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RUSH: Obama was just at George Mason University. Hell, he may still be there but the networks have bombed out of it. He just declared full open war on the insurance industry, and it wasn’t that long ago that they were all with him. You remember, they were all with him because they were going to get all these new customers, this health care bill was going to mandate all these people go out, you have to buy insurance. If your employer doesn’t provide it, you gotta get it for yourself on your own, or you pay a fine. The insurance companies loved that, oh, yeah, all these new customers coming in. Something happened in the meantime, and Obama declared war on them. Here’s just a sample of what he said about the insurance industry today at George Mason. They stacked this room with a bunch of bobbing heads and people clapping and the ‘yes, we can’ campaign mode was back in full swing.

OBAMA: If this vote fails, the insurance industry will continue to run amok. They will continue to deny people coverage, they will continue to deny people care, they will continue to jack up premiums 40 or 50 or 60% as they have in the last few weeks without any accountability whatsoever. They know this and that’s why their lobbyists are stalking the halls of Congress as we speak and pouring millions of dollars into negative ads and that’s why they’re doing everything they can to kill this bill. So the only question left is this: Are we going to let the special interests win once again? Or are we gonna make this vote a victory for the American people?

RUSH: It’s just striking. Obama’s strongly disapprove numbers are now equal to George Bush’s when he left office. The people of this country don’t want any part of this. The leaders of the Democrat Party are openly lying and they are brazenly doing so right to people’s faces. And now targeting the insurance industry, which is really nothing new for these people if you look at their enemies list, it’s anybody that makes a profit in the private sector. Doesn’t matter, they have to go out and have a demon and the insurance industry is the latest demon. If you don’t believe that Obama’s purposely setting out to destroy the US private sector and take it over in a fascistic sort of way, then you gotta open your eyes and be honest with yourself.

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