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RUSH: I saw this last night and I just wanted to explode. ‘Flawed computer models may have exaggerated the effects of an Icelandic volcano eruption that has grounded tens of thousands of flights, stranded hundreds of thousands of passengers and cost businesses hundreds of millions of euros.’ Do you realize there are stories now that people have gone broke waiting for flights out of airports, it’s cost them everything they have to find a hotel. The hotels are jacking up rates. You know what I got to thinking about? It didn’t take me long to arrive at this question. The environmentalist wackos, if they had their druthers airplanes wouldn’t be flying. If they had their druthers there wouldn’t be any automobiles on the road. I mean don’t doubt me. The true wackos, this is their objective. So here we have northern and western Europe basically grounded. No airplane flights. And look at the havoc.

Now, think back to the days where there were no airplanes. There was no havoc, people got around. They may not have traveled as far, they may not have had business in one place, one day, get home that night or the next day or what have you. But look at the modernization that’s taking place, and look what happens when it fails. People are utterly unprepared to live and to deal with circumstances that were the norm for humanity up to a hundred years ago. Stop and think about that. I interviewed Frank Gaffney, defense policy expert during the Reagan years, for the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter. I talked to him on Friday. One of his big concerns is that the Iranians could load up a small little nuclear device on a boat and start trolling the East Coast of the United States, there are some 2,000 ships a day out there, how do you know which one is the mullahs cruise ship? They launch a little nuke and detonate it in the atmosphere and cause an EMP, electromagnetic pulse. He said if they took out our electric grid, if they took out our ability for electricity, do you realize the number of mass deaths that would happen very quickly? So dependent are we on all these — What got me to thinking about this is that we live at a time where we’ve had all this modernization, all of these terrific advancements that have enhanced life, improved the quality of life, and lengthened the span of life.

We are being pestered by a bunch of people who have friends in this regime who want to roll all of that back and take us back to the times where life was much more primitive. Now, people did not die en masse because there wasn’t electricity. Life was harder. Nighttime was really dark. You had to have your torches out there or what have you, and that was, you know, only after somebody figured out how to create fire, about which they made a movie. Imagine if that guy had been able to patent it. Can you imagine if that guy had a family, they’d be the richest people in the world, the guy that invented fire, had the patent on it. Every time a fire happened, this guy got the royalty. But they didn’t think about things like that back then. You have all these scions out there like the Sulzberger guy at the New York Times, you’ve got the people from the old Firestone Tire and Rubber, you got the Ford, GM, the Mellons and so forth, and now you’ve got all these fourth and fifth generation offspring that have no idea what their families did to create it living off of it.

Imagine if the guy who invented fire, or discovered it, was able to bank that like Henry Ford did the assembly line for automobiles. At any rate, I’m really intrigued, folks, by the utter calamity that strikes whole nations when airplanes can’t fly. Look at all that doesn’t happen. Mail doesn’t get delivered, overnight express, everything just comes to a screeching halt. People don’t even think about it, especially in the context, ‘Well, we gotta stop doing this because we’re creating carbon footprints, we’re destroying the planet, global warming with all of these outbursts of energy that we’re using.’ And yet when the usage of the energy stopped, nobody is celebrating the conservancy here of jet fuel; nobody is celebrating the fact that we’re saving a little oil here; nobody is celebrating any of the efficiency. Everybody is panicked over people’s perhaps lack of ability to survive.


RUSH: Okay, so a bunch of flawed computer models on the ash cloud grounded airplanes, apparently unnecessarily, and these were computer models of something happening right now that they couldn’t even get right. They couldn’t predict within hours where the wind was gonna take the ash cloud, and yet we are supposed to alter our lives because of what computer models say global climate temperatures are going to be in 50 years. All of liberalism is a giant hoax. It’s just a giant lie with a bunch of subset of lies to support the big one.

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