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RUSH: I want to take you back to this program March 22nd. Listen to me nail it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The next big push, almost immediately, and they will use whatever unconstitutional measure they have to to get it done, will be amnesty. The next big push will be amnesty for as many millions of illegal immigrants who are here. Obama is going to need their votes in 2012. The Democrats are gonna need their votes at every election, from this day forward, if down the road we have elections. And I’m not joking. The Constitution has just been ripped to shreds, so why is anything in it safe? And I want you to hear how Obama’s gonna sell this. I want you to hear how Obama’s going to run around the country in these rallies. Here’s what he’s going to say. (impersonating Obama) ‘There are some people who don’t like your skin color, who don’t think you should be American.’ He has come to divide. He has come to conquer. Is there anybody who now doubts what I meant when I said, ‘I hope he fails?’

RUSH: Last Friday on Organizing for America’s YouTube channel the DNC released this video of President Obama rallying Democrats for the 2010 campaign.

OBAMA: They see these elections as a chance to put their allies back in power and to undo all that we’ve accomplished. So this year I need your help once more. It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.

RUSH: And the accompanying news story — we got two of them here — one of them from the Washington Post: ‘President Barack Obama will declare his stake in the November midterm elections for the first time today as his Democratic Party announces an ambitious strategy to appeal to independent voters in its quest to maintain control of Congress.’ And so Obama and Democrats appeal to new voters in midterm — who are the new voters? Who are the new voters, folks? Didn’t he get the youth vote? Didn’t he get the black vote? Didn’t he get the legal Latino vote? Didn’t he get the female vote? Okay, so who are these, uh, new voters in the midterms? Who are they, and why all of a sudden announce an immigration plan that doesn’t exist? There is no immigration bill that has been written. This is all about saving Harry Reid’s bacon. Large Hispanic population in Nevada, it’s all about saving the Democrats. That’s the new voters. This is a targeted push at Latino voters, both legal and illegal. The Politico is handling this today: ‘Obama seeks to reconnect young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women for 2010.’ So, playing the race card, El Rushbo told you back on March 22nd this is exactly what was going to happen. It has happened. Here’s more from the Obama video.

OBAMA: It will be up to each of you to keep our nation moving forward, to keep working to fix Washington, to keep growing our economy, and to keep building a fairer, stronger, and more just America. If you help us do that, if you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November, then together we will deliver on the promise of change and hope and prosperity for generations to come.

RUSH: There are a lot of problems, however. We now have CBO news again knowing what we already knew. Health care costs are going to skyrocket. Premiums are going to skyrocket. The CBO, weeks after it’s signed into law, gives us the dirty details. There are a bunch of Democrats running for reelection, members of the House who all are on record saying the reason they voted for health care is because it will reduce costs and lower premiums, and every damn one of them now can be accused of being wrong, uninformed, or at worse, lying to their constituents about it. Independents — Obama wants to desperately hold onto independents that voted for him in 2008 — it is independents who have fled the Democrat Party and who are resulting in these terrible polls that the Democrats have in the congressional ballot and in specific races, and on whether or not Obama’s policies are viewed favorably or unfavorably. I mean they’re tanking. Democrats are tanking everywhere out there. So now it’s time for the big push. I also said October 12th of 2009, this is the profile piece Jamie Gangel of NBC did on me for the Today Show. She said, ‘Beyond politics, were you moved in any way to see an African-American elected president?’

RUSH ARCHIVE: Yeah, but I got over it very quickly. I mean he’s president of the United States. His skin color doesn’t matter to me. His policies are what matter. The idea that we’ve had a very historic thing was wonderful when it happened, absolutely, but I’ll be honest, I predicted to you it was going to exacerbate racial problems, and it has. Any criticism of President Obama is going to be said to be oriented in racism, and if you don’t like his health care bill, it’s racist. And I opposed when Clinton and Hillary were trying to do it and they aren’t black. It’s all about ideas.

RUSH: And last Thursday on this program I said this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Let’s spend some time on this next week. The states will be the last line of defense against this power grab of the regime.

