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RUSH: Okay, to the phones we go. What happened to the guy up there on line one? He bailed on us? Well, I don’t blame him. He’s been on hold for 90 minutes. He was a doctor, right, and he wanted to know if the Supreme Court could overturn this. Folks, I wish I had taken the question but I can summarize his question. We had a doctor who wanted to know if this thing passes, if the Supreme Court could overturn it. I’m just going to say three words to that: Campaign finance reform. I’m hearing way too many people say, ‘Let this thing pass and let the Supreme Court say it’s unconstitutional.’ Why do you want to roll those dice? We ought not even be thinking in terms of this passing and repealing it.

We’ll cross that bridge if this thing passes, and I guarantee you the word ‘repeal’ is going to be the number one election campaign theme of the Republican Party going into the November elections. But why even go there now? Now, I heard that my buddy Mark Levin, Landmark Legal Foundation, is going to file a lawsuit the moment they use the Slaughter rule. You wayward Democrats ought to know that there are going to be numerous legal challenges to this, led by Landmark, on the literal unconstitutionality of this. All it’s going to take is for one court to decide to hear this, and everything gets stopped and put on hold. The big question is getting a court to take it. But there will be challenges. People are not going to sit around and take this.

People are not going to sit around and say, ‘Oh, well, we fought the good fight but we lost,’ and twiddle the thumbs and start complying with it. This is something people are going to rally against. People are not going to comply. This is the United States of America. It is not Venezuela, it’s not Cuba, it’s not North Korea. We’re not a Banana Republic and we’re not a Third World country yet, and weren’t going to sit here and comply with something that is unconstitutional. So, yeah. It’s going to be challenged the moment they use the Slaughter rule. But counting on the Supreme Court to overturn it or rule it unconstitutional? That’s years and years and years down the road! We ought not have to depend on the Supreme Court for something this brazen.

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