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RUSH: Sometimes I’m doing show prep, and I come across something I really can’t believe. I said, ‘The Politico has to have this wrong,’ and then I got the sound bite roster, and Politico did not get this wrong. Politico story: ‘White House Faces Key Test on Libya Crisis.’ So I’m reading the story, and I said, ‘Okay, what’s the ‘key test’?’ according to Libya and The Politico. So I read down and it says, ‘Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice have spoken with increasing force against Qadhafi. But Clinton on Tuesday was clear about what she regards as the dangers of a military response.’ Now, listen to this.

This is what Mrs. Clinton, the secretary of state, said. Quote: ”If you follow, as we follow, all of the websites that are looking at what’s happening in the Middle East, you see a constant drumbeat that ‘the United States is going to invade Libya to take over the oil — and we can’t let that happen,” she told the House Foreign Affairs Committee, adding a second justification of earlier White House warnings that posturing could have endangered American citizens who had not left the country.’ We can’t use the military here, including in the defense and evacuation of our own people, because of what ‘websites’ are saying about taking over Libya for the oil?

Well, what kind of ‘website’ would be saying that kind of blather? MoveOn.org, some far-left site? I said, ‘That can’t be. It can’t be.’ I know these guys during Iraq and the Bush administration, ‘No blood for oil,’ and all that. They were running around saying that the only reason we went into Iraq was for the oil. But now we’ve got people who believe that tripe, not projecting American power in America’s best interests because they fear what’s being said on ‘websites’ about taking over Libyan oil? And, by the way, what would have been wrong if we had taken over Iraqi oil? Did we not liberate the place?

Did we not rebuild the infrastructure of the Iraqi oil business to make it worth something and produce oil and export it? Why in the world are we not entitled to it? So I got the sound bite roster, and she said it yesterday morning at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, some hearing. She’s talking to Steve Chabot (Republican-Ohio). He said, ‘Our unwillingness to use or threaten to use force to protect our own citizens has left many around the world pointing to the incident as a sign of weakness of the American will. What led [the regime] to believe that threatening force to protect our own citizens would have been provocative? Could you please explain this to us, Secretary Clinton?’

HILLARY: We feel that, uh, we did this in a prudent and effective manner, and we did it in a way that did not raise the alarm bells around the region and the world that we were about to invade for oil.

RUSH: For crying out loud, nobody believed that we were invading Iraq for the oil except extreme nutcases like Mrs. Clinton and her crowd back in 2003. Even before that, even — all the way back to Desert Storm in the nineties they accused us of going into Iraq for Iraq’s oil. What kind of insanity is this? The people running this country don’t even want ours! The people running the United States have shut down our own oil drilling. Why in the world would people think we want to go take Libya’s? The people running the United States hate oil. To them, it may as well be DDT. It may as well be some kind of poison.

We are the only country that is not profiting from Iraq’s oil. The ChiComs are profiting from it, Russia is. They all have oil deals with Iraq. We don’t. And why? Well, because somebody’s gotten hold of the leadership of this country and running around until everything we do is laden with guilt. We do this because we’re guilty; we do that because we’re guilty; we don’t want people to think they’re evil, mean, or whatever. So we’re sacrificing our own national interests to prove to a bunch of worthless dictators and schlubs that we’re not what the American left says we are. So here’s Hillary Clinton admitting: Oh, no, we — we — we can’t use military force to get American citizens, why, they might think we’re going in there for the oil.

Are you kidding me? Mind-boggling!

We have to show the Arabs we don’t want to steal their oil? Right. Because, as everybody knows, we stole Iraq’s oil? No, no. We’re the only country that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with any oil from Iraq. ‘Administration officials have ruled out the notion of involving American ground troops in what could become a complicated, unpredictable civil war’ in Libya. ‘But the U.S. is now openly considering the idea of a no-fly zone for Libya’s air force,’ we did one in Kosovo, by the way, ‘and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Tuesday that the [regime] was considering a military response to Qadhafi’s attempts to beat back the rebellion.’

So we have to prove to the world that we will never act in our own country’s best interests. That’s what we have to do. That’s what Mrs. Clinton means. This is the foreign policy of this bunch of incompetents?

It appears so, folks.


RUSH: I can’t get over this Hillary Clinton business. This is where the rubber meets the road. I always said that the left is hilarious when they’re out of power, when they get power they’re really dangerous. When they’re out of power they run around and they can accuse us of blood for oil and trying to take over Iraq or Libya for oil and so forth. They get in power and they do not represent the national interests of the United States on the basis of that kind of idiocy. Here’s Hillary Clinton projecting her own idiocy onto a nut job dictator who himself never said what Hillary is saying about it. Khadafy never said we’re after his oil. It’s the left in this country, combined IQ of five, it’s the left in this country that claims we’re out doing all these horrible things in the world. And now we’ve elected ’em. Now they’re implementing this paranoia. They’re actively engaged in implementing policies that not only are not in the best interests of the United States, they’re actively opposing the best interests of the United States, and they want credit for, what, for being understanding and not wanting to offend, understanding the way the rest of the world looks at us. Why with Obama do they look at us this way anymore?

I thought with Obama all that stuff about the American people being evil and greedy and stealing all of the world’s resources, I thought that all was gonna come to a screeching halt? Obama’s been around apologizing for all that, I thought with Obama as head of the regime the world was gonna stop thinking about us this way. But yet we’ve got the wacko websites like MoveOn.org and who the heck knows whoever else claiming that we’re going into Libya for the oil, and so Mrs. Clinton, (paraphrasing) ‘We don’t want these people to be right.’ (interruption) Well, I know, the Marines were in Tripoli and left. Is it reassuring, ladies and gentlemen, to know that our country’s foreign policy is in the hands of people who post comments at the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post? Because that’s essentially what’s happening. The lunatics that populate those websites, it’s their policies, their beliefs that are running American foreign policy. I mean that’s where you hear this claptrap about stealing the world’s oil. I guess that’s so much better than having foreign policy decisions made by some arrogant cowboy like George W. Bush.

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