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RUSH: Jack, Hot Springs, Arkansas, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I finally got through. Rush, I’m a retailer since 1965. I’m in my fourth store right now, and I have lost five good quality American companies and three of the companies have written me letters saying they’re closing their doors because they cannot compete with imports from China. My question is, why in the world can’t we get somebody in our government with all of these Obama lackeys that will figure out how to bring jobs and manufacturing back to America by perhaps increasing the duty on imports and tariffs. It’s terrible. We’re supporting the Chinese, and we’re losing millions of dollars and millions of jobs in this country.

RUSH: Have you heard of something called the national debt?


RUSH: Do you know who owns most of it?

CALLER: Well, sure.

RUSH: Well, there’s your answer. They run us.


RUSH: And they want a growing economy. That’s why they’re not going to go into any pollution emission controls. The ChiComs, if we say, ‘We’re going to slap tariffs on you,’ they’ll say, ‘Okay, go ahead, we’ll just stop doing business with you altogether and, by the way, we’ll call in your loan, or call in some of the debt.’

CALLER: Well, Rush, I’ll tell you what, and you’ll appreciate this. A quick comment. And you never heard this, it was never reported by the media because the media weren’t there. I was in grad school in 1961 in Arizona. Barry Goldwater came to speak to us, about 450 of us. Large old auditorium, no air-conditioning, the windows were open, doors were open, when he was speaking, the only light was the light on his lectern where his notes were. A moth, a large moth came in there, attracted by the light, and it was distracting. He brushed it away a couple of times. Finally, that moth landed right on Goldwater’s notes, and he picked it up by the wings and threw it on the floor and stepped on it. He said, ‘Those damn Democrats have spies everywhere.’ He brought the house down.

RUSH: (laughing) I was wondering where you were going with this.

CALLER: I was in there with grads from all over the country, all political backgrounds, and he had everybody right in the palm of his hand.

RUSH: He’d be in jail today for doing that.

CALLER: Anyway, Rush, I appreciate —

RUSH: I’m not trying to avoid your question. Look, you’re in business, you know that markets always seek the lowest labor costs they can. We don’t have any leverage with the Chinese. Zilch. Zero. Nada. They’re in bed with the Iranians, too.


RUSH: No, I wasn’t trying to treat the previous caller with a lackadaisical attitude. You could cut corporate tax rates to help domestic corporations, you can do any number of things. What I shoulda said, in addition to the fact we have very little leverage with the ChiComs, the dirty little secret is President Obama doesn’t care. Look, I want to keep my tone measured here because I do want this to be heard as rationally as I’m saying it. The objective is to inflict harm on the private sector of this country. It is the purpose. Companies closing down, canceling their manufacturing base because they can’t compete with ChiCom labor, no big deal to Obama, doesn’t bother him. As far as Obama’s concerned this country’s got a lesson to learn. This country has gotta learn that it can’t run around the world and bully and steal from everybody else. We gotta get cut down to size. We gotta learn what living in pain is really like, the same kind of pain Obama believes this country has caused other people, including other Americans. No, this is get even with the country time. The more pain, the better, as far as he’s concerned because that’s more chaos.

Is there anybody out there who thinks the stimulus plan worked? Is there anybody who thinks it is working? Okay. No, of course not. Well, that’s what this health care bill needs to be compared to. Anybody think this is gonna work? Did the TARP thing work? No. Didn’t work. Plain as day. Now, Snerdley just said, ‘Okay, All-Knowing, I got a question for you. Since the Democrats have passed this, doesn’t that mean the end of that page in their playbook where for everything going wrong in the country they can bring up all these sob stories filled with people who say, ‘I lost my health care and I lost my job and I lost my car.” It doesn’t mean the end of that at all. They gave us Medicare to fix a problem, and guess whose fault it is now? It’s the doctors, it’s the insurance companies. They gave us Social Security, and guess whose fault that is? This is what I said earlier in the program. The day is over. This is why we need genuine conservatives running for office. The day is over where they get all the benefits of these entitlements in terms of attitude but they don’t pay any price for it. They deserve to own all of the breakage. They have broken all of these things. They own it. And we need to have people start saying so, other than on the radio.

