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RUSH: Look at how far we have come, ladies and gentlemen. Look at how far we have come. When was it? What was the year? Rick Lazio debating Mrs. Clinton for the New York Senate, he left the podium and approached her podium, asked her to sign a joint pledge on campaign finance or some such thing, and all hell broke loose. And do you remember why all hell broke loose? Because a man dared approach a woman. You woulda thought it was in the NFL locker room. Why, Rick Lazio dared invade Hillary’s turf, and he paid the price. You dirty, rotten slime, how dare you. Besides, don’t you know this woman’s got a knife? Now look how far we’ve come. You can throw the kitchen sink and the toilet bowl and its contents at Republican female candidates and no one is accused of picking on the girl. If you are a Republican you can attack a Republican woman left and right and not even the liberated pansies in the sportswriter media will come out and attack you. You can say about Christine O’Donnell whatever you want to say, and nobody accuses you of picking on the girl.

I think these establishment Republicans need to start pointing out who the unelectable Democrats are. What is this, our side always focused on who the unelectable on our side happen to be. And who the hell are they anyway to anoint or disanoint somebody is electable or not electable? I’m in charge of that. Who do these people think they are determining who can and can’t be elected? I’ve always been in control of that. That’s my purview, and nothing’s changed. And I also tell you which Democrats can’t be elected. I also tell you which of those are unelectable and shouldn’t be. Nothing’s changed. They asked O’Donnell about the Republican Senate campaign committee when the news was they weren’t gonna help her. She said, ‘That’s fine. They don’t have a winning track record this season anyway.’ From what I hear, the woman’s pretty quick on her feet, calling Castle an Obama Republican.

You know, things are so crazy, or maybe we should say they’re so sane, so unpredictable this year, the voters in Washington, DC, even turned out their incumbent mayor, a clean, articulate black guy, Adrian Malik Fenty in the Democrat primary. I mean he’s gone. That even happened to Marion Barry. But everybody keeps talking about Christine O’Donnell’s low voter ID. In the show biz world we call it the Q factor, you know, name recognition. ‘Nobody knows who she is, Rush, she doesn’t have a prayer.’ I’m in charge of whether or not she has a prayer. I’ll tell you she not only has a prayer, she has a psalm of a chance. After this upset, after all this controversy, Christine O’Donnell is going to be the most famous politician in the state, right? So what is her voter ID going to be now? (interruption) As head of the party, am I going to condemn these attacks on Christine O’Donnell? I thought I had condemned these attacks. But, look, I’m no longer the head of the party. Boehner is. The White House has thrown me under the bus. (laughing) It’s early. Actually, no, I’m back. I mean I’m all over ’em here in the sound bites, but, as you know, I’m reluctant to play sound bites mentioning me.

Somewhere they did the booty-licious thing on TV. No, I don’t know if they did it on TV, I didn’t see it, I don’t know if — (interruption). What TV station? What network? The Today Show this morning ripped me for saying she was booblicious? Showed various comments? The Wall Street Journal I know condemned me, some unsigned editorial condemned me. They said I was very close to being right two days ago when I talked about Ines Sainz, but yesterday I joined the little frat boy chorus as I broke it down, yo. By the way, I have printed this out. I look at a lot of sports media during the football season and I’ve often said on this program I’m amazed at how a real man can become such a pansy liberal, and they have to be raised that way. It has to be cultural. I look at these pansy sportswriters weighing in on this Ines Sainz situation, and there’s no difference in what they’re saying and what Gloria Steinem would say 20 years ago. There literally is no difference in how they’re describing this New York Jets locker room situation with the Azteca TV reporter, there’s no difference the way these guys are describing it in the sportswriter community from Gloria Steinem or Molly Yard. ‘I am outraged! Outraged!’ Remember her? Faye Wattleton, all these NAGs. There’s no difference. And they’re fairly young guys, some of them are middle-aged but clearly the younger they are, the more lost cause they are, the more liberal they are, the more politically correct indoctrinated they have been, it’s amazing.

There was a football website last night weighing in on this controversy. I’m reading it and it’s one thing to say you don’t approve of what went on there in the locker room, the way the Jets players might behave, but the way this was described, the only evidence that a man wrote it was the name, and that’s not sexist. Did you hear what Clinton Portis said? Oh, the league is — this all dovetails, folks, with the fact that we can dump all over a Republican woman. Republicans can throw the kitchen sink and the toilet at her, as happened last night on Fox. We can talk about her character rectitude, her honesty, how come it took her so long to go through college and all that, but let somebody talk about some realities of this Mexican TV reporter in a football locker room. Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins has a guest appearance on a radio show in Washington I think every Tuesday. Clinton Portis, number 26, running back, good player, came out and said, (paraphrasing) ‘Come on, now. You put a woman like that, dressed like that in a locker room with 53 male athletes in the nude, you just know there’s going to be a couple of them she’s gonna want.’ He even went so far as to say, you know, she’s going to be comparing packages. Well, the NFL had a cow. The NFL PR, you woulda thought Clinton Portis wanted to own the St. Louis Rams. He went out and apologized. I mean in a split second he went out and apologized.

