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RUSH: Now, one more thing on this business of people being embarrassed over Tea Party people and candidates. Of all the irritating aspects of it, the thing that grates on me the most is that the people that come up to me and say they’re embarrassed of Palin, don’t even know her. They’re simply reacting to what the media is saying about her, and these are people who claim to also hate the media. These are people who understand the media makes things up, especially about conservatives. These are people that understand the media lies about conservatives, does their best to destroy the reputations of conservatives, to impugn them, and yet some, they forgot all that, media comes out and does a little hit piece on Carl Paladino or Christine O’Donnell and for some reason all of a sudden the media is right: ‘Yeah, yeah, these people really embarrass –‘ you know, I had somebody ask me the other day, ‘Rush, what do you think of Christine O’Donnell?’ I said, ‘We gotta reduce Obamacare is what I think of Christine O’Donnell. We gotta stop this. We gotta get people back to work. We gotta cut taxes and we have got to reverse Obamanomics. We have got to get rid of this administration, the people running this country. That’s what I think of Christine O’Donnell.’

‘What do you think of Sarah Palin?’

‘We have got to overturn Obamacare. We gotta repeal it. We have gotta stop these massive tax increases that are coming. We have got to once again invest in the growth sector of this country. That’s what I think of Sarah Palin.’

‘What do you think of Carl Paladino?’

‘I think we’ve got to repeal health care. I think we have got to lower taxes. I think we’ve gotta do something to inspire people to once again believe their country is great. That’s what I think of Carl Paladino. That’s what it boils down to, to me.’

‘What do you think of John Edwards?’

‘What does it matter what I think of John Edwards? He’s a liberal. They lie. Every one of them are hypocritical crooks and frauds, the vast majority of them. We know this. I don’t see where the choice is. I don’t see where it’s debatable.’ We can’t have people sit there and agree that the country is going to hell in a handbasket being driven there on purpose and then get into the fine points on whether or not somebody who disagrees on stopping this disaster from happening embarrasses us.

‘What do you think of Obama?’

‘What do you think of Pelosi, for crying out loud? Why don’t you turn around and ask the Democrats if they’re not embarrassed of Harry Reid or John Edwards? I mean how many Tea Party people have driven a car off a bridge and a woman died? How many Tea Party people go out and buy a $7 million yacht in Australia and try to register it in another state that they don’t live in to save half a million dollars in taxes? Tell me the Tea Party people doing this. When I realize that people asking me and criticizing all of these Tea Party people are simply reacting to what the media is saying about ’em, that’s like the icing on the cake to me. Do you really want to believe the media? That probably is the most frustrating thing to me right now. Everybody knows the media is simply the Democrat Party. So wouldn’t you expect the Democrats, Katie Couric and the rest are trying to embarrass all these Tea Party people? So what does it matter what they say about our people? What does it matter? Let me turn it around. Why are you insistent that Katie Couric like our candidates? Why is that the deciding factor? Why are you hoping and praying that Chris Matthews says good things about our guys? Why are you hoping and praying that Christiane Amanpour, take your pick, Bob Schieffer, Diane Sawyer, why does it matter what they say about us when in the normal course of events you don’t like them either and you get mad at what they say about others. It’s, as the phrase goes, time to man up. Now, let me illustrate this with some audio sound bites. Last night on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams was reporting this about the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.

WILLIAMS: Opponents of the GOP nominee for governor of New York are saying he behaved like a thug.

RUSH: Okay. So here we have the State-Controlled Media saying opponents of Paladino are saying he behaved like a thug. What happened? Well, somebody in the media took a camera to his house and poked the lens into the window to catch his ten-year-old daughter doing something. They’re constantly asking Carl Paladino about his so-called private life, extracurricular activities. He said, (paraphrasing) ‘Why aren’t you asking Andrew Cuomo about his?’ and that ended up being Carl Paladino accusing Andrew Cuomo of having affairs, which Paladino said, ‘I didn’t accuse him of that, that’s not what I’m saying. But where’s the equal treatment? You gonna ask me about all the baggage in my life; what about his? Why don’t you go ask him?’ He’s damn right about it. Okay, so, NBC Nightly News: ‘Opponents the GOP nominee for governor of New York say he behaved like a thug.’ Let’s go back to me, this program, November 5th, 2008, talking about the incoming Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

RUSH ARCHIVE: He is a good old-fashioned Chicago thug just like Obama is a good old-fashioned Chicago thug. On the night of the Clinton election Rahm Emanuel was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, Rahm Emanuel grabbed a steak knife and he began rattling off a list of betrayers. And as he listed their names, he shouted, dead, dead, dead. And he plunged the steak knife into the table after every name. This is not a bunch of people that are going to govern from the center. These are left-wing extremists, they are radicals.

