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RUSH: Man, oh, man is there irony and hypocrisy all throughout the news today and the news over the weekend. Great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh at 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

You know, we gotta be fair here, folks. We have to give Obama his proper due. Barack Obama has proved the truth of what we were all told when we were growing up. Anybody can be president. If Obama can do it, anybody can do it. They told you that in grade school. ‘Little Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘I want to be president.’ ‘You can do it, little Johnny, it’s a great country, anybody can be president.’ Nobody believed it, until now. Thank you, President Obama.

‘Economists See US Recovery Weakening.’ This is from Reuters over the weekend. ‘The US economy will lose steam –‘ (laughing) it has no steam ‘– as the year progresses but will not slide back into recession.’ Now, Greenspan said last week in congressional testimony that the economy is in a pause. We’re just kind of in a pause here, and the debt commission, Irksome Bowles and Alan Simpson Babe appeared on television yesterday, and they have painted a picture of dire consequences. All of the details are coming up, and Alan Simpson Babe had an interesting quote, he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, a lot of people are hoping we fail.’ Who’s hoping they fail? Has anybody said they hoped the deficit commission or the debt commission fails? And then Simpson predictably ripped into a bunch of Republicans for not being on board and ready to get up to speed to do what’s necessary, and all this thing was coded language for get ready for tax increases. And Irksome Bowles said something that’s patently false. He said we can’t grow our way out of this. Excuse me, Irksome, it’s the only way out of this. The only way out of this is to grow. We cannot tax our way out of this.

No society has ever taxed itself to prosperity. No society has ever taxed away debt and all you have to do is look at Great Britain or any of the European socialist democracies. They’ve been taxing and taxing and taxing and their debt has been rising and rising and rising. It’s a combination of spending cuts and growth, pure and simple. But now the Democrat on the committee says, ‘We can’t grow our way out of it.’ Well, that’s not healthy. I mean that doesn’t sound good. Here’s the dirty little secret. I was playing golf some weeks ago with some people who live and work in the financial industry. And they said, ‘Look, there’s no way we’re ever gonna pay this debt off. We can’t. It’s physically, fiscally, monetarily impossible to pay this debt off.’ This is why it’s been run up so high. All this is being done on purpose. The only thing we can do is to make it look like we’re serious about it. We have to continue to get foreign investment. We have to have the debt purchased by other countries, other entities, and the only way we can do that is to make it look like we’re dealing with it. And the only way to make it look like we’re dealing with it is to raise taxes, which, that’s what’s going to happen. That’s why this commission will not report until December, until after the elections.

In the midst of a Democrat lame duck session where they are going to attempt — John Fund had the piece last week in the Wall Street Journal — where they’re going to attempt to ram everything they can through Congress, get signed by Obama, before the new Congress takes effect. This is after they will have been rejected. Even Gibbs, the smartest White House press secretary ever said yesterday on Meet the Depressed, ‘Yeah, yeah, the Republicans could take over the House.’ The first time anybody in the regime has said that this could happen. Speaking of regimes, Fidel Castro’s out there. Fidel Castro’s going on television and radio, he’s gonna make some sort of speech. The purpose of the speech is to warn everybody that nuclear war is unavoidable, it’s coming, and it’s between us and Iran. So you have all of that going on. The Democrats are going to be soundly rejected in November at the ballot box. The Democrats, before they lose their seats, before they are sworn out of office, new Congress doesn’t get sworn until January, in November and December, they’re going to go (raspberry) to the whole country, and they’ll do it happily to everybody who threw them out, ‘Okay, here’s what we’re going to do, you don’t like us here, we’re going to ram card check through; gonna ram cap and trade; we’re gonna do all kinds of tax increases; we’re gonna finalize this financial regulatory reform bill.’

And then come December here comes Alan Simpson Babe and Irksome Bowles with their recommendations on getting rid of this debt cancer. It’s not gonna be a pretty couple of months. Then the Republicans are gonna have a challenge. They had better run in this election cycle on agenda items featuring pro growth so that when the victory happens in November they have a mandate. It’s not enough just to sit there and be against Obama or be the recipient of an anti-Obama, anti-Democrat vote. It’s a golden opportunity and it has been for a year and a half, and we will see how they utilize it.

