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RUSH: Barney Frank — his boyfriend heckled Sean Bielat. We have the audio sound bite. This is Thursday night in Boston after a debate, WGBH-TV studios. The Republican nominee, Sean Bielat, speaking with reporters, had this exchange with a heckler who has been identified as Barney Frank’s boyfriend.

BIELAT: You know, we can send you some.

READY: Better get used to it, dude, if you want to be a congressman, this is —

BIELAT: Yeah, but you’re —

READY: This is nothing.

BIELAT: You’re with Barney, right?


BIELAT: Just — that’s cool.

READY: It’s a free country, isn’t it?

BIELAT: It sure is. At least if we can get the Congress back.

READY: Oo-hoo. Quit the jokes, dude. You’re not funny at all.

BIELAT: (laughing) Are you serious?

READY: That was not funny. You just tried two jokes, and they weren’t even funny.

BIELAT: I — I — you’re really standing here and heckling me? Is that really what you’re doing?

RUSH: That is what was happening. They’re taking money. This race, folks, this race is close. The Democrats are having to spend money on this race, and the Democrats are having to go to Delaware. Obama and Bite Me have to go to Delaware to campaign against Christine O’Donnell. The disaster of Harry Reid and Sharron Angle that we talked about last week. And now the Obamas, Michelle and Barack, are in Cleveland. These are strongholds! These are places that they pay you to vote! I mean, this is unprecedented, and it’s making a lot of people think that this could be a bigger wipeout than anybody is even daring to predict. And it’s all based on policy. This is the wonderful thing: It’s all based on substance, it’s all based on a vast majority of the American people rejecting ideas, rejecting Obamaism.

Now, this guy, Barney Frank’s boyfriend, is named James Ready, the heckler, and he’s got to be under a lot of stress, because look at what he’s learned here. He’s learned that his boyfriend — he’s learned that Barney Frank’s seat — is not safe. You’d be panicked, too.

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