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RUSH: This is a story, Cybercast News Service: ‘Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson told a Senate panel that preventing children from being exposed to contaminated water could spare them from autism. Jackson made the remark on Wednesday at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works in response to questioning by Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who asked if a recent executive order by President Barack Obama about regulations and the regulatory process means that the EPA can put any rules in place if ‘the benefits outweigh the costs.” And she said, yeah.

Now, folks, I don’t care in what construct of our government or bureaucracy you want to sign on to, this isn’t right. There is nothing that can’t be regulated for the common good, you see? Under this rubric, under this umbrella, they can do anything as long as they say it’s for the common good, including death panels. So what this is really all about here is Obama giving an executive order that allows unelected people, these czars, if you will, and cabinet secretaries to do whatever the hell they want. He trusts them because they are him, and he is they. So the EPA administrator claims, claims, there’s no science here. Rachel Carson, ‘DDT kills kids or kills animals,’ whatever the hell it did, get rid of DDT and now 50 million people are dead from malaria. And Rachel Carson to this day is celebrated.

Obama has announced today that he will veto any congressional legislation to limit the EPA. He’s gonna veto it. Veto it. Make him veto so much stuff, send it up there. I hope that they’ve got the energy and the gumption to keep doing this. ‘EPA Administrator Claims Regulating Drinking Water Supply Prevents Kids from Getting Autism.’ You see how easy this is? Nobody wants a child to have autism. If I even go down this road the can of worms I would open by talking about vaccinations and autism. I mean they’ve got people convinced that all these vaccinations have led to autism in certain children. Don’t even try to talk ’em out of it. Not worth it. They believe it. So here comes the EPA. Lisa Jackson claiming she can regulate the drinking water supply so as to prevent kids from getting autism. Have you ever heard, have you ever seen any science about drinking water causing autism? Seriously, I’m asking you. I don’t have children so I may have missed it. I have to be open-minded about this. Dawn, you have not seen it? So this is out of the clear blue. Just out of the clear blue, we gotta regulate drinking water because of the public common good. They don’t have this power. They are appropriating it.


RUSH: How many of you people have seen and remember the great movie Dr. Strangelove? In fact, grab When Johnny Comes Marching Home again from that. One of my favorite musical bits is from that movie. I’ll cue you for it. Not yet. But in that movie they parody a lot of things. Peter Sellers plays a number of different characters. One of the characters he plays is Mandrake, a Brit sort of exchange student in some wacko general’s office — and the general starts, essentially, World War III by believing that precious bodily fluids are being poisoned by the communists, fluoride among them. And he tries to convince Mandrake of this.

It’s amazing the cycle repeats. Now we have tap water causing autism! Now, in the movie, Dr. Strangelove, they parodied it. It’s black and white. It is hilarious. Slim Pickens. (laughing) George C. Scott. Peter Sellers plays Dr. Strangelove, who runs (Nazi impression) ‘computer figures’ show that at the end of the world you’d need a hundred women for every man in order to perpetuate the population and rebuild it. George C. Scott’s eyes light up. Of course he wants to wipe the commies off the map. And the crazed general is named Jack D. Ripper.

General Ripper: ‘Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water, Mandrake?’

‘Well, I — I — I can’t say I have.’

‘Vodka, that’s what they drink, isn’t it? They never drink water, right? They know. They have poisoned the world’s water supply, Mandrake. They’re poisoning our precious bodily fluids!’

So now we’ve got the Obama regime and tap water leading to autism all for the express purpose to gain total control here over everything. It just… (sigh) Gosh, these people never, ever stop. They’re not gonna be stopped until 2012!

(When Johnny Comes Marching Home starts playing)

RUSH: When the B-52 was headed to Moscow to drop the bombs and the crew going through the checklists., this was the tune that was played during the movie Dr. Strangelove. I think that’s ‘how I learned to love the bomb.’

(song continues)

RUSH: This is from 1962.

(song continues)

RUSH: I just got it in Blu-ray as a matter of fact. ‘What do you need Blu-ray for when it’s black and white?’ When you have the chance to get the best, you get the best.

(song continues)

RUSH: I mean I am the best. I have the best…when I can get it.

(song continues)

RUSH: I remember one time I used this music over a story about Obama. The civil rights coalition was not happy about that.

(song continues)

RUSH: New York, by the way, has banned smoking in beaches and parks. (interruption) Outside. (interruption) Times Square, yeah. Everywhere now, essentially.

(song plays out)

RUSH: Okay.

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