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Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! I’m watching the government-controlled media out here (laughing) on this Times Square bomb that was discovered. If they can’t hang this on a redneck tea bagger, they’re going to hang this on the SUV. You know, every story mentions it’s an SUV. Why is that? I’ve seen the video of this guy changing his shirt, this ‘white male in his forties looking furtive.’ He doesn’t look ‘furtive’ to me. He’s standing right out in the middle of the street changing the shirt. It’s kind of a warm day. He takes a shirt off and there’s a shirt underneath. He didn’t dart ‘furtively’ into Shubert Alley and take off the shirt in there. He did it right in front of everybody. Oh, they are hoping, folks! They are hoping they can hang this on the tea bagger. (laughing) I say that with all affection.

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