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RUSH: Barack Hussein Obama, the Pharaoh of Chicago. Has a nice ring to it out there, doesn’t it? Pharaoh of Chicago, telling us everything is cool. Hey, look, folks, if the industry of talk radio was responsible for Tucson, how about blaming Obama’s Cairo speech for this? Yeah, have you seen, folks, the liberals, the Democrats, the media seem to be more embracing of the Muslim Brotherhood than the Tea Party movement. Have you noticed that? I have. And I’m gonna tell you something else. I don’t care who you talk to and what they say. Right now nobody understands yet whether any of this is good or bad for the United States, and that’s what’s missing in all this, and that is, what’s good for the United States and our interests in this, nobody knows. I don’t care what expert you listen to, there’s not a soul that can tell you. We could be looking at one of two things —

By the way, hi, Rush Limbaugh back. Thanks to Mark Steyn for sitting in on Friday and doing a wonderful job as always. We’re happy to be back here in our Southern Command bunker, South Florida. Telephone number, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

There was an uprising in Iran in 2009. It didn’t amount to much because the regime here didn’t support it. You may have forgotten that. Just two years ago there was some average, ordinary citizens in Iran who wanted to get rid of the mullahs and wanted to get rid of Ahmadinejad, and the regime here didn’t support it. A lot of people are hoping that’s what this is. It is the Muslim Brotherhood, but what’s really known about ’em? They claim they’re for democracy and all that, but that could be a smoke screen. On the other hand, we have said from the get-go that if you wanted the second term of Jimmy Carter, elect Barack Obama, and here we are, and what happened in the first term of Jimmy Carter? We lost Iran to a bunch of radical Islamist extremists. Are we looking at the second term of Jimmy Carter here, losing Egypt to a bunch of radicalized Islamist extremists?

You can see when you scour various Drive-By State-Controlled Media sites, they’re desperately invested in the fact that this is all good, get Mubarak out of there, we finally got democracy. The problem with that is, for them, that they have to somehow include George Bush in praise. It was George Bush who said if we go into Iraq with a democracy agenda, then the wildfire of freedom will spread to other areas. Well, if we’re gonna say that this is the wildfire of freedom being spread, where did it start? You can’t leave Bush out of this equation, which, of course, the media and the Democrats don’t want to do. They want to find some way to credit Obama for this but Obama on Saturday night, Saturday night, Linda Douglass, that well known objective journalist who used to work at ABC and some other places and then she quit the media because she admitted she just couldn’t get as much done. She went to work for the Obama regime. She was the health care legislation spokesbabe. In other words, Linda Douglass was responsible for spinning the lies of health care in the media. She quit that and went back to the media, working for I think it’s the outfit Atlantic Media, Atlantic Monthly and so forth. So Saturday night, in the midst of all of this, Linda Douglass hosts a party at her house for administration officials and certain elements of the State-Controlled Media.

F. Chuck Todd was there from NBC/Comcast. We had Jake Tapper there from ABC. We had a couple other media people. We had high administration, high regime officials. And the whole point was a going-away party for David Axelrod, who Obama saw the next day. Axelrod is just leaving the regime’s White House offices to head back to the Chicago offices of Pharaoh Obama and his reelection bid. But yet he goes to this going-away party as though, ‘Hey, Dave, been great to know you, hope we see you down the line. See you next Tuesday, Dave,’ wink wink. I want you to imagine something. Imagine that Karl Rove had decided to leave the White House, and I threw a bye-bye bash for him in my house that Bush 43 attended while something like this was going on in Egypt. Do you think you woulda heard about that party the moment it was taking place? Yeah. And do you think any media people would have been invited? No. But it’s fascinating here, folks, all these experts, and nobody really knows — you’ve got Biden misspeaking, and you’ve got Andrea Mitchell admitting that’s the typical Joe Biden misspeak, just what we here in the regime have to deal with. Old Joe, ‘Hey, Chuck, stand up, man, oh, oh, God love ya, Chuck’s in a wheelchair and can’t stand up and he even told me that but I forgot. Oh, let’s all stand up for Chuck.’ Meanwhile, Chuck is saying, ‘Please, can everybody stop paying attention to me, I’m in a wheelchair.’

So there’s an element of this, ladies and gentlemen, that I want to introduce — well, I’m not the one introducing it. I’m gonna pass it on to you because I don’t think that very many people are talking about it. The media would have had a cow if the White House was having a party while the Middle East was in flames. I don’t care if it was Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, if 43 had gone to any kind of a party on a Saturday night when Egypt was in flames, ha! Instead this media was running around pulling its hair out wondering how the hell it didn’t get invited. What’s so special about F. Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper? How come they got invited and we didn’t?


