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RUSH: From the floor of the Senate…grab audio sound bite number five. Here’s Harry Reid from the floor of the US Senate yesterday.

REID: I have met with some people, while I was home, dealing with domestic abuse; it happens; it has gotten out of hand. Why? Men don’t have jobs. Women don’t have jobs either but women aren’t abusive, most of the time. Men, when they’re outta work, tend to become abusive. Our domestic crisis shelters in Nevada are jammed. It’s the way it is all over the country.

RUSH: There you have it. Harry Reid, men have become abusive because they’re outta work, women not nearly as abusive, although statistics show it’s about 50-50 in domestic abuse stories. Women instigate half of it and men the other half. I met with some people while I was home dealing with domestic abuse. ‘[I]t’s gotten out of hand. Why? Men don’t have jobs. Women don’t have jobs, either, but women aren’t abusive most of the time.’ This is your Democrat Senate majority leader. Oh, from the Savannah, Georgia, Morning News: ‘Pooler police say violence erupted during one couple’s Valentine’s Day outing, as the suitor’s former lover burst into the restaurant and beat the man with her high-heel shoe.’ Women are rarely abusive, but it did happen. ‘Early Sunday morning, officers were called to the Waffle House at 1012 E. U.S. 80, finding a ‘blood-covered floor and tables in a state of disarray,’ according an incident report filed by Pooler police.

‘A 33-year-old man had suffered cuts and scrapes on his face, marks left by the ‘spiked heel from a shoe,’ police reported. The victim told officers that he and his girlfriend were at a booth when a pair of sisters — one of whom is the mother of his children — came in and started an argument. He tried to ignore them, police reported, even as they began hitting him. A Waffle House manager told police the women also hurled sugar and salt containers through a window.’ But women, they’re not as abusive as men, ‘most of the time,’ according to Harry Reid. (laughing) Now, okay, Senator Reid. Let’s take this a step further. Democrat policies have caused massive unemployment. Have they not? Democrat policies and the election of Barack Obama led to massive unemployment, and we just saw that there were mass layoffs in June — and they didn’t even say at Reuters they were surprised this time. They didn’t even say ‘experts’ were shocked. They didn’t say ‘experts’ expected the unexpected. They didn’t say ‘experts’ were surprised. They just said: Mass layoffs were up in January. Who’s running the show here? Everywhere you choose to look it’s the Democrats. So Democrat policies cause massive unemployment. So according to Dingy Harry, Democrats are responsible for domestic violence increases in the country and at Waffle Houses in Georgia! The Democrat Party, according to Harry Reid, is now responsible for the perpetuation of violence against women in this country because they are the reason men are unemployed.


RUSH: Who’s next? Roger in Fallbrook, California. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Listen. I heard a report here in the last day or so that there is someone in Nevada who has registered a new political party called, quote, The Tea Party and that they plan to run someone against Harry Reid but in fact the person that’s setting this up is a lifelong Democrat, a past supporter of Harry Reid, and has no connection with the real tea party people. Is this how Reid plans to win?

RUSH: Well, I had not heard the latter part. I heard that the tea party had registered a candidate out there, and everybody’s kind of alarmed by that. I had not heard that it was a Reid confidante running a sabotage scam.

CALLER: That’s what it sounds like to me.

RUSH: Well, do you know it for a fact?

CALLER: Well, I think I heard this from Roger Hedgecock. Now, you know Roger Hedgecock.

RUSH: I do know Roger Hedgecock.

CALLER: And that’s where I heard it from so I kind of trust what he says.

RUSH: Well, we’ll endeavor to find out. I would put it past them. It’s typical of something they would do.

CALLER: Yeah, and I’m afraid they might try this elsewhere, too.

RUSH: Well, if that’s what they’re doing, don’t sweat it, ’cause it’s going to blow up in their desert face.

CALLER: Well, I would hope so.

RUSH: It will. Make no mistake about it. If this guy’s not a legitimate tea party guy, if he’s just somebody that made off with Harry Reid in one of the land deals back in the old days, we’ll find out if it’s a trick. I can’t reject it, ‘Oh they’d never do that,’ because it sounds exactly like something they would come up with. Roger, thanks very much, I appreciate it.


RUSH: Okay, we’ve confirmed what Hedgecock said, the ‘tea party’ guy in Nevada is not a tea party guy. His lawyer’s name is Barry Levinson. He’s a former Obama supporter and the former attorney for John Wayne Bobbitt. It is a Harry Reid trick. It won’t work. Don’t sweat it.

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