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Say, elected Republicans –you have been given a gift. With health insurance premiums rising, in some instances by double digits, and the Obama administration getting caught red-handed trying to force doctors to provide “death” advice Democrat leaders have decided that Obamacare is worth defending after all.

Unnamed “senior” Democrat operatives are planning a “rapid response” to combat Republican repeal-Obamacare efforts. The New York Times reports the Dem response will be modeled after Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Organizing for America– Obama’s front group — will host phone banks, run ads, and schedule events with people who would lose out if Obamacare is repealed. Yes, they’re going to haul out a bunch of sob-story Victim-Americans for the cameras of the willing accomplices in the State-Controlled Media (like they always do).

Why is this a gift? I’ve been saying for months that Republicans ought to force Obama to defend this monstrosity,and if the first attempt to repeal it fails…try and try again. The more Obamacare is in the news,the more people hate it — period. That’s why Democrats ran as far away from it as they could during the midterm elections. Now, since Democrats want to run on it, Republicans should make them run on it until the next election (if necessary),and in the process drain their resources defending the indefensible.

Democrats defending Obamacare is the proverbial “gift horse”. Republicans: Don’t look it in the mouth, kick it in the butt…and Democrats along with it. Politically speaking, of course.

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