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Rush’s Morning Update: The Enforcers
June 2, 2010

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Well, down –but not out. That’s the latest word on the Service Employees International Union bid to start a third party in North Carolina.

The union was intent on forming a third party to punish Democrats like Congressman Larry Kissell, who voted against Obamacare,but they failed to gather the 85,000 signatures theyneeded to qualify the “North Carolina First” party on the ballot. Now, that failure should tell them: Rank-and-file Democrat voters do not want Obamacare,and they don’t want to punish the few Democrats who voted against it.

So the SEIU went to Plan B. Union organizers have now recruited a candidate to run as an independent against Kissell. The guy isWendell Fant,a former Kissell aide who claims he was forced to resign over an ethics dispute. Given his willingness to stab his ex-boss in the back at the union’s behest, one can see how he might have had ethical “disputes.”

The North Carolina Democrat Party is calling the plan to run an independent candidate “ill-advised and shortsighted.” They’re urging SEIU members to question the wasting of “valuable resources” by union leadership in North Carolina. They clearly don’t get it.

You see, the SEIU is the Obama administration’s enforcer. They’ve sent mobs to homes of Bank of America and AIG execs. They beat up a black conservative at a Tea Party gathering in St. Louis; they called him”traitor”, usedthe N-word.

You mark my words: This is Chicago-style, hard-knuckle, community-activist politics, and it is being directed from the very top… at the White House.

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