Now, one thing, Castro knows that there’s an opening at CNN. You know, Larry King is gonna quit his job, well, retire sometime this fall. A lot of names have been thrown into the mix at CNN. Ryan Seacrest is one, Piers Morgan is another, Katie Couric, and now Castro obviously with this speech is auditioning for CNN. I mean, hell, if CNN will hire Client No. 9, Eliot Spitzer, who has zilch, zero, nada experience hosting a television show or any kind of media show then Castro’s gotta think he has a chance. Castro can speak for four or five hours, or used to be able to when he made speeches, without guests, without commercial interruptions. Talk radio material, too. If it doesn’t bomb out, I’m sure that certain broadcast networks in this country would kill, figuratively speaking, of course, to have an opportunity to get Fidel Castro, translated, of course, into English. So you have to figure this is what Fidel is up to.

Also in this lame duck, and this is buried in the Alan Simpson, Irksome Bowles debt panel crisis story, they are looking to do away with the mortgage deduction. They might turn that over to the lame duck Congress. This is something that only a lame duck Congress could do, only a bunch of guys who have already been defeated who do not have to run for reelection, the only bunch of guys who could do it, that’s gonna be the Democrats, so look for that to happen, too. Look also for all of your health benefits to be taxed as income. I mean everything is on the table, and everything the American left has wanted to tax, which is veritably everything, is gonna be on the table. (interruption) You don’t think so? Yeah, it may be true. Castro may not be far enough left for CNN. He might have to ramp up his opinions to actually maintain a flow that is CNN.

Anyway, Reuters: ‘The U.S. economy will lose steam as the year progresses but will not slide back into recession, even though unemployment is unlikely to fall significantly, according to a survey released on Saturday. The Blue Chip Economic Indicators survey of private forecasters found analysts increasingly glum about the outlook.’ Unemployment is likely to fall, significantly. That means people will be getting jobs. They never get anything right, and they’re always surprised by reality. Reuters and their team of economic analysts and whatever survey takers they go to, every week, every month when there’s economic news, they’re always surprised, whether it’s good or bad it’s always unexpected. They never get anything right and they’re always surprised by reality so you can use that to assess just how accurate this story is.

Now we’ve got Eric Holder. Eric Holder is not through. Eric Holder is gonna sue Arizona for racial profiling. They’re gonna sit around and wait for it to happen, which they can manufacture it any time they want. All they have to do is get some ACORN person driving a car, create a crime, get pulled over by the cops and then charge racial profiling, and, bammo, they’ve got their case. This is insidious what this administration is doing, and Democrat governors are now very concerned about this. There’s a story in the New York Times, which is flabbergasted that the Democrat governors are worried about the suit against Arizona. I mean we’re effervescing all over the place here today.


RUSH: Robert Gibbs yesterday was on Meet the Press. David Gregory said, ‘I want to get a prediction from you. Back on the political debate. Is the House in jeopardy? The majority for the Democrats in the House, is it in jeopardy?’

GIBBS: I think there is no doubt that there are a lot of seats that will be up — uh, a lot of contestant seats. Uh, I think,uh, people are going to have a choice to make in the fall, but I — I think there’s no doubt there are enough seats in play, uhhh, that could cause Republicans to gain control. There’s no doubt about that.

RUSH: Whoaaaa! Now wait a second, wait a second. These things aren’t said by accident. I don’t know that the question was an accident, or happenstance. So here’s Gibbs saying oh, yeah, no question about it! Republicans could be ‘caus(ed)’ to gain control. ‘[N]o doubt about that.’ It almost sounds like Gibbs wants that to happen. Can I give you the scenario? Here’s the scenario in a lame duck session if Republicans win the House as Gibbs says, ‘Oh, yeah! Yeah, it’s pretty likely, I think, out there, David. Yeah, we and Obama, we’ve been talking about it. Yeah, there’s a pretty good possibility of that, fine and dandy.’ So they win the House, Republicans do. Then here comes the lame duck session ramming through all of this rotgut that we talked earlier about, then here comes the Alan Simpson/Irksome Bowles debt commission report recommending the end of mortgage interest deductions, a VAT tax, all kinds of new taxes, maybe some spending cuts.