RUSH: Frankly, you know… (sigh) I’ve taken all this in. I’ve listened to as many people as possible. I’ve read much, and I’m stunned by all the people who seem to have a full understanding of what’s going on, because, frankly, folks, I don’t. To be honest, we have no idea what is behind this movement. We have no idea who is leading it. This Muslim Brotherhood bunch? To get behind this group fully without knowing this seems irresponsible to me and yet there are a lot of people all over the political spectrum who want to just embrace this opposition to Mubarak. Obama, we’re gonna be going back and listen to some of his Cairo speech. Obama has embraced this bunch, by the way. Obama has embraced them.

‘The Obama administration has aligned itself with Egypt for calls for orderly transition.’ Orderly transition? What if this bunch turns out to be led by Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or what have you? It’s the Muslim Brotherhood. For crying out loud, Obama ’embraces,’ ‘aligns itself with protests in Egypt’? Uhhhh. That really caught me, because we don’t know who or what is behind this movement. We do know Obama has been focused on changing America. We do know that Obama has spent his time abroad apologizing for our past and he’s been lauded for doing this by our media, the left, the likes of Colin Powell.

If he were a traditional American president, Obama would have been using our authority — our moral authority — and experience to ensure our best interests remain intact. That’s what US foreign policy is all about. Now, we lost Iran because of another apologist, Jimmy Carter. An incompetent. If we are universally for human rights in every country (as Obama said in his short, contradictory public statement last week), why did he treat the leader of Red China like some kind of great democrat here? Why did he praise him? This guy is holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner in jail, for crying out loud, and Obama embraces this! Yet Obama says he’s all about human rights all over the world. Lots of contradictions here.


RUSH: You know, it might be a good thing that Obama, Pharaoh Obama does not know what US interests are in this Egyptian situation, otherwise he would do the opposite. Maybe I shouldn’t tip him off, either. I can hear the conversation now: ‘Limbaugh says we shouldn’t support the uprising. Well, that’s good enough for me! Send over the helicopters with the bags of money to shower on the protesters.’ (laughing) By the way, I just saw that the State Department, a bunch of people are moving heavy equipment in there and choppers and aircraft to get Americans out of Egypt. Why? ‘Obama Administration Aligns Itself with Protests in Egypt,’ called for orderly transition. A struggle to get ahead of the situation.

Well, if we support what’s going on over there, a big peaceful this and that, why the hell get our people out of there? Seems a little contradictory to me. We lost Iran. We lost Iran this exact same way, folks. That was Jimmy Carter, and we’ve got Jimmy Carter 2 in there now. Obama… I want to repeat this. He runs around saying universally we’re for human rights in every country — and then a very contradictory public statement last week. Why, then, does Obama treat the ChiCom leader like some kind of great democratic hero? Why did he praise Hu Jintao? Why didn’t Obama insist on democratic rights for the Chinese? Why didn’t he do the same with Russia?

Here you have the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner throwing a party — a big state dinner, the highest honor we can bestow socially — to the guy who holds the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner in jail, in China. It seems a bit contradictory. Now, right now, folks, terrorists do not have a seat at the table of power, the table of government in Egypt. If Mubarak goes, the fact is that they’re likely to have a seat. By the way, we’re being told that in exchange for Mubarak we need Mohamed ElBaradei. Now, there’s a good friend! Here’s Mohamed ElBaradei who did his best to tell the world, ‘The Iranians aren’t up to anything. There aren’t any nukes being developed in Iran.’ He was a little more circumspect about it than that.

But, ladies and gentlemen, there are a number of things here to be somewhat concerned about. Egypt is an ally. They have been for a while. And if this goes the wrong way, you’re gonna have, if Mubarak goes down, you’re gonna have terrorists (Muslim Brotherhood) likely to have a seat at the Egyptian table of government, if not own the table. Now, if I’m wrong, then it’s likely the military will essentially take over the country, but that’s not democracy, either. Have you been struck by the fact that the Drive-Bys, the supporters the regime — even some commentators on our side — love to talk about this as a ‘democratic uprising.’ Muslim Brotherhood equals democratic uprising! Anybody see a conflict? But if it is a democrat uprising, then wasn’t Iraq worth it?

