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RUSH: David in Las Vegas, you’re next. Nice to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, good morning, R. L., and good afternoon in New York.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I am absolutely convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt as you are that Sharron Angle here in Nevada will beat Harry Reid, and as you know, Rush, the ACORN group is coming into town on Thursday, the socialist-in-chief president is coming in to stump for Harry Reid and I can’t see him saying anything truthful, so obviously he’s going to have to lie to the hundred people he talks to when Harry and him get together on Thursday.

RUSH: Well, you should be happy Obama is coming in. Whenever he goes to endorse somebody, it’s a seal of doom.

CALLER: That’s exactly right. So that’s why I’m laughing and a lot of us conservatives are because it’s going to be another loss for Mr. Obama.

RUSH: Well, it is, but they’re desperate to save it, they’re desperate to save Dingy Harry as he is desperate to save himself. They’re trying to portray Sharron Angle as a kook and a weirdo. She’s been involved in grassroots level politics for a long, long time. She’s not a wacko kook. Everybody’s trying to portray all these tea party candidates as wacko kooks, and she’s us, she’s an American. She’s an average American that’s appalled at what’s going on, not just nationally but locally in the education system, any number of areas. And she decided to roll up her sleeves and get involved a long time ago. They’re really threatened by this. They’re even having fake tea party candidates show up in Nevada. They are going to bring out all the stops to try to save Dingy Harry. Now, you should note, the last time Obama helped Harry Reid, Reid went down ten points in the polls. And the same thing will probably happen this time around. Harry Read is likely to have happen to him what happened to Tom Daschle.

These guys come from moderate to even conservative states and end up as leaders of the Democrat Party. They start promoting a leftist agenda that has nothing in common with the people that elected them. And then when it comes time for reelection campaign, then they go back home and they start sounding totally different, singing a different song, ignoring the legislation they’ve sponsored, the things that they have said, the agenda items that they have pushed, such as health care and all these other things, and in the old days they could get away with it because there was no competing media, there was simply the mainstream media, which was a house organ for the Democrat Party, but now there is competition and they just do not get away with the revision of history as they used to. I’m going to be very interested to see which dialect Harry Reid asks Obama to use during his campaign stop, because remember Obama told Harry, (paraphrasing) ‘Harry, I’ve got a gift, I’ve just got a gift,’ and Dingy Harry defined the gift. ‘Yeah, he can speak in the Negro dialect if he has to or he can speak in a non-Negro dialect so he doesn’t sound like a Negro if he has to.’ So it will be interesting to see. You should keep a sharp eye on this, David, see which dialect Harry Reid asks Obama to use in that campaign stop for him.


RUSH: For those of you, ladies and gentlemen, in Nevada, from the February 28th, 2010, Las Vegas Review Journal: ‘Reid got no bounce from Obama’s visit on February 19th when Obama spoke highly of Reid at Green Valley High School and the business leaders at City Center, according to polling. A larger percentage of voters surveyed, 17%, said they would be less likely to vote for Dingy Harry following Obama’s visit than said they would be more likely to vote for him, which was 7%.’ That’s a net loss of 10% polling data for Reid after Obama’s appearance in February. Why would things change? It’s only gotten worse.

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