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Commentators on the right and left– make that left and the far left– are telling us that “toning down” the political rhetoric will improve our national body politic.

Okay. If liberals really want to improve the political climate, I have my own suggestions on rhetoric that can be “toned down”:

•Tone down the class-envy rhetoric. Nix all the lies about the evil rich “getting richer on the backs of the poor”, and about the rich –who pay most of the taxes in this country –“not paying their fair share.”

•Tone down the anti-business rhetoric. Acknowledge that we have the best environmental track record in the history of the world (and the highest living standard) thanks to American innovators.

•Tone down the anti-capitalist rhetoric. Acknowledge that free enterprise has bought more prosperity to the world than any other economic system. Tone down the anti-doctor rhetoric;for instance, President Obama’s accusing physicians of operating on people needlessly,and the rhetoric against Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Food, Big Plastic, Big Retail, and Big everything that makes Americans Big Profit.

•And those of you in the civil rights industry: How about toning down your rhetoricthat gives you license to call everyone who disagrees with you on anything, from affirmative action to illegal immigration, “racists”?

After you lefties get through toning down your rhetoric, start toning down your policies — policies that rob Americans of their freedom and prosperity. Do all this, and the political climate in this country will improve beyond measure — no question about it.

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