And then there’s some other player who tweeted something, you know, a couple lines in his Twitter account, not quite the same as what Clinton Portis said, but it was something along the same lines and within seconds this guy had reversed himself on his own Twitter account, with a re-tweet talking about how horrible it was, what happened to this woman in the Jets locker room. (laughing) No, nobody said Portis was wrong. He’s not supposed to say it, just not supposed to say that. Nobody said Portis was wrong. They said we’re not going to tolerate this kind of language. The locker room is a workplace, and we in the NFL are not gonna allow this kind of talk to occur about what goes on in the workplace. Now, I’m just asking honestly, Clinton Portis, is he wrong? What do you think? Let me just ask, as human beings, folks, men, women, children, grandchildren, grandmother, grandparent, football locker room, 53 sculpted bodies, except for the offensive and defensive linemen. Everybody else in there sculpted abs, six-pack, I mean they are Adonis’s.

Okay, open the doors and here comes the reporter crew and then the reporter crew happens to be — look, folks, I worked at the Kansas City Royals when this all started, when women in the locker room were admitted. I was there. I know what goes on in there and I’m not gonna get into great detail but I’ll tell you this. The players didn’t like it. The locker room, that’s their escape. There are assigned times the media can get in there, pregame and postgame to get stories that you can’t get anywhere else. But the door just being randomly available, open any time for somebody to walk in, no, it’s a refuge. I remember some of the Royals players, they didn’t make one effort to cover themselves. ‘Oh, you want in here? You want to see what goes on in here? Here, look, this is what goes on in here. Ah, ah, keep your eyes above my waist. You’re talking to me. Keep your eyes above my waist. You’re asking me question, you want to know about the game. Look at me in the eye when you ask me this question.’ I’ve seen it. Ladies and gentlemen, in advance of the outcry that will happen in mere moments, I want to apologize for my accurate recitation of what I witnessed.


RUSH: ‘Truth is the mother of all hatred.’ Do you know who said that? One of my all-time favorite poets — and, if you remember, I don’t like poetry. Most poetry is a bunch of pansy little rhyming. Just tell me straight out, will you? Don’t make me go through these iambic pentameter stuff, just tell me. But this poet, ancient Roman poet Ausonius. ‘Truth is the mother of hatred.’ Think about it. What gets you in more trouble today than anything you can do other than breaking the law? What gets you in trouble? What you say. And if it happens to be true, if it violates political correctness? Why, what are you? You’re a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic Islamophobic insurgent. Honest is a close second. Decimus Magnus Ausonius. He lived 310 to 395. So the guy lived — even before medical advances. The guy lived to be 85 years old.


RUSH: Here’s your National Football League where I was deemed unsuitable. Clinton Portis on the Mike Wise Show, WJFK Radio in Washington yesterday about Mexico’s TV Azteca correspondent Ines Sainz.

PORTIS: You put women reporters in the locker room in position, uhhh, to see guys walking around naked and — and… You know, you — you sit in a locker room of 53 guys, and all of a sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, uh, I — I think men are going to take the time and look and want to say something to that woman. You put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody gotta be appealing to her, you know?

HOSTS: (giggling)

PORTIS: Somebody’s gotta spark her interest or — or she’s gonna want somebody, you know? I don’t know what kind of woman won’t. Uh, if you get to go in and look at 53 men’s packages and —

HOSTS: (giggling)

PORTIS: — and you (garbled) none of this is attractive and, you know, I know you’re doing your job but at the same time you’re saying, ‘Well, I’m going to keep my eye out if I see somebody worth talking to.’ I’m sure they do the same thing.

RUSH: I mean lickety-split the NFL PR guy, Greg Aiello, came out and said, ‘Well, this is totally unacceptable. The NFL doesn’t tolerate this kind of thing. No way.’ Absolutely no way. And so Clinton apologized. And, by the way, I read Clinton’s apology and it did not sound anything like what you just heard Clinton just say. Somebody wrote it. No, wasn’t very polished. Oh, the apology, yeah. The apology was very polished. ‘You know, somebody gotta spark her interest, she gonna want somebody. I don’t know what kind of woman won’t. You get to go look at 53 men’s packages.’ Nobody said he’s wrong. They just said, ‘We’re not going to tolerate this. We’re not gonna have this in the National Football League.’

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