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RUSH: Daisha from Port Angeles, Washington, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: It’s truly an honor to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I am a mother of two young children, and I love the country as it was founded and our Constitution — also known easy to the regime, a domestic terrorist (giggles) and I was just thinking about the tea party movement a little bit this morning.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: I was thinking their original tea party and their motto or their sign they would have held up was, ‘No taxation without representation.’

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: And in our country now we have come full circle to what one of our big problems and our motto should be, ‘No representation without taxation.’ My husband and I work three to four jobs between the two of us. We’re medical professionals, and we paid a huge amount in taxes this year. We’re not upper class by any means, and it’s just seems like… You know, you go back to one of his statements: ‘You have to skin in the game,’ and I hate to quote Obama (giggles), but I mean truly: 50% of this country doesn’t have any skin in the game and they can sit back on the sidelines and tell my husband and I and our family how we need to be spending our money. I’m not sure if this quote was actually Thomas Jefferson. It’s often given to him. I’m not sure the exact quote, but it’s: ‘When you take from those who work and give to those who wouldn’t, the democracy,’ or in our case the republic, ‘ceases to exist.’

RUSH: I don’t know if it was Jefferson. I know that I’ve said it 15,000 sometimes in my own words. It’s plain old common sense, and it was a firm belief of all the founders in one way or another. You’re exactly right. Now, those people that you’re talking about, they don’t pay any income taxes. They are paying other taxes.

CALLER: Are they paying federal taxes?

RUSH: Payroll, yeah.

CALLER: They’re not paying federal taxes.

RUSH: They’re not paying federal income taxes but they are paying Social Security taxes, FICA.

CALLER: Which none of us will see. You know, I’m 30 years old and will never see any of that.


CALLER: You know, so the Social Security tax is just a tax. There’s no guarantee with that.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s true. This is a coming problem. I mean, the money being spent now is money that was to have been earned by your children.

CALLER: Right. So if 50% of the population can take from those, what is their motive to ever elect anybody to —

RUSH: Exactly right. (clapping)

CALLER: — Congress or the Senate who ever do anything but give them an entitlement?

RUSH: I want to applaud you. This is progress. The fact you said you’re 30. Most people your age aren’t thinking this way at all. This is a sign that progress is taking place. This is a sign that within the arena of ideas and within the citizenry, this coupled with all the polling data out there, we’re winning the day on this intellectually and emotionally, too. So you keep it up. Don’t get discouraged, ’cause we’re going to need all of you. We’re gonna need all of you to slow this down eventually and then turn it around. I have a companion story to what Daisha here was talking about, and it’s from right here from the local Channel 5 Eyeball News. ‘Unemployment Benefits May be Adding to Jobseekers’ Laziness.’ This is local West Palm Beach Channel 5 Eyeball News reporting: ‘Administrative assistant Vicky Fonseca says she wants to work but she doesn’t want to work just anywhere.

”I want good benefits,’ Fonseca said. ‘I wouldn’t want to work somewhere where I didn’t feel comfortable.’ Some would say beggars shouldn’t be choosers.’ Did somebody in local media actually say that? Ahem. ‘But when Uncle Sam is paying you $300 a week with virtually no strings attached, job seekers can afford to turn offers down. And Fonseca has. ‘I had an offer but it was in Broward County,’ Fonseca said. ‘It is too far for me and the pay rate is not going to be enough.’ Career counselor Sue Romanos works her tail off to find the unemployed like Fonseca jobs. ‘It is shocking,’ Romanos said. ‘I would never have believed it a year ago if you would have told me that people would be turning down jobs.’ Romanos has been the CEO of Career Xchange, an award winning career placement agency that serves Broward and Dade Counties, for 21 years.

‘She says she’s never seen unemployment benefits ‘drag on’ as they are now. She says the benefits are crippling many of her candidates. ‘The candidates have varying reasons for not wanting the job offered,’ Romanos said. ‘It’s not the right job or the salary. To tell you the truth I think they are very happy collecting and not wanting to work,” 300 bucks a week, 15 grand a year for doing nothing except making a show out of trying to find a job? ”In the long run staying home so long is going to affect people,’ Romanos said. ‘Employers will look at them and see this as a sign of their behavior. Plus they will lose some skills.’

‘Fonsaca, who has been out of work three months, swears that won’t be her as long as the job is a right fit. ‘I wouldn’t want to take something just to take it,’ Fonsaca said.’ What is this? (laughing) After creaming people who refuse jobs, she’s saying, ‘I wouldn’t want to take something just to take it.’ Oh, well. Unbelievable that this made the local Eyeball News. Unemployment Benefits May be Adding to Jobseekers’ Laziness.’ You gotta understand, folks, this is Palm Beach County where laziness is a virtue! You know, not knowing how to vote on a butterfly ballot is a sign of a high IQ and the reason to feel sorry for you. Now their local Eyeball News is doing stories ripping the viewers as a bunch of lazy slobs out there unwilling to travel 30 miles to go to work. Oh, well.

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