RUSH: Absolutely, and Arizona is showing exactly how this is going to happen and now Al Sharpton is taking from the streets to the suites and back to the streets. He’s going to rally a bunch of freedom riders to go to Arizona, Obama dumping on the state of Arizona, dumping on the states. Here is Obama last Friday morning in Washington, the White House Rose Garden, a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members.

OBAMA: Efforts in Arizona which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe. In fact, I’ve instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation. But if we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country.

RUSH: Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty has decided to walk away from Senate talks on climate change and energy legislation, cap and trade, at least for now. And this has prompted the measure’s remaining architects to scuttle today’s plan unveiling the bill. Lindsey Grahamnesty is upset over Democrat plans to take up immigration legislation this year. He had no idea this was coming. Had he listened to me he would have known. He thought they were going to move forward on cap and trade and climate change and so forth, then the Democrats realized they’re losing independents left and right, that a lot of their important leaders are vulnerable, and so it’s time now for a political push. And, folks, make no mistake, there’s no way they’re going to get an immigration bill passed and signed into law before November. The Democrat Party wants no part of it, either.

The strategy here is to just campaign for it, just to show that these Latinos, independents, you are for it, and accuse the Republicans of racism, exactly what I said. (impersonating Obama) ‘Some people in this country don’t like the color of your skin and they don’t want you to be American, they don’t think you are.’ That’s what’s coming, the initial steps of this have been made. The pathway is being laid, and it’s all about helping Dingy Harry in Nevada and a number of other Democrats and Obama as well holding onto his Democrat majority in November ’cause if he loses the Democrat majority in the House, if he loses it in the Senate or both, then his agenda comes to a screeching halt compared to where he is now. So Grahamnesty has accused the Democrat leaders of pushing forward immigration haphazardly, calls it an election year political gambit.

Byron York, the Washington, DC, Examiner in a piece: ‘Why Graham Balked,’ and he asked the question: ‘Can Dems Win By Losing on Climate AND Immigration?’ Meaning can they win at the ballot box by acting like they really want all this and have it not happen because a Republican walked away? A Republican walked away from cap and trade. A Republican walked away from clean air, Lindsey Graham, a Republican walked away from clean water, a Republican walked away from saving the planet. But we, the Democrats, want to do all that, save the planet, save the air, save the drinking water — a Republican walked away. We’re getting no help on immigration. Republicans don’t want you to be Americans because you are a person of color. This is all coming, I predicted it to you. The question is do they have the credibility to pull this off. Can they recapture the magic Obama had with his cultlike following in the ’08 presidential campaign, can they put that together the next three or four months here for the 2010 midterms, and I would have to say they can’t, the bloom’s off the rose, there is no more magic. All there is now is the unique perception of a slimy community agitator and organizer who does not win policy debates.

He gets what he wants in ways that Americans know is not how things happen in America. The Obama way is not how things happen, it’s not how things get done here, and that’s why Rasmussen polled the number of people that want to repeal the health care bill, all-time high today. Number of people who oppose it is not dwindling at all. The Obama agenda is not supported, so it’s gonna require continued thuggery from the Oval Office.


RUSH: I have a couple questions, ladies and gentlemen, as I always do, after listening to our young president speak. So Obama seeks to ‘reconnect’ with young people, with African-Americans, with Latinos, and with women. Why does Obama not seek to reconnect with white people? Why does Obama not seek (to specify) older white people? Why does Obama say he doesn’t want to reach out to older white males? Why does Obama only say ‘young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women’? Why doesn’t he say that he wants to reach out to white women? It’s just a question. Now, listen to this sound bite again, and you tell me if this isn’t Barack Obama himself engaging in anti-government rhetoric by criticizing Arizona.

OBAMA: [E]fforts in Arizona which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe. In fact, I’ve instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation. But if we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country.

RUSH: Okay, 70% of Arizonans are ‘misguided.’ The Arizona governor is ‘misguided.’ The Arizona legislature is ‘misguided,’ and Arizona ‘threaten(s) to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.’ Why is that not anti-government rhetoric? Why is that not dangerous rhetoric? The president of the United States ‘started a little brushfire’ out there in Arizona, sounds like to me. These people engaging in violence and hate rhetoric against the duly elected government of Arizona are somehow backbone of America, even though they’re not American? Al Sharpton can go down there and shill for some new victims? Somebody should tell Sharpton that he’s not Hispanic. Somebody ought to tell Sharpton that many African-Americans are opposed to amnesty, which Sharpton has even admitted himself. We got the audio coming up on this.

