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RUSH: You know, it’s kind of interesting, isn’t it, all of this media attention to a tape made by the actor Mel Gibson in which he engages in racist rants, and yet the same media doesn’t see fit to air audio of King Zulu Shabazz, whatever his name, the guy that wants to kill cracker babies, part of the New Black Panther Party blocking voters from entering the polling place in Philadelphia in 2008. We got an ally of the regime talking about killing white babies and they’re talking about Mel Gibson?


RUSH: So the Mel Gibson story is all over the place. William Morris Endeavor talent agency instantly dropped Mel Gibson as a client. However, Eric Holder and Barack Obama continue to protect and represent King Samir Shabazz. This is the New Black Panther Party guy who said he hates white people and wants to kill cracker babies. The Department of Justice refuses to prosecute the New Black Panther Party on the basis of their voter intimidation even though a line attorney who has retired from the case said the case is slam dunk. So the Department of Justice appears to be protecting a racist when they should be prosecuting him for civil rights violations. And yet none of this is in the news. But Mel Gibson’s all over the news. The left is condemning Mel Gibson’s behavior and ignoring — or celebrating, I don’t know which, King Samir Shabazz. I’m not denying what Mel Gibson said is raunchy, but what’s the bigger story here? What’s really more important: an audiotape rant of Mel Gibson, or the Department of Justice politicizing justice on the basis of race?

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