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RUSH: Bonnie in Stanton, Virginia, nice to have you —


RUSH: — on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hello, Rush! Oh, I — I — I — I’m a longtime listener since 1990. On this START treaty. Obama is… He’s undermining even our US missile defense. I am not kidding you. He’s gonna have one-third of our nuclear weapons dismantled, he’s closing down the naval base in his Virginia — the military Joint Task Force base, which affects the whole country — and he’s already cut our military defense, our planes, our armory down to size. The B-2, the second engines on the Joint Task Force fighter, that’s no longer gonna be made if he has his way. And this (unintelligible) to the treaty with the Russians? We’re not gonna have a missile defense because we won’t be able to update or missiles, and we won’t be able to have the strategic nuclear defense. We won’t be able to hit anything down if they hit us with a nuclear weapon.

RUSH: Well, these are Obama’s objectives. He said this during the campaign. He wants to reduce and eliminate nuclear arsenals, and he’ll start with ours.

CALLER: Yes. I wanted to say this, though, Rush. Listen. The Russians have broken every treaty — and the Chinese, they’re still building, building. I’ve got a graph in front of me, and it shows that China and Russia is way at the top and we’re at the bottom. We’re at the bottom! We hardly have any nuclear missiles left. So I mean this is dangerous for America and our defense and it’s gonna weaken our defense already, so we need to stop it.

RUSH: Obama is doing exactly what he promised during the campaign. He vowed to get rid of our missile defense. Everybody knows the Russians don’t live up to agreements. This is not about the Russians. This is about us. You’re exactly right. Now, you sound… This is interesting to me. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way. You sound like somebody who’s just figured this out. You may have known it for a long time. I’m glad to hear this passion that you have, ’cause I think you represent a whole lot of people who just now are figuring out, ‘My gosh, who is this guy that other Americans elected?’ The Russians have ten times our number of tactical weapons. Ten times! Of course they’d be happy to get rid of whatever number we’re getting rid of. They will still have a vast, vastly larger number.

But this is not just liberals, Bonnie. This is Democrats. This is what they have been after as long as I’ve been alive. The focus of evil in the modern world is the United States. Our nuclear arsenal makes us the lone superpower. We represent the threat. We represent the focus of evil. He’s just fulfilling a lifelong dream of the Democrat Party and the American left and the worldwide left, and he’s got the votes to do it. Everything I’m seeing on television this morning reported about this, he’s got the votes and with a number of Republicans. Because it’s being misrepresented. It’s being represented something that will promote peace, and depending on how the wordage is put together, the verbiage put together, some Republican Senator, ‘I can’t vote against peace! What do you want me to do, Limbaugh, vote against peace? I’m not gonna vote against peace.’

(sigh) It’s sad thing. Andrew McCarthy (Bonnie, you might want to check this) at NationalReview.com: ‘Advise, Don’t Consent.’ It’s kind of amazing. Andy writes about this. Let me read you a couple of excerpts here. ‘President Obama is writing to the wrong people, and those wrong people are hopelessly confused about his power and their own. This is how bad agreements are born. Senate Republicans could easily kill the wayward New START treaty, and tell the administration to go back to Moscow and cut a deal that promotes American national security. The Constitution disfavors treaties that are not patently in U.S. interests, requiring a two-thirds Senate majority for approval — seven more than the 60-vote threshold generally required to move any contentious legislation through the [Senate].

‘Even in this wretched lame-duck session, without the six new Republicans who will join the caucus in two weeks, the GOP’s 42 senators ought to be more than sufficient to stop a bad treaty. Even without a Scoop Jackson Democrat to count on, how tough could it be to prevent nine Republicans from defecting — from saying ‘yes’ to a pact that imperils U.S. missile defenses, does nothing about an aggressive Russia’s huge numerical advantage in tactical nuclear weapons, and creates a sovereignty-sapping ‘Bilateral Consultative Commission’ that would undermine the Constitution’s treaty process by circumventing Senate approval of future restrictions (beyond those in New START) on our national-defense capabilities? Pretty tough, it turns out.

‘As is too often the case, Republican senators are taking their foreign-affairs cues from John McCain and Richard Lugar, leaders of the caucus’s moderate wing — which is to say, its incoherent wing,’ according to Andy McCarthy. ‘They want to support the treaty because to do so would be bipartisan (yay!)…’ Really? That’s — that’s what’s motivating them. It would be bipartisan. But they know that it is atrocious. They want to rewrite it. ‘So we are now watching them play ‘let’s pretend.’ The Senate is pretending that it has the authority to rewrite a treaty, while the president pretends that the unacceptable treaty can be fixed by writing letters to the senators who need courting rather than writing a new treaty with Russian leaders who need convincing.’

So it’s a mess. It is not helpful to the United States, it’s helpful to our enemies, but this is the status quo for the Democrat Party, folks. All during my early twenties and my teen years — early twenties and ever since — before the fall of the Soviet Union, the Democrat Party always sided with the Soviet Union over America. The Democrat Party has always done it. You remember we had news develop that Ted Kennedy had actually either gone to Moscow or called or written Yuri Andropov warning them all of Ronald Reagan. The Democrat Party was actively supportive of the communists establishing a base in Nicaragua. So this really isn’t anything new. Kennedy wrote the Russians offering to help them defeat Reagan. So this really isn’t anything new. It’s just, as is the case with much of Obama’s domestic agenda, he’s getting it done for the first time. The Democrats have not really succeeded full bore in harming US national security. They made a lot of dents, but they’ve never done anything like this. So now it’s finally happening, and people stand up, sit up and take notice.

Once again, it’s explicable all these Republicans helping out.

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