Sharpton even admits that a lot of African-Americans oppose amnesty. Why are they not called racists? Why are African-Americans who oppose amnesty not called racists? ‘Cause they’re looking out for their jobs? That’s exactly why they oppose it. That’s exactly why they oppose amnesty: They’re looking out for their jobs. I guess that makes them racist. No doesn’t make them racist. They can’t be racist. But you see how this race conversation permeates everything now? And guess who invites it? The regime! They enjoy the tumult; they feed off the chaos — and what’s ‘misguided’ about the Arizona effort in the first place? What’s misguided about enforcing the law? How in the world are there civil rights violations? We’re not talking about United States citizens. Nothing’s real. Four Corners of Deceit. Nothing is real. The administration can’t tell us the truth about anything. It was actually the Medicare actuary who informed Health and Human Services that the cost overruns for Obamacare were what they are, and it was Sebelius and HHS which suppressed that news until now, after the bill had been signed. I don’t know how Arizona violates any trust. What kind of trust is there between lawbreakers and the police? It’s a scary situation to me.


RUSH: Byron York writing in the DC Examiner, ‘Now, [Harry] Reid says he would like to have a bill in three weeks. It’s a laughable idea except for the fact that [Reid] is becoming desperate and might do anything to improve his chances of re-election. But even if Democrats can cobble together some sort of legislation in the next few weeks, they can forget about having the sort of Republican support that existed in 2007. The watered-down border security measures in that bill — the ‘virtual fence,’ for example — have been dumped. Temporary guest worker measures are gone, too. There is no way many Republicans would go along with a new Democratic measure. Even [McCain says] he ‘got the message” since he’s campaigning for reelection’ and that the US should ‘secure the border first.’ … Nevertheless, it appears the Democrats’ ‘cynical political ploy’ will go forward.’ Bye-bye, cap and trade — bye-bye, climate change bill — and let’s just make everybody think all we care about now is amnesty and immigration. Byron York points out: ‘For Reid and his party, it’s a high-risk base-strategy gamble. Maybe it will work. But if it doesn’t, it could mean a Republican victory in November that’s even larger than GOP optimists predict.’

Here is the Reverend Sharpton press conference yesterday in New York City.

SHARPTON: We will bring freedom walkers to Arizona just like freedom riders went to the Deep South 50 years ago. But we cannot sit by and allow people to be arbitrarily and unilaterally picked off as suspects because of the color of their skin.

RUSH: There you have it! The race industry loves this. They are eating this up. They just can’t believe the good luck. Well, let’s go back. Grab audio sound bite 32. Last Wednesday on his syndicated radio show (on two radio stations) the Reverend Sharpton said this about the new immigration law in Arizona.

SHARPTON: I think it is racial profilin’. I think it undermines the Constitution. But there are many, including many in our community, that says, ‘No. These immigrants are taking our jobs. They are — they are milking our economy — and, Reverend, I don’t agree with you on that.’ I have a lot of people in even the National Action Network say to me, ‘Reverend, I’m with you on a lot of things. I’m not with you on this.’

RUSH: So the Reverend Sharpton admits he’s going to have to find some freedom walkers out there that might not come from his radio audience because the African-Americans in his radio audience oppose amnesty. Notice they’re not called racists. Notice the Reverend Sharpton does not call members of his own National Action Network racists for opposing amnesty. No, no! they oppose it legitimately. They oppose it because they’re losing their jobs. They want jobs And they’re afraid they’re going to lose their jobs to illegals via amnesty. Well, other people think the same thing, Snerdley, but if they’re not African-American or Latino they’re called racists. Now, I think this is quite an education. Remember here something, too, as we go down the road on this thing: The Republicans can’t stop amnesty. Well, maybe with Scott Brown. It’s a toss-up there.

