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RUSH: This White House chef. They brought in this guy from Chicago to be chef for the state dinner tonight. Now, they are going to allow a pool reporter, one pool reporter to come in and take a quick sneak peek at the setup. They are trying to hold off the menu because it’s probably 4,000 calories and will contradict Michelle’s austerity program where food is concerned. They’re trying to hide the opulence of what’s going on tonight with the state dinner for Felipe Calderon, the Mexican president. Guest chefs don’t get paid. They do it for the honor. So this guy is being brought in by Michelle and Barack. The regular White House chefs get shoved aside. They peel the potatoes and chop the onions.

This chef that they brought in from Chicago started tweeting from the White House kitchen. He started tweeting about himself, about what he was doing, he described a mole, which is a sauce that has 27 or 28 ingredients in it and then he named another dish, and then finally the regime took his tweet machine away from him. The regime said you’re not tweeting outta here any more, bud. You come in here, you don’t exist here. What makes you think you can come in here and start tweeting all over the place? So the guy has gone to ground. They have duct taped the guy’s Twitter account. Now, the reason that that Obama is obsessed with this, the reason he’s obsessed with controlling the media, even the chef’s tweets, is because he doesn’t want the people to see the real Obama.

This is a guy who loves the trappings of office, this is a guy who loves flying Air Force One, probably one of the reasons he wanted to be the leader of the regime. He loves these elaborate dinners, he loves $100 per pound Kobe beef appetizers. He loves the opulence. But we can’t be allowed to see the real Obama. It’s not a matter of Obama saying on message. It’s about perpetuating the false portrayal of Obama as a smart, wise, cool leader. He is none of those things. In fact, we actually know as little about him today as we did when he ran for office. What country do we live in? The answer to that question is, well, the country the media deserves to be in because they helped give this to us. But they’re being shut out of a state dinner. You know what they’re doing? In a separate room they’re setting up place settings identical to what’s in the East Room for the dinner tonight so that the pool reporter can see how the tables are set. I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen.


RUSH: The chef, the controversy over the White House chef, it continues. The chef, his name is Rick Bayless. He says, ‘I wasn’t tweeting from the White House.’ He says to Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times, ‘You apologize. I wasn’t tweeting from the White House, from the White House kitchen,’ which is true. But he is tweeting. He is tweeting about what he’s doing in there; he’s tweeting about the menu. In fact, today he tweeted at 7:30, ‘Okay, time to head to the White House, gang. Better be a big day. I hope there aren’t any hitches.’ So he’s tweeting but just not from the White House — and the White House, the regime, does not like the fact he’s tweeting, but he still is. He originally tried to deny that he’s tweeting.

‘No, no, no. I’m not tweeting from inside the White House. I’m just tweeting from outside.’ Can you believe we’re discussing this? We’re talking about the presidency of the United States and White House, and we’ve got this little contretemps, this argument over some celeb chef from Chicago coming in and ‘tweeting.’ Free tweets! ‘I’m going to the White House, 7:30. I’m heading to the White House now.’ Look, I’m sure the guy has a bunch of Twitter fans follow him around. (interruption) Yeah. They do that, Snerdley. The people that tweet do say, I’m heading to the bathroom now, won’t be back for a while, play MacArthur Park or whatever. It’s all part of, ‘Notice me! Notice me! Notice me!’


RUSH: By the way, just a brief little aside here. This chef, the tweeting chef, Rick Bayless, supposedly an expert in Mexican cuisine? Why are they bringing in an expert in Mexican cuisine? Can’t Calderon get that every day? If you were…? Ah, never mind.

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