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For most private sector employees, it’s the employer who sets the wage and benefits package –not so for government employees. With no competitive forces at work,for decades they’ve held cities, states, and large segments of the federal government hostage to win wage, benefits, pension, and job-security packages that are far superior to their private sector counterparts.

Government unions have a longstanding incestuous relationship with the Democrat Party. In return for massive campaign contributions and foot soldiers for political campaigns, elected Democrats not only reward their union benefactors with favorable contracts, they shield them from the kind of accountability private sector employees face.

That’s one reason our schools are failing. It’s why cities and states with entrenched Democrat leaders are bankrupt. It’s why governments balloon,while millions of private sector people lose their jobs, and even their homes.

Rather than honor election results, elected Wisconsin Democrats fled the state. They refuse to vote on Governor Walker’s proposals to balance the budget by curbing union power and excessive wages and benefits. Teachers abandoned their classrooms, forcing schools to close and children to fall further behind. Meanwhile, Democrat union operatives are being shipped into Wisconsin from out of state to protest;they’re equating Walker with Hitlerand going to Republicans’ homes to intimidate them.

They bankrupt your state, and they demand the right to keep doing it. They don’t give a damn about your kids, civility, election results, or fiscal sanity. What are they?They’re Democrats.

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