RUSH: Now, we have just had Brian Williams say opponents of Paladino are calling him a thug. And here’s a sound bite of me calling Rahm Emanuel a thug. That’s November 2008, November 5th. Four days later, CNN’s Reliable Sources, NPR’s Tell Me More host Michel Martin said this about media coverage of Obama.

MARTIN: For every Chris Matthews there’s a Rush Limbaugh who called the new incoming Chief of Staff and the president-elect ‘thugs.’

RUSH: Right. So it’s okay for Brian Williams to quote people calling Carl Paladino a thug. That makes him a thug. ‘Carl Paladino’s a thug,’ they said so at NBC, and of course opponents of Paladino said he’s a thug and that makes him a thug, that makes it right. I call Emanuel a thug and they’re offended, and they’re outraged, how dare this be said about the clean and pure as the wind-driven snow Rahm Emanuel. Same month, same year, November 6th, November 7, 2008, we have a montage of media people talking about Rahm Emanuel in a positive, laudatory way.

CHETRY: Rahm Emanuel, a Washington veteran known for sharp elbows.

REID: A masterful politician with very sharp elbows.

SCARBOROUGH: Sharp political elbows.

CARD: I hope he takes his partisan elbows and keeps them close by to his body.

BROWNSTEIN: He has sharp political instincts and sharp elbows.

BROWN: You mentioned sharp elbows.

YELLIN: A reputation for sharp elbows.

RUSH: Carl Paladino does not have sharp elbows; he’s a thug. But Rahm Emanuel plunging a steak knife into a table after mentioning every name, ‘dead, dead, dead,’ he’s got sharp elbows. He’s a brilliant political tactician, sharp elbows, yet they’re all upset when I call Rahm Emanuel thug. Last night and this morning we have a montage of various media people talking about a shakeup at the White House.

BLITZER: The White House on the verge of a new shake-up.

HENRY: Shake things up.

GUTHRIE: A shake-up at the White House.

DOOCY: Shake things up in the West Wing

RUSH: They’re shaking things up. What are they talking about? Rahm Emanuel leaving, going back to Chicago to run for mayor. So they’re shaking things up at the Obama White House. March 28, 2006, media montage talking about Bush, changes in his administration.

SCOTT: Is this a shakeup or is this just rearranging the deck chairs?

HENRY: Like rearranging the deck chairs, not really a major shakeup.

O’DONNELL: Simply rearranging the deck chairs.

DOOCY: The president of the United States needed to rearrange the chairs.

VANDEHEI: You’re basically just moving the chairs in different directions.

RUSH: So a little shakeup when they get rid of Rahm Emanuel, rearranging the deck chairs, that means on the Titanic when discussing changes at the Bush administration. So thug Carl Paladino, definitely, Brian Williams said so because opponents of Carl Paladino call him a thug. I call Emanuel a thug, and he really is one, and they’re shocked and outraged, how dare this be said, he’s only got sharp elbows. And this is just, you know, a shakeup at the White House, no big deal. When Bush gets rid of his chief of staff it’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Palin had done one of the things Charlie Rangel has done. Imagine. Imagine that Christine O’Donnell had done or said just one of the things Maxine Waters has done. Say what you want about Rahm Emanuel, he had the sense to call his fellow liberals F-ing retarded, used the R-word, F-ing retards talking about his own people. Nobody was really upset about that. Then he had the good grace to apologize to the mentally handicapped for the comparison. Didn’t want to insult the mentally handicapped by saying they were just like Democrats. Never mind that the guy replacing Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s chief of staff when he was a US senator, Peter Rouse, also a thug, even bigger thug, he works behind the scenes, he doesn’t care for publicity like Rahm does. So you see, folks, as far as the media is concerned, everything the Democrats do, brilliant, forward thinking, very strategic. Not so when the Republicans do it.

