Carefully choreographed interactions with the press. Instead of holding news conferences, which can cover many topics and put reporters in competition with the president for the spotlight, the Obama team is trying to place a premium on its media interactions.’

I could go on reading the rest of the story, but isn’t Mr. Obama just adjusting the ways in which he hopes to continue to dupe the dumb — the whole Obama administration is a giant dupe. And it’s been caught on to. He’s no longer duping anybody, so they gotta find a new way to dupe people. They still can’t be honest about what they’re doing. They don’t dare. So we’ll keep a sharp eye on this, folks. We are not fooled. However, at CNN, they are breathless in anticipation. Rick Sanchez yesterday afternoon talking with the political correspondent Jessica Yellin.

SANCHEZ: Did the White House suddenly say, look, enough is enough, we’re not going to sit back and take Dick Cheney going on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and all the right-wing places and arguing about everything that we do, we’re going to take him on, and the man to do that is Joe Biden? Is this a strategy?

YELLIN: The White House has ramped up its communications message, and it’s become much more aggressive on many fronts.

RUSH: Yeah?

YELLIN: And this is one of them.

RUSH: Ooh.
YELLIN: In general taking on Cheney in an election year is a win for Democrats because he’s so unpopular with the Democratic base, and we all know part of the problem in politics is having an enemy is what helps you raise money which you need to succeed.

RUSH: Well, bring it on. I mean they’ve been doing it to Cheney the whole year, they’ve been going after me the whole year, and where are they? Their base is livid with them right now. Nobody’s happy with Obama. Look at this. This is a New York Times/CBS poll: Just 6% of Americans believe Obama’s $787 billion slush stimulus fund created jobs, just 6%. And these are the people that probably — well, never mind. Now, in December the Obama administration announced they had saved or created 1.1 million jobs. In January the Obama administration announced that they had saved or created two million jobs. But the American people are not buying this. Just 6%. Does this not give you faith and hope in your countrymen, folks? I mean they know that there are no jobs being created ’cause they’re outta work, and they can’t find any, and they keep hearing about all these millions of jobs created or saved, and they’re saying, ‘Where?’ Just 6%. This is Obama’s failed stimulus. I mean the word ‘failure’ is all over this administration — oh, yeah, Snerdley, you’re right, this will deserve a rapid response. We’ll probably hear from the White House on this by the end of the day that Limbaugh is out there quoting a New York Times poll, just 6% of Americans believe Obama’s stimulus plan created jobs.

It is a failed stimulus. That’s the whole way to describe that. That’s the term we should use every time it’s mentioned. George Lakoff would be proud of me, George Lakoff (rhymes with) would be proud of me. Obama’s failed stimulus. And they’re going to compound it here with a second failed stimulus. What all this adds up to, folks, is that Obama is admitting he cannot manage the presidency. Obama’s admitting that he’s failed. He’s back on the campaign trail. He’s back in campaign mode. He cannot govern. He cannot manage the presidency. The president has admitted and his administration has admitted he has failed. He’s gotta go back to what worked, the permanent campaign. The problem, that isn’t gonna work, though, because the permanent campaign is up against the hard dose of reality that the American people see each and every day.

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