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Holy cow, folks, who would have thought that you could make as much money setting up a liberal wet job website as you could by marrying and divorcing a rich guy? Talking Zsa Zsa Huffington here. (laughing) I mean, $315 million for the Huffing and Puffington Post, and AOL bought it. I’ll tell you what this is. I’ll tell you exactly what this is. The left will spend anything to save itself from reality. The reality is that nobody cares. The reality is it’s in big trouble so let’s buy it, let’s put $315 million behind it and let’s make it look like it’s something that’s big and something that’s happening. Meanwhile, the site is moderating toward the center. It’s not even trying to aim at the fringe leftist base anymore because there isn’t a whole lot of money there. Why doesn’t AOL, why don’t they just go out and buy the Democrat Party and cut out the middleman? Who needs the website? Now, Zsa Zsa, 18 to $20 million a year is what she’s going to be paid for this, which will buy a lot of stuff from Chanel, you know, a lot of pamper treatments at the spa, wherever she gets them done, so I guess it’s a good deal.


RUSH: By the way, Keith Olberdorkk who left MSNBC is going to Algore’s cable channel, Current TV, where — (interruption) Yeah, it’s still on, and I just have one piece of advice for the people at Fox. Do not ever talk about what goes on over there and nobody will ever hear about it. Olbermann wouldn’t be anything today if they hadn’t decided to start picking fights with those people over there. That network wouldn’t have half the audience as it does now. Anyway, the Chinese opera format was not working at Current TV, the global warming stuff just hadn’t caught hold so now they’re all-in with Olberdorkk as the political director and primetime talent at Algore’s cable channel. Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, this is a move that under normal circumstances you wouldn’t publicize and you would frankly hope nobody ever heard about. But the word’s out. …


RUSH: By the way, they’re paying Olbermann in carbon credits. They don’t have any money.

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