But if they have to go the reconciliation route, they will do that. Thuggery. Who cares what the Constitution says? Who cares what legislative tradition says? So Sharpton apparently is willing to go against the community… (interruption) Why? What’s his motivation here? (interruption) Well, I know. He’s now Obama’s man in the streets. And there have been stories about that recently. So, okay, freedom walkers. So basically here’s how to describe the path of the Reverend Sharpton: From the streets to the suites and back to the streets to talk about sheets. We’re simply reliving the days of Bull Connor except today the Arizona governor is Bull Connor. They’re recycling it all, and they’ve got the first African-American president leading the way — exactly as I, your host, predicted even before the immaculation. Here’s the Los Angeles Times: ‘Arizona’s Immigration Law May Spur a Showdown.’ In this story, it says that Obama ”examine the civil rights and other implications’of the law.’ ‘Obama signaled that a legal showdown might be possible and that his administration would ‘examine the civil rights and other implications’ of the law. … But the law’s opponents were highly skeptical that it could be enforced without police singling out Latinos. One provision of the law prevents police from using race ‘solely’ to form a suspicion about someone’s legality, but the law does not prevent race from being a factor.’ Uhhhh, like affirmative action? Like affirmative action, my friends? Ha-ha-ha-ha. I like to jab it in there. So (sigh) here we have all of the panic, all of it. Listen to our good buddy David Brooks who is just practically near tears over all this. He was on Meet the Press yesterday, and David Gregory said, ‘Immigration. Now a front burner issue.’ Now, what Brooks shoulda said is, ‘Yeah, and Rush Limbaugh predicted it would be, just a month ago,’ but he didn’t say that. Here’s what he said.

BROOKS: This bill in Arizona is an invitation to abuse. You’re going to have the government making decisions on the basis of raises and at what level are they making these decisions? At the cop level in the worst possible circumstances, when people are angry. It’s an invitation to sort of racial profiling and abuse. SO I think it’s terrible. But the worst effect is happening back here, because now we have the Democrats promising to have a comprehensive immigration bill before any of the preparatory work has been done, pushing aside a lot of other stuff, like cap and trade and energy — and why are they doing it? For purely political reasons because a lot of Democrats, including Harry Reid, who is trying to get reelected in Nevada, need to really fire up Latino voters to get them to come out to the polls.

RUSH: Right. So Brooks gets it. He gets it but he doesn’t understand why he gets it. Well, there he is. He’s on record: ‘Purely political considerations,’ which is all anybody in the Democrat Party is doing these days. He’s… (interruption) I know. He’s slamming the police as being racist. But you have to do that if you’re a Washington, DC ‘centrist’ or a ‘moderate.’ You have to always accept the premise of the left. You can’t confront them on an issue of right and wrong for being thought of as racist or intolerant, so you have to go along with that premise. But then you get into the politics of it and say, ‘Eh, why are they doing this?’ Because, see, the bottom line is: Brooks really wants this bill. Brooks and the boys want an amnesty bill down the road and he’s upset because the Democrats are going about it in a way that makes it appear that they don’t really want to get it. They just want to use the effort to get Latino voters. So Lindsey Graham pulls out, Thomas Friedman — who I should tell you, by the way, married into one of the most wealthy real estate families in this country. Thomas Friedman who’s on a kick now to make everybody ‘go green’ and reduce their carbon footprint and all this. Thomas Friedman lives in a 12,000-square-foot home near Maryland with a giant pool out there. Who knows how many car garage he’s got. Yeah. It’s okay for him. It’s okay for him. Here’s Thomas Friedman also on Slay the Nation. Bob Schieffer said, ‘Tom Friedman, I want to ask you about this business now that the administration has decided to postpone bringing up the climate bill. I know you write a lot about that. What do you make about what’s going on here?’

FRIEDMAN: This is a disaster, Bob! This is a travesty. Bob, right now in Beijing, they’re high-fiving each other. ‘Oh, yeah, baby! This means the Americans are going to be paralyzed on green tech.’ They don’t even need an immigration bill, Bob!

SCHIEFFER: (stammering)

FRIEDMAN: They’re worried that Harry Reid is going to lose in Nevada where you have a big Hispanic vote. Hispanics are very concerned about an immigration bill that will bring some legality to illegal immigrants here. Barbara Boxer is vulnerable in California.