So when the media wants to sit out there and impugn people on our side that’s why I get a little frustrated when people on our side all of a sudden start believing the media. One of my biggest pet peeves is throwing something in the trash can and missing it, especially when it’s just two feet away. I’m trying to throw something away and to have to do it twice is, to me, the biggest waste of time. I get so mad at myself if I miss the trash can. The second pet peeve that I have is people obsessed with what other people think of them, especially people obsessed with what the media think of us or what the Democrats think of us. I can barely maintain my composure when people tell me things like that. Okay, you want their respect, go do what it’s gonna take to get it. What do you think that is? What do you think it’s gonna take to have the media say good things about us? I’ll tell you, McCain. And how many of you liked him?


RUSH: We said earlier today that Osama Bin Laden, who, if he would shave his beard and get rid of the imam cap, could run as a Democrat and get elected anywhere in this country. If he ran in Michigan he wouldn’t have to shave the beard. He’d get elected in Michigan with the imam cap and with the beard. He’s out there saying global warming is killing more people than wars, global warming the single issue of our time. Last night in Tampa at a Kendrick Meek for Senate campaign rally here is vice perpetrator Algore.

ALGORE: Have you noticed what happened in Pakistan with those big downpours? Nothing like that’s ever happened there before. Before that happened, one of their cities had a temperature of 129 degrees, all-time record.

RUSH: How come the way Algore speaks doesn’t embarrass anybody? Did you hear that? (imitating Algore) ‘Before that happened, one of their cities had a temperature, 129 degrees, all-time record.’ He sounds like an absolute hick. How come you’re not embarrassed of Algore? How come you’re not embarrassed of Algore ’cause he’s dead wrong, dangerously so, as a blithering idiot? And now he’s parroting Osama Bin Laden: global warming, Pakistan.

To the phones, Rick in Chicago. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, what an honor. I’m trapped halfway between the People’s Republic of Chicago and the boyhood home of the only true Illinois president, Ronaldus Magnus, so people remember Illinois for that as well. I am on the same page with you today. I had to respond to a friend who sent me a leftover Palin joke from the 2008 election, which I won’t even bear going into. I wrote him a scathing four-paragraph response because I think he’s smarter than that and that he shouldn’t even be disseminating such garbage, but I just essentially told him this should be a Biden joke, that the misconception that Palin is challenged was, as you said, Katie Couric and the Saturday Night Live bunch who you didn’t mention.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, tell your buddy that what makes the Palin joke fashionable is the media that he probably doesn’t even like.

CALLER: Yeah. Absolutely right.

RUSH: If it weren’t for the media making fun of her these people wouldn’t be. If the media were lauding her as something brilliant to come down the pike, everybody would love her. And the people on our side who are suspicious of the media anyway falling prey to the media, I can’t tell you how frustrating, that ticks me off. Sometimes I want to reach out and choke people into reality. I want to grab them by the throat and say, ‘Would you please wake up and stop this arrogant condescension? Who the hell are you? Go do one thing she’s done. Let me see your background. Let me see how many illegitimate kids you got. I wanna see all of your DUIs. I wanna see the media following you around every day, un-turning every rock in your life. I want to see how you like it. I want to see how you deal with it. I want to see how you deal when people tell you that you embarrass them.’

CALLER: Palin was hit with questions during the campaign that were far more penetrating than what they thought to ask Biden or far worse than what they thought to even ask Obama. And that’s why we’re in the condition we’re in. If you ask Obama —

RUSH: Sarah Palin has never told a guy in a wheelchair, ‘Stand up, Chuck. Oh, go, oh, my God, Chuck, God bless you, Chuck, well, stand up for Chuck.’ Sarah Palin has never looked at a poor guy in a wheelchair and said, ‘Stand up.’ Joe Biden did. Joe Biden is a walking gaffe, a funny gaffe.


(Obama Parody)

RUSH: That’s right, Abraham Imam Obama, ‘It took a while to free the slaves out there.’ You know, maybe Obama can make Bin Laden his climate czar. Well, he’s spouting the Obama tune on all of this.


RUSH: I just got an e-mail from someone in the subscriber e-mail inbox: ‘Why are you so mad at us today?’ I’m not mad at you, unless you are running around telling people you’re embarrassed of all these Tea Party people. I’m not mad at you all. I’m mad at the phony conservatives. I’m mad at these phony inside-the-Beltway media conservatives all embarrassed of Carl Paladino and Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell. I mean no need to repeat this, but I’m not mad at you all. The e-mail came from a Darwinite, by the way.

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