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Rush’s Morning Update: How It’s Done
November 15, 2010

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You know, folks, this is really getting very entertaining. Much more entertaining than my Friday radio program was. News reports indicate a growing number of Democrats are going off the reservation, and — perhaps foolishly — saying what they really think about Nancy Pelosi’s bid to become House Minority Leader.

Illinois Democrat Representative Mike Quigley says, “The reality is that she is politically toxic.” Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania says there’s a growing sense that Pelosi’s election is not a done deal. He hopes she’ll consider stepping down, if more people speak up.

Warning. You Democrats know the taste of defeat. But you have no idea the hell you’re going to endure if Nancy Pelosi wins — and you’re on her enemies’ list. Yeah, she might be politically toxic. She might have a surgically altered smile plastered on her face, but this woman has more venom in her little finger than a rattlesnake has in its fangs, and it’s going to be directed at you!

Case in point. Pelosi has stepped into the battle between the current Democrat Whip, the African-American James Clayburn, and the wealthy white guy, Steny Hoyer, who wants to take his job away. AP reports Pelosi is pressuring the black guy to take a lesser job. So, Pelosi thinks Clayburn should remember his place and not get too uppity. If he follows orders she’ll give him a committee job, or he can take a lesser job driving Miss Nancy.

These are Democrats and this is how it’s done.

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