Doesn’t George W. Bush deserve some credit here? That was the essence of George W. Bush’s foreign policy, particularly in his second term. He said, ‘The natural yearning of the human spirit is freedom. One of the things we’re trying to do in Iraq is allow free elections, self-determination, self-rule, self-government — and once the Middle East sees that, it will start a chain reaction.’ Okay. Everybody pooh-poohed that. ‘Well, that’s not what we’re supposed to be about, building democratization. Freedom isn’t for everybody. Who does Bush think he is? It’s not worth the loss of American lives.’

You remember the drill, Cindy Sheehan and all these people running around. Now all of these people trying to pooh-pooh what Bush is doing, ‘Oh, yeah, we got a democratic uprising! Muslim Brotherhood, democratic uprising! Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner!’ Yeah, don’t go to China. He might end up in jail, ElBaradei. Well, not him. He’s in league with the ChiComs. At any rate, there’s so much contradictory here, and there’s so much hope. The Drive-Bys have so much hope — and, by the way, this is (Look at me!) a great teaching moment for liberals, including those of you in the media, the Democrat Party.

What you see in Egypt right now is uncivil. This is what it looks like. Looting, rioting, assaulting. Now, I want you to compare what’s happening in Egypt to Tea Party rallies, which are democracy in action. Whatever’s going on in Egypt, it’s premature to say ‘democracy in action’ is what we see. What we are seeing is incivility. Make a note. Looting, rioting, assaulting. The Tea Parties are civil. Democracy us in action, seeking legitimate constitutional outcomes. And yet, and yet some liberals seem more embracing of the Muslim Brotherhood than the Tea Party movement. Have you noticed that? It’s fascinating to watch here.


RUSH: Let’s go to the phones, to Sarai in Omaha. You’re first today on the EIB Network. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Great to talk with you, Rush. I listen to you every day.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Rush, be patient with me because I’m kind of nervous, okay? I’ve been listening to this Egyptian situation that’s going on.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And I’ve been doing a lot of reading this morning early, I’ve already talked to a good friend of mine in Omaha where I live —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — he’s a Full Bird colonel. He was way back when, he’s been around during Bay of Pigs and U2, okay?

RUSH: I’m glad you’re doing this.

CALLER: Why am I doing this? Because I’m concerned and I want to know the reasoning. I didn’t know enough about Egypt and what’s going on, but now I know a little bit more. I think this is something that’s a concern, a concern in the United States as well as Britain as well as France, and that is the Suez Canal. If you go back in history and you look up the 1956 Suez Canal under Eisenhower, that situation was very volatile.

RUSH: Here’s what’s important about Suez Canal, 40% of Middle Eastern oil goes through it.

CALLER: That’s right. That’s why I’m saying that. Two-thirds — during 1955, two-thirds of what Britain used went through that canal. Two-thirds of their oil. Now, what I find interesting is that this whole situation with the centrifuges, with Iran and all that hoopla, and now you’ve got Lebanon and a new order there that’s Hezbollah, you’ve got Iran with Al-Qaeda, with Ahmadinejad, you got Egypt now, the Brotherhood going in, they all surround Israel and then they all go through that — take that Suez Canal which dumps into the Mediterranean Sea, which goes out to the Atlantic, what’s interesting by the mouth there is Tunisia. Tunisia also is having riots. So it’s very interesting what’s playing out. And if the Suez Canal, if Ahmadinejad and the Brotherhood knows people, Islamic extremists get a hold of Egypt and we don’t get a hold of it, what will happen is Ahmadinejad would love to shut down the Suez Canal, in my opinion. And the reason why is he could stop all those ships from going through there and just cut off the American hemisphere — or the west hemisphere.

RUSH: Well, that remains —

CALLER: I know it remains to be seen.

RUSH: No, no, no. That remains a possibility, but if Ahmadinejad made that bold a move —

CALLER: But why wouldn’t he?

RUSH: Because he wouldn’t be alive the next day.

CALLER: Yeah, and I agree with you. But what I’m saying is don’t you think he’s angry enough and arrogant enough to, with the centrifuges happening, the situation with the centrifuges for the nuclear, as well as our trying to sanction him.

RUSH: Well, we really got nothing to worry about. We can get oil from Canada, oil from Venezuela, get oil from Mexico —

CALLER: True, but Obama has shut it down in the United States.

RUSH: Another thing. Ahmadinejad has to export oil ’cause they don’t have any refineries. He got no gasoline. They don’t have any gasoline. They don’t have any refineries. He has to import refined gasoline. He has to find a way to get it there, and if he keeps it open for himself it’s gonna be open for anybody else. But these are legitimate concerns and remember Bite Me said we’re gonna be tested, we’re gonna be tested, during the campaign, we’re gonna be tested, and we’re being tested here, folks.

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