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RUSH: Clarence in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Now, I’ve heard of Carbondale, Illinois, but I never heard of Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

RUSH: It’s a little bit north of Scranton.

RUSH: Well, I’ve heard of Scranton so at least I know where you are.

CALLER: All right. My son is a student at Penn State University main campus, and Joe Biden is speaking there this morning, or today.

RUSH: At Happy Valley.

CALLER: Yes. He called me about 11:30, my son did, and said, ‘Dad, you’re gonna get a kick out of this. There’s 25 old people standing in line to see Biden, and that’s it.’ He said the Biden people are trying to give away tickets, and there are no takers among the students.

RUSH: Twenty-five seasoned citizens —


RUSH: — standing in line to see Vice President Bite Me.


RUSH: And they couldn’t give tickets away to the students.


RUSH: Wow.


RUSH: Well, you know, Obama went to New York last week, had a fundraiser and he had open seats at 50 bucks a pop. He couldn’t fill up a 650-seat auditorium and they cut prices down to 50 bucks. And they still couldn’t get people in there. Thanks very much, Clarence. Appreciate it.

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