RUSH: What is he saying here, the ChiComs are worried about Harry Reid? (interruption) Well, that’s crock. The Chinese aren’t worried about green jobs. The Chinese are smart enough to know there aren’t any such things as green jobs. The ChiComs are very content for people like useful idiots like Friedman to push the notion that there are green jobs. Let our government get bogged down. Let our country get bogged down all these green jobs. (interruption) Who? The ChiComs making the solar panels? Fine, fine. Do they work? Do they make a bit of difference? No! The ChiComs are selling us the tools of our own demise. The ChiComs are selling us the tools of our own demise. The minute we start pulling back on carbon production, the minute we start reducing our energy footprint is the day our economic growth stops. The ChiComs are more than happy to fulfill this, and they got useful idiots like Friedman writing about it. So the ChiComs, they think they’re going to get the green market cornered? (laughing) They have every market cornered before this guy is through — Obama, I mean. And now we’re told that the ChiComs also worried that Harry Reid might lose and that Barbara Botoxer is in problem out in… (interruption) Yes, Snerdley: Botoxer. Barbara Botoxer is in trouble out in California. The ChiComs are worried about this? So he’s really steamed here. You know, I kind of enjoy it, though, hearing all of these liberals in disarray. Schieffer then said, ‘Look, Larry Summers says they can do both.’

FRIEDMAN: First of all: Good luck. We have the energy Senate bill! There is no immigration bill anywhere! This is about politics. On both sides, okay? Lindsey Graham. Shame on the Republican Party! There’s one Republican for advancing green energy in this country? One Republican senator dares step out? So he’s completely isolated, and the Democrats are worried about Harry Reid? Have a nice day.

RUSH: And the ChiComs are worried about Harry Reid. Stop and think of this. Stop and think of this. Mr. Friedman, this is the way you and Brooks and the rest of you guys ought to look at this. Lindsey Grahamnesty? Lindsey Grahamnesty? Who? In the big scheme: Who? Lindsey Grahamnesty, one Republican out of 41 of them, bolts and a piece of legislation is dead in a body that has 59 Democrats? One Republican bolts and one Republican can cause all this chaos? And see, here’s the problem for Lindsey Grahamnesty. He’s going to be blamed as Republicans hate clean air, clean water, green tech, new jobs, all that stuff. It isn’t going to fly. It will fly with the usual 30% that are brain-dead freeloaders, but it’s not going to fly as the American people become more informed and more educated and understand exactly what now we are all up against with this regime.


RUSH: Here’s Janet in Phoenix as we start on the phones. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Hey, I am the Republican Congress challenger against liberal Ed Pastor, and I had the great privilege on Saturday of having a town hall here in Phoenix with Hispanic-Americans. And it was so surprising, there was a little apprehension, I didn’t know what I’d be walking into with all the national attention that’s been given to the new Arizona law as having the potential to violate civil rights, but we took it to the people, and I’ve got news for Obama and Reverend Al, 70% of Arizona voters support this law, and that number includes 51% of Arizona Democrats. So they need to wake up. But the discussions included some really heated things at times, but cooler heads prevailed in the end, and the vast agreement was that border security is needed here in Arizona, it’s been needed for a long time, and the federal government is failing us miserably.

RUSH: Exactly, even Senator McCain is saying so. Even Senator McCain’s wanting 3,000 National Guard troops. You know, guess who else wants National Guard troops? Chicago. I have a list of recent crimes in Chicago — our president’s quasi-hometown — that prints out to five pages. They want the National Guard in the president’s quasi-hometown to help suppress the crime effort there. So they want the National Guard on the border. And don’t forget Obama wants his own domestic police force that rivals the US military. (interruption) Do I believe McCain? I’m being asked if I think McCain is sincere. I don’t know. I mean, you would hope so. You would really hope so. But it is election season and his position on immigration is generally not as tough. In fact, it’s generally nowhere near what his position is now. But, you know, things have changed. I mean ranchers are getting shot on their own property in Arizona.

You have 70% of the people of Arizona supporting this, 51% of Democrats, and throwing around these accusations of civil rights violations is just a tactic, and its intent is to subordinate US law to feelings. Its intent is to subordinate our Constitution and our statute law to a liberal agenda that seeks to overturn our constitutional founding and the rule of law as we know it today.

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