Add to that no improvement in the economy and, voila! Heh-heh-heh! Republicans assume control in January when things are gonna get worse because once January arrives we’ve got the Obama tax increases associated with health care and the sunset of the Bush tax cuts. So we have a tsunami, a potential tsunami of disastrous proportions waiting to become reality starting in January 2011, and the Republican Congress would be inaugurated right about the time all this stuff is kicking in, and they would be in power whenever anything and everything starts to get worse. Obama, as president, will be proposing fixes and solutions and of course will be anything but. They will be proposals to make things worse. The Republicans, being who they are, as they should do, will oppose all of it.

Riding to Obama’s rescue will be the media, and the media will say, ‘He’s trying. Poor old Obama. Look what he inherited from Bush. He only got two years to implement his stuff, and then the Republicans have taken control again, and the Republicans are road-blocking everything,’ which is what they’ve been saying these two years, or this year and a half. Republicans can’t stop and haven’t been able to stop diddly-squat. But still, all of the so-called road blocking. And the media can’t have it both ways. Look at this. There’s a story here in one of the stacks I’ve got. It’s LA Times: ‘Democrats in Congress Gain Victories But Not Acclaim — In a risky strategy to win back voters, Democrats could push high-profile issues such as immigration and energy, even if their efforts are almost certain to fail.

‘Democrats have pulled off one of the most productive sessions of Congress in decades but have yet to win much in the way of approval — even from voters in their own party.’ Now, wait a second. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot run out there and say the Republican Party is the party of ‘no’ and blocking everything and then come around and write this story and say, ‘Oh, look at all the good the Democrats are doing! Why, one of the most major achievements in the history of Congresses. Why, this is incredible. It’s one of the most productive sessions of Congress in decades,’ and yet all the while the Republicans stopped it? Huh? How is that? How does that work? That is the third time I have seen this template or this narrative in a news story. So this is already set.

The Republicans have been blocking and Democrats have been doing great things, but they’re not getting any credit for it. No. The reason they’re not getting any credit is because nobody likes anything that they’re doing. So back to the scenario: All of the excrement hits the fan starting in January, coinciding with the Republicans taking control of the House, maybe even the Senate, and being sworn in, and Obama proposes all these fixes. The debt commission, by the way, can’t do anything on its own. The debt commission can make recommendations, but then they have to be enacted into law via legislation or executive order or what have you. So let’s say the Republicans say, ‘We’re not gonna do all this. It’s gonna destroy what’s left the country.’ There’s Obama saying, ‘See? See? I appointed this commission. I got people that really care about this! We gotta fix this country. I inherited a mess, and the same people from whom I inherited the mess are now in charge over in the House of Representatives.’

And you can bet that the media chorus would just line up and follow the same thing. I mean, I think the Democrats, Obama, might actually hope the Democrats lose so big that they might as well go for broke and get everything they can during the lame duck session and then with the help of our one-party media, all the things rammed through in the lame duck Congress will be blamed on the Republicans — and if not that, when things go to hell in a handbasket starting in 2011, guess who’s running the House, guess who’s running Congress, guess who gets the blame for it? And that sets up Obama’s reelection in 2012. Now, for this to succeed, it depends on one, maybe two things. It depends on an absolutely ignorant electorate. It requires an actually dumb, stupid, ill-informed, uninformed electorate. It must be a majority in order for this scenario to work. ‘Cause I mean this is a biggie.

Do you realize the largest deficit ever during any year of the Bush presidency was $200 billion? Well, so I’m told. No, here’s the way to put it. The last time Republicans controlled spending the deficit was under $200 billion. That’s the way to put this. The last time Republicans controlled spending the deficit was under $200 billion. Look where we are now. And Obama says he inherits this mess. The last time Republicans were in charge was 2006. Pelosi and her gang took over in 2007, and that’s when the debt started skyrocketing. So Democrats are going to have to have an absolutely ill-informed, ignorant electorate, in order to pull off the scenario, and is it possible some people in this country believe the country’s economy is Bush’s fault, even though the Democrats have been in charge of it since 2007. The next thing they’re gonna need for this scenario to play out is a docile Republican Party that does not offer an agenda of growth, an agenda that is in direct and stark contrast to what is Obamaism and the Democrat Party, starting now. And they can’t use the excuse, ‘Well, the media is not gonna report it.’ Don’t worry, we will. There’s a way to head all this off at the pass, but it’s clear. With Gibbs, ‘Oh, yeah, Republicans gonna win. No question about it,’ they’re setting us up.


