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RUSH: Rowan Scarborough in Human Events: ‘Among all the bad tactics by Democrats leading up to their election disaster Nov. 2, one tactician stood out as the worst: former President Bill Clinton.’ You read this as I read excerpts of this to you, and you’re going to suspect (as I mentioned yesterday and last week) that former president might himself be a covert operative in Operation Reverse Chaos. Now, we know that Clinton helped our cause with his bumbling effort to get Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race.

I mean, there was no way that was gonna happen, but it made the Democrats look crazy. Rubio wasn’t gonna lose that race anyway, but still, this was something that Clinton did that did not help the Democrats. Now, in this Human Events piece, they keep talking about Clinton as one of our most gifted politicians. In fact, they still say he is our most gifted politician — and why do they say that? He lied and got away with it. He lied and got away. He slipped out of an impeachment noose. He evaded the House managers. That’s why he’s one of our most gifted politicians. So, ‘Acting more like a Godfather than a distinguished former President and statesman, Clinton became involved in two embarrassing efforts to convince a Democrat to quit his race so the party would presumably hold the seat.

‘To boot, he also counseled congressional Democrats either to pass Obamacare or to lose the 2010 midterms. They did pass it, and they did lose the midterms.’ Now, this… I want to focus on this, because I do want to focus on Clinton’s motivations here. It is my theory that both Clintons want to get back in the White House, that both Clintons see this shellacking last week as a golden reentry opportunity, and my theory is that both Clintons might have willingly participated in creating this debacle. So let’s go back to 1994 and Hillarycare. Hillarycare gets shellacked, and so do the Democrats. The Republicans win the House for the first time in 40 years, and it is precisely because of the massively overreaching nationalized health care of Hillary Clinton.

It bombed. The American people didn’t want it. They don’t want nationalized anything, and so they sent the Democrats packing. Clinton knows what happened. Now, he said this year and last summer to the Democrats of this Congress (impression), ‘You know what happened to me back in 1994? I — I — I — We lost the House in 1994 to Republicans, and the reason we lost is because we didn’t pass health care. Don’t make the mistake we made! If you want to keep your seat this year you make sure you vote for Obamacare. You pass health care this time around. That’s the simple best thing you can do to make sure you’ll get reelected.’ Now, Clinton knowingly lied to them. Anybody with half a brain knew that voting for Obamacare was falling on the sword.

Obama wasn’t gonna get hurt no matter the outcome but the Democrats were. Even I, El Rushbo, in (sigh) an gesture of true compassion warned the Blue Dogs, ‘If you do this, if you vote for Obamacare, it’s the end of your career. You are going to pay the ultimate price. You’re gonna be sent ‘shellacking.’ You’re not gonna have any role. Your voters are gonna vote against you because you guys cannot have it both ways. You cannot say that you are fiscally conservative and vote for this abomination,’ and yet Clinton was out there telling them (impression), ‘Hey, don’t listen to Limbaugh. You go out there, and you make sure you don’t compound the mistakes that happened to me. A vote for health care is how you get reelected.

‘A vote for health care is how we hold onto the House.’ Nobody can convince me Clinton believed that. There’s nobody in the world that can convince me that Bill Clinton believed he was telling these guys the truth. He couldn’t possibly believe that, and we know precisely because after the ’94 midterms, he went to the center. After the ’94 midterms did he stay far left? No! He wanted to get reelected. He read the tea leaves. What did he tell these guys to do? Stay far to the left. So that Obama is perceived to stay far… Well, Obama is gonna stay far to the left because he’s got no prayer. There is no center for Obama. He can’t possibly move. Then ‘Clinton offered a White House job to Joe Sestak to drop his primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter.

‘Sestak said no. All the publicity surely did not help in a narrow loss to Toomey. … Clinton, as Godfather, then outdid himself. He pressured Rep. Kendrick Meek, a black, to pull out to improve the chances of Republican turncoat Charlie Crist’s beating future GOP superstar Marco Rubio. … But Clinton’s biggest goof came months before the election. Former Democratic Presidents have made it standard fare to reinvent their presidencies. Jimmy Carter, for example, this year blamed the deceased Teddy Kennedy for blocking his big health-care bill 30 years ago. Clinton’s reinvention was this: if the Democratic-controlled Congress in 1993-’94 would have passed Hillary’s healthcare bill, the party would not have lost the Senate and House in the Gingrich revolution.’

And of course we know and Bill Clinton has to know that just the opposite is the truth. ‘Clinton did not just say it years later. He lobbied reluctant Democrats to vote for Obamacare using precisely that argument. Approve the federal takeover of healthcare, and you’ll win the election…’ Operation Reverse Chaos. You might say that Clinton was the first field general. Clinton was the first field marshal. He put Operation Reverse Chaos into effect even before I, the commanding officer, announced it. Well, it’s fun to watch all this.

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