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RUSH: All right, Clint in Tri-Cities, Washington. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

DIDIER: Mr. Limbaugh, it’s a pleasure to talk to you —

RUSH: Thank you.

DIDIER: — again.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

DIDIER: I mean, farmer in eastern Washington, but today I’m over here in Seattle. We are being hit with burdensome regulations with pesticide-herbicide applications on our farm and other things. They’re trying to take our water away, they’re trying to take our production of electricity, they’re trying to breach the Snake River dams.

RUSH: Wait. Who is ‘they’ and why are they doing this?

DIDIER: Well, it was happening back when Bush was president, and what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to make us more dependent on foreign food. We are importing 51% of our food today from foreign countries.

RUSH: Like what kind of food?

DIDIER: All kinds of food. From Mexico we’re getting all kinds of vegetables. We’re bringing in things from offshore and from Europe. Believe me, it’s coming in. Go into your grocery stores and look for country-of-origin labeling. You’ll see where it’s coming from. That was put into place when I served under Bush on the FSA, Farm Service Agency. I sat on the Washington state committee.

RUSH: No, no. I’m not denying it’s happening, but are fruits and vegetables part of it coming in?

DIDIER: Yes. In fact, our apple juice today — I believe it’s 90% of our apple juice today — comes in from China, Brazil, and Argentina, where they’re using DDT in an unhusband-like manner. They pile it at the top of the ridge and let the wind blow it through the orchard! I have three people that have told me this is happening. Now, Rush, I am stepping up to serve this great nation. I had the opportunity to play in the NFL for nine years. I played seven years with the Redskins. I played under Joe Gibbs, a great leader.

RUSH: Wait, I know who this is! This is Clint Didier.

DIDIER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Clint Didier.

DIDIER: I’m running for the US Senate against Patty Murray.

RUSH: Clint Didier. You’re tight end for the Redskins. Let me remember. Number 86.

DIDIER: Yes, sir!

RUSH: Clint Didier.

DIDIER: I played for Joe Gibbs, who is probably the greatest coach that I can think of in the NFL, ’cause every time I went into his office to speak to him, he had his game plan laid out on his desk, and that was the Bible. Now, our game plan is the Constitution. All we gotta get back to is following and honoring the Constitution of the United States of America and we can resolve all of our problems.

RUSH: Now, Clint —

DIDIER: But they’re trashing it today.

RUSH: I totally, totally agree with that. But what I want to know is: Who is the ‘they’? You say it started during the Bush administration. Is this part of NAFTA? What is the…?

DIDIER: NAFTA and GATT. Believe me it’s the EPA through the Endangered Species Act that is crippling our ability out here to farm. They are claiming that these chemicals that we’re using on our farms are going down to the river and destroying the runs of fish, and I talked to you earlier in the nineties about how our own fisheries department out here are clubbing the hatchery fish to make a problem so that they have a justification for being in existence. I have two tapes that show them clubbing the hatchery fish that come back to spawn and destroying them and throwing them in bins to get them out of the river.

RUSH: Now, Clint, I have one minute and I have questions. I know what Obama’s doing to the private sector here at the expense of government. He wants government to grow and private sector not. But who has it in for farmers? What possible advantage is it to screw the American farmer? Is it being done for international food conglomerates, is that the point?

DIDIER: You know, Rush, it’s probably beyond what I could tell you right now. But all I know is that they’re making it very difficult for the American farmer to prosper and to stay in existence. They’re trying to take our water away and they’re trying to take our power away through the Endangered Species Act.

RUSH: Yeah.

DIDIER: They’re putting a ton of regulations on us.

RUSH: I know about that in California and the snail darter in Tennessee. The kangaroo rat down in Bakersfield. It’s been going on for quite a while, too.

DIDIER: And this cap and trade is going to kill us. It’s a bogus thing, cap and trade, because I know, my plants need carbon to grow! That’s through photosynthesis, and what we need besides the fertilizers and the water to make our plants grow. Now, Rush, my website is ClintDidier.org.

RUSH: (laughing)

DIDIER: Anybody out there that’s interested in getting rid of Patty Murray, the third liberalest spender, has gotta get her out of office.

RUSH: (laughing) All right, that’s Clinton Didier talking to us from the state of Washington, and he’s running for the Senate there, former tight end, number 86 for the Washington Redskins. All he had to say was he was he was in the NFL for nine years. Clinton Didier, it had to be.

Back after this.


RUSH: By the way, Clint Didier has been endorsed by Sarah Palin in his campaign. Clinton Didier scored the final touchdown for the Redskins at the end of that 35-point second quarter in Super Bowl XVII. Number 86. Here’s Obama. He’s always talking about ‘sustainability,’ and you listen to the stuff that Clint Didier was saying, and he’s trying to make the country unsustainable! Not only is he trying to make us dependent, he’s trying to make the country dependent on the rest of the world.

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