So this isn’t gonna work. There are going to be sob stories left and right. There are going to be people who don’t get health care, they’re premiums are going to go too high, there are going to be people denied coverage, and even though it’s the Obama government that’s going to be responsible for all that, they’re going to still bring these people up because we’ll need to fix the legislation even more. Oops, you know what? We need to take care of this so this doesn’t happen to any more American families. They’ll use the sob stories to expand and build on this. They’re not through here. But as long as they got the media on their side, they always get the benefit of creating these things. It’s the line I always use: They don’t want to be judged on their results. They only want to be judged on their good intentions. Well, it’s time they owned the results. It’s time we force the ownership of the results and the breakage and the failure of all of their programs on them. Nothing’s going to change. Liberals are liberals, Snerdley.

They’ve broken it even further here. There’s going to be more pain. There are going to be more people that don’t get treated. There are going to be more people that are refused treatment now because of rationing, and it’s going to be because of them. But guess what? It’s not going to be the responsibility of whatever government bureaucrat or bureaucracy makes the decision that somebody doesn’t get treated. It’s gonna be we’re spending too much on defense, the Republicans didn’t join us on this, we didn’t get all the help we needed to fix this, obviously we didn’t fill all the holes, we need to come back for more. They never change. That’s why they’ve got to be defeated. That’s why they’ve gotta be hassled and hounded and run out of office with relentless pursuit starting in November.


RUSH: Don in Plant City, Florida. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, we absolutely love you and that includes my family from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. But, Rush, I gotta tell you. I didn’t call DC this morning. I called my broker, and I think as the producers of this country, I just told him, ‘We can drain the swamp. I don’t want to be a shareholder in GE if they’re going to back Obamacare. I don’t want to be a shareholder in Microsoft or Disney or the Teamsters. I’d rather own shares of FedEx.’ So I’d ask the producers of this country, the people that have the money, don’t call DC, call your brokers and sell the shares. And if Obama’s going to fund this, I want 10%, I’m going to be my own little bond vigilante, but I’m not going to let him steal my money.

RUSH: Interesting idea. You’re actually going to defund all these portfolio —

CALLER: Why not, Rush? You know, it was the liberals that said, ‘Divest yourself of South Africa. You don’t like the politics in South Africa, don’t own any companies in South Africa.’ Well, I don’t like these politics. I don’t like GE’s, I don’t think Microsoft’s, I don’t like Apple’s, I don’t like Goldman Sachs’. I like FedEx. I don’t like UPS and the Teamsters. And, you know what? I’m not going to buy bonds, state bonds in New York, paying me nothing. I’m going to be a bond vigilante. And people, don’t call DC, call your brokers, call Fidelity, your 401(k) money and do something about it. Get his attention. He took credit yesterday, Rush. He said the stock market is stable. Yeah, with our money! I don’t mean to yell.

RUSH: No. The stock market is stable because it’s the only place where there’s real economic activity going on. There’s no real economy in the country anymore to invest in right now. No, it’s an excellent idea. I do remember those days, gotta divest from South Africa, any American company doing business in South Africa, we gotta divest. And I remember those days well because the Democrats were in a race with each other to see who could get us out of the world the fastest on that basis. But I saw a story, and I didn’t print it out because I didn’t think I would need it today, I think it’s a Bloomberg story — if not I’ll find it and get it right — it’s all about how you get a greater return on your investment if you buy bonds from Warren Buffett than if you buy bonds from Obama.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. And we can get his attention. And we can get all of their attention in DC, everybody, don’t call DC, call your brokers. Shake ’em to the core.

RUSH: (laughing) That would be funny if that happened, GE — in fact, GE’s running all these Ronald Reagan commercials over the weekend because Reagan used to be one of their spokesman. I thought, ‘Wow, why are they doing that now?’ I mean, ’cause they are in the tank for Obama on this cap and trade and the energy business. Anyway, thanks much for the call.

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