RUSH: I have an audio sound bite here from David Axelrod, from This Week yesterday on ABC. Now, Axelrod is already dusting off Bill Clinton’s old speech and putting it on Obama’s teleprompter. All he’ll have to do is change a few words. This is Clinton February 15th, 1993. Now remember, Clinton had promised a tax cut. This is February 15, 1993: ‘I had hoped to invest in your future by creating jobs, expanding education, reforming health care, reducing debt without asking more of you, and I’ve worked harder than I have ever worked in my life to meet that goal, but I can’t, because the deficit has increased so much beyond my earlier estimates, and beyond even the worst official government estimates from last year.’ Listen to Axelrod yesterday on This Week, Jake Tapper says, ‘So the president’s popularity among independents is sinking, it’s a real problem for him politically. One year ago he was at 56% approval with independents. Now it’s 38%. Why do you think independent voters are turning away from the president?’

AXELROD: Remember, elections, the presidential election is an eternity away. Elections are about choices, though, they’re not referendum. And on the other side of the ballot in November will be a party that has an economic theory and it was tested and it led to catastrophe.

RUSH: It’s clear as a bell what they’re setting up. And they’re depending here on an uninformed, ignorant electorate to pull this off. All of this that’s happening now, all of this that’s happened since 2007 is the Republicans’ fault, all timed for them to hopefully, in the White House, hopefully take over control of the House in 2011. It’s an amazing thing to see here.


RUSH: Now, back to these unhappy libs. You know, they are the most hyphenated Americans that we have, and first and foremost they are whiner-Americans. There has never been a group or a collection of people who whine more than the American left. And they’re probably afraid that Obama’s blowing the revolution because he isn’t doing it right, he’s not holding it right, he’s not doing it fast enough, it’s not happening fast enough, they want it all now, and they want their cut, and they don’t see it happening. E.J. Dionne Jr.: ‘It simply took too long to pass health care.’ He wrote this in the Washington Post. ‘What should have been seen as an important progressive victory didn’t feel like it was as much of a victory because it just took so damn long.’ He said, ‘The bad economy creates a mood in which everything looks a bit more bleak than it did before. The economy helps to create the less-than-wonderful poll numbers for Democrats, and it conditions the national mood — and all of that affects the way that progressives feel. The list of grievances includes a slew of agenda items yet to be meaningfully addressed: a climate change bill, immigration reform, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and the Employee Free Choice Act, not to mention a war in Afghanistan many liberals oppose.’

So they’re miserable. They always are miserable. They’re never happy, no matter if they’re in the midst of getting what they want because now it isn’t happening fast enough. They got health care but it’s not gonna destroy things fast enough. All the while setting Republicans up for what they know in their hearts is an utter disaster just waiting to unfold once January 2011 comes around. This is, all of this, my friends, is the challenge, the political challenge the Republicans have if they’re gonna arrest all of this and see to it that the Democrats and the one-party media do not get away with all of this.


RUSH: To the phones we go to Fort Pierce, Florida. This is Marty. Glad you waited, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: (bad cell connection) Hi, there. Dittos from Underemployment Land USA.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Well, you were talking about a Reuters piece and how that the economy is going to be chugging along, but — and there was one about that or it was chugging along at a certain growth rate but that unemployment was gonna go down. But without growth, how can employment go down? And I think that just doesn’t make sense.

RUSH: Well, exactly right. Not only that. Without growth how can unemployment go down, the real question is, who’s going to be hiring anybody in the first place with all this uncertainty out there? We had the stories last week of all these companies sitting on cash. They’re not spending it and they’re not investing it because of the uncertainty of what the years ahead hold. One of the big things they’re waiting on is what’s going to happen to lame duck Congress and the Irksome Bowles/Alan Simpson Babe debt commission. And, of course, these guys had a little preliminary news for us yesterday. It’s a ‘cancer.’ The deficit’s a cancer, gonna kill us, and it’s obvious that we are in dire consequences, dire straits. So there’s a lot of uncertainty out there, and people are not gonna invest in growth — which means jobs — until there is some certainty.

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