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RUSH: By the way, blacks in Chicago are not happy; including Carol ‘Mostly Fraud,’ the former senator there. They’re not happy. They’re attacking our ‘first black president’ for showing up in Chicago and campaigning for Rahm Emanuel, and on Martin Luther King’s birthday weekend to boot! That’s right. Der Schlick Meister, Bill Clinton, was in Chicago on Martin Luther King’s birthday weekend campaigning for Rahm Emanuel. I’m sure that this criticism of Clinton from African-Americans in Chicago, they’re just objecting to ‘the content of his character, not the color of his skin.’ Everybody knows that he was the first…black…president.


RUSH: This afternoon in Chicago, campaign rally for Rahm Emanuel, the first black president spoke and said this.

CLINTON: We’re gonna get out of this mess we’re in, and we’re gonna go forward. And I agree with Rahm, a lot of that is because of the difficult decisions the president made and that he helped to make and implement in the first two years. It reminds me eerily of what happened in my first two years.

RUSH: So again Clinton is out campaigning for somebody, it’s all about him. Obama goes to a memorial and it’s all about him. (imitating Clinton) ‘Yeah, what Rahm’s doing out there is crazy. It reminds me of what I went through.’ Bill Clinton, saving the day.

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