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RUSH: Something I’ve been thinking about. You know, we had the Muslim from Kosovo who attacked the bus full of US troops in Germany. They’re saying this guy acted alone. But did he? How much anti-American rhetoric do you find in America? A lot of it, right? The American left is filled with it. Our own president has run around the world apologizing for this country. We have noted the similarity in things Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said to the Democrat Party campaign platform in 2008-2010. I’ve often raised questions: ‘You know, if I were the Democrats and I’m listening to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or several other American enemies talk about this country I’d be a little embarrassed because it sounds very much the same what these people say and what Democrats say, what the American left says.’

So my question is: With all the rhetoric — all the anti-American rhetoric we get from the left — how come they’re never blamed for any of these numerous attacks we’ve seen on our soldiers in Europe and elsewhere around the world? I mean, they run around, they call our soldiers ‘baby killers’ and worse. Give you one example, there are many, but I give you two: John Murtha agreeing with the notion that Marines were rapists; John Kerry, that they were terrorists. You have prominent Democrats who since the start of the Iraq war have been characterizing the US military this way.

So here comes a ‘lone wolf,’ a Muslim from Kosovo, supposedly acting alone. Is he? (interruption) Well, Snerdley, if they want to sit here and say that while I’m watching a football game on Saturday afternoon and somehow I’m responsible for what happens at a shooting incident in Arizona, what I haven’t said a damn syllable about it, why is it not okay for me to ask a simple question? With all of this anti-American rhetoric — and how about this Westboro Church crowd? I mean, they’re out there with the same anti-American rhetoric, anti-soldier rhetoric.

How come it can’t be said that what they’re doing is somewhat responsible for attacks on American soldiers around the world. I know this: It isn’t any of us who are being critical of our country, being critical of the American military effort. They’re not sowing the seeds for defeat. The left in this country is. They call our soldiers ‘baby killers’ and worse, but we’re not supposed to make any connection if somebody starts shooting at our soldiers. ‘No, no, no! They’re isolated lone wolves acting alone. It’s not even really terrorism. We mustn’t jump to any conclusions here,’ right? We hear this frequently.

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