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RUSH: Well, it’s time, ladies and gentleman, time for Obama Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24, and that is, ‘Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of speeches.’ Yes, Obama has spoken up about North Korea firing on South Korea, and he has said that they have failed to live up to their obligations. That’s really tough. That’s right, he said North Korea’s failed to live up to its obligations. I wonder if they bothered calling him at three a.m. (interruption) They called him at four a.m., and did he take the call? Did he wake up and say, (imitating Obama) ‘Okay, oh, okay,’ and go back to bed, or what did he do? Strongly condemned it. Yeah, that’s right. The situation in North and South Korea is about to get out of hand and there’s only one thing to do and that’s a Cairo-type speech. Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of words, speeches, except in America, where ours is a world governed by the excessive use of gropes.


RUSH: The Pentagon says it’s too soon to say how the United States might deter a North Korean attack. Too soon to say? What have we been doing for the last 50 years in preparing for a potential attack on South Korea from North Korea? I’ll tell you what else to keep a sharp eye out for, and that’s the ChiComs making a move on Formosa, Taiwan. They want it back. You know, I’ve asked people, ‘Why do they care?’ It’s a tiny little island. There is absolutely no threat posed to the mainland by Taiwan. And ChiCom experts tell me it’s a matter of face, saving face. The ChiComs are gonna get that island back regardless. It doesn’t matter, it could be inconsequential, it’s a matter of saving face, respect or what have you. And I’ll tell you something else. My best guess is — and of course I’m a pretty good best guesser — my best guess is they’re gonna do this, make a move on Formosa before Obama is out of office, and the way things are going Obama is gonna be out of office in a couple of years, hopefully, theoretically.

So here we’re gonna do nothing, formulating our plans. Is Obama gonna do anything about it? Do you think Obama would do anything, even though we have a treaty, even though we have promised the Taiwanese, do you think Obama would actually do anything if the ChiComs make a move? Nah. That contrail of a jet, ha. No way. Folks, I’m telling you, I’ve thought about this, I’ve looked at all of the things, I’ve talked to experts, a jet contrail? No, that was a missile, and it was a message.


RUSH: Here is Irving in Atlanta. Nice to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Very good, sir.

CALLER: Good. Well, I never disagree with you. I’ve listened to you for many, many years, but I don’t agree with you on what you said about Obama, you know, I’m drawing a blank here — (unintelligible) Korea. I’m sorry, I’m a little nervous. I think he will actually go and do something aggressive in Korea because for some reason or another that’s the one area that he has done relatively well in. I mean he’s prosecuted the war relatively well with the surge. He listened to somebody in the Pentagon with regard to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ Petraeus has been put where he’s been put, and may even go higher in rank. So as far as I’m concerned I think he might actually go ahead and do something in Korea aggressively and correctly.

RUSH: Wait a second. One area that he’s done relatively well in is the military? Or are you talking about a geographic area?

CALLER: No, what I’m saying is for some reason he’s kept the troops longer and he’s leaving Gitmo open, he’s wavering on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ he put Petraeus where he’s supposed to, he did a little surge in Afghanistan. As far as I’m concerned, he’s listening to somebody in the Pentagon, and I think if the Pentagon tells him, ‘Look, go ahead and do what we gotta do,’ this, that, and the other, I think he’s gonna acquiesce.

RUSH: We’ll have to see. Just yesterday Obama said that they’re still open to talking with Korea. Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of speeches, and he said he was still willing to talk with North Korea. North Korea is a ChiCom client just like we are. So any action taken against the Norks we have to factor the ChiComs into it. (interruption) Send Carter? Ha-ha. Send Jimmy Carter. Right.


RUSH: Edward in Shelby Township, Michigan, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush. Mega dittos to you. I want to thank you for keeping everyone focused and informed the way you do.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. You bet.

CALLER: I want to talk for a second about North Korea and what’s going on. We had a couple people, at least, killed today. Back in March we had approximately 50 or more killed on the naval ship that was sunk by the North Koreans, and yet we have a president who does nothing. Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, what would they have done at this point in time? They would not have let this gone unpunished. And, Benjamin Netanyahu, if something like this happened to him, he would have taken immediate punitive damages to these people and let them know what is going on and they are not going to continue on this way. How many people is it going to take before we do something? Two? Is it 50? Is it a hundred? Ten thousand? When do we act?

RUSH: I don’t think we do act. We’re a superpower and as such if we act it upsets the balance of power, and it’s just mean. So we kinda have to expect this kind of thing to happen to us since we are a superpower, and being a superpower, it’s going to tie our hands. To respond to an insignificant number of deaths like this would show a lack of sensitivity, a lack of maturity, a cowboy attitude, something you might see out of George W. Bush. We’ll be very tolerant, we’ll condemn it, and we’ll purse this through back-channel diplomacy and so forth. But to do something about it would be very unbecoming as a superpower.

CALLER: Can we just let the South Koreans just go under, under their fingers, if they do this again soon? Or every so often?

RUSH: Well, it’s the same question I raised earlier about Taiwan and Formosa. What’s gonna happen when the ChiComs move on them? And that’s gonna happen, too. Look, we’re telegraphing that we’re not gonna do anything.


RUSH: The State Department is out with a statement on North Korea’s behavior. They say that North Korea’s behavior has been very, very bad. It’s what they say. State Department statement on North Korea’s behavior: They’ve been very, very bad.

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