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There is hatred in America. Most of us crave a nation where there is,if not love,a deep respect for our fellow citizens and their rights –a common purpose to preserve the promise of America as a nation where opportunity can be sought and dreams can be fulfilled by anyone (except conservatives).

But there is hatred in America. Liberals’ glee in the wake of the Arizona shooting –as they rushed to blame their political enemies, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the right wing, talk radio, me– is proof of that hate.

All the evidence points to a shooter who is deranged. Yet these liberals,who claim to be champions of the mentally ill when it suits them,have completely disregarded his mental incapacities. Instead, they assign a rational, political motivation to his rampage.

The George Bush years can best be described as eight years of hate. From the days of the Florida recount until his final day in office, the vitriol was ceaseless; even the 9/11 terrorist attacks could not quell the hatred for George Bush. And now the haters are back, shamelessly using a lunatic’s murder spree as a platform to push their hateful agenda and score political points.

There is hate in America. You can read it in Paul Krugman’s columns. You can see it on “forward-leaning” cable channels. There is hate in America –and that hate… leans left.

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