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RUSH: It’s a big day for Barack Obama in the partisan political operative media. And why is it an historic day? It’s an historic day, folks, because Obama has been on a endorsement losing streak. His shirttails were made of toilet paper. Nobody can hold onto ’em. Literally an endorsement by Obama was the kiss of death. And so today, in fairness and friendship, ladies and gentlemen, fairness and friendship, we congratulate a sitting president, a party leader, a man respected everywhere for such an historic event, the man he endorsed — the incumbent he endorsed won. This is huge! This is huge, folks! It’s historic! Never before has this happened! A sitting president has endorsed an incumbent who won! History continues to be made. That’s how they’re portraying this in the media.

I mean, here it is in The Politico by John Harris. And this prints out to, like, five pages. ‘Primary night yields good news for President Obama and Democrats — Obama and the Democrat Party, who have been starved for good news through much of 2010, finally received a generous helping Tuesday night.’ Translation: ‘The apparatchik media, starved for any excuse to say something good about a tanking president, took this excuse, the endorsement of an incumbent who wins, to do so.’ ‘Republicans, meanwhile, were left with several new reasons to wonder whether all the favorable national trends showing in the polls are enough to overcome local candidates who are inspiring little confidence about their readiness for the general election 12 weeks from now.’ Okay, let me translate this again. ‘Republican insiders, who do not understand the tea party movement any more than the apparatchiks do, are the only ones worried about the local candidates’ readiness.’ Where was this concern for inexperience when Obama was running for office? ‘Inspiring little confidence about their readiness for the general election 12 weeks from now’? Nobody was worried about the Obama’s readiness, at least in the Drive-By Media.

‘In each of the four states that held primaries on Tuesday, the GOP either nominated or gave an overnight lead to candidates tarnished by scandal, gaffes or some other significant vulnerability’ — as opposed to scandal-ridden Democrats who are members of the ruling class, and who head committees that, say, write all of our tax laws? So it’s only the Republicans who are scandal-plagued? They have been so starved at Politico, so starved in the State-Controlled Media, to write something positive about Obama that it is hilariously ridiculous. In their primary election analysis from last night, Politico demonstrates a typical, inside-the-Beltway ruling class mind-set. They have no idea what you are thinking, no idea what you have on your mind. I could go through this whole thing. I’m not going to waste my time, but there’s a lot of teachable moments here about ruling class thinking in both parties, and in the partisan political operative media. I mean you read this Politico piece if you want to, we’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com, it’s funny enough to be a spoof. I mean, they are bending themselves like pretzels to make all of this one outcome in Colorado a great historic day for our beloved young man-child, President Barack Obama.

Senator Bennet says he’ll ‘have to see’, though, whether he wants President Obama on the trail. ‘Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) said he’ll ‘have to see’ whether he wants President Obama to campaign with him this fall. Bennet, fresh off a primary victory over former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff (D) Tuesday night, said it was too soon to say whether he wanted Obama to campaign with him.’ And yet here’s The Politico saying something historic happened yesterday. A sitting president endorsed an incumbent who won. Happy days are here again. We’re back to normal. Barack Obama, who used to have toilet paper for coattails, is now on a huge winning streak. But the guy he endorsed, not so sure he wants Obama in town to campaign for him. ”We’ll have to see,’ the freshman senator said on ‘Good Morning America’ when he was asked [about it]. ‘We’ll obviously do what’s right for the campaign. [Obama’s] been a huge help and I appreciate his endorsement,’ Bennet said. ‘And we’ll see what happens between now and November.’… The senator’s victory delivered sighs of relief at the White House, which had also sought to battle an emerging storyline that the president was politically toxic to Democrats, who are fighting to retain their House and Senate majorities.’ And he is. He is. An incumbent wins.

You know, Bill Clinton is no king in endorsing anybody, either. So here you have two endorsement losers competing against each other, Clinton and Obama, one of them had to win. The incumbent wins, it’s fairly close, and we, my friends, find ourselves immersed in an historic moment in American history?


RUSH: By the way, I should point out, ladies and gentlemen, that the Bennet campaign, the Democrat Senate campaign in Colorado is remarkable in that it is similar to other Democrat campaigns in the last year. This guy ran against big government. This Democrat, Bennet, ran against big government. He was anti-big spending. He was pretty much anti-Obama in the sense that he was against the current big spending agenda. So the guy had to run not as a liberal, he had to run more as a conservative, and certainly not as a socialist, Bennet in Colorado, the incumbent, in order to win. And even at that, he gets fewer votes than the Republican candidate got in the same race.


RUSH: Now, I’ve talked about Bennet, the Democrat in Colorado, very historic. The media is telling us today that this may well be the first incumbent senator to have been endorsed by a sitting president who won his election. The media is treating this as though we’ve never seen this before. But you have to understand that this guy, even though he was endorsed by Obama, ran away from him. This morning on GMA, George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos talked to Senator Michael Bennet. He said, ‘You talk about the savage economy, economic pain. One of the big votes that you are likely to face before November is whether or not to extend all of President Bush’s tax cuts. Senator Cornyn already said that President Obama planned to allow the tax cuts on the wealthiest to expire and would be the largest tax increase in history. Will you vote for it?’

BENNET: I’m the father of three little girls that are ten, nine, and six, and I can tell you this. A fiscal policy that relies on cutting taxes for the very wealthiest Americans, the people that need the tax cuts the least, borrowing the money from the Chinese and forcing our kids to pay for those taxes is not a fiscal policy that people of Colorado are interested in pursuing.

RUSH: It’s the first time I ever heard him speak. He sounds like Ted Kennedy at happy hour. But in the next bite, now that he got through the primary, this guy wants to decide who deserves to keep their money, but he doesn’t want Obama in town.

BENNET: We’ll have to see. We’ll obviously do what’s right for the campaign. He’s been a huge help and I appreciate his endorsement and we’ll see what happens between now and November.

REPORTER: That’s not a ‘yes.’

BENNET: You know, I just won the primary about six minutes ago, so we’re going to have to give it some thought.

RUSH: The question was do you want Obama to campaign for you. He endorsed you. Do you want him to campaign for you? Remember Obama’s coattails are made of toilet paper until this election. I think all the Democrats ought to try to ride Obama’s coattails to victory. Go for it. See how far Obama’s toilet paper will take ’em. Rush Limbaugh, mind over chatter

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