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RUSH: The White House has just Twittered the following: ‘Join a special Facebook live video discussion on how to stop bullying now,’ and they’ve got a website, a link. Ladies and gentlemen, this is really troublesome to me. Remember, now, we had quite an eloquent, lengthy discussion on the horrible portends of the news yesterday that 35% of the American people receive their financial compensation in the form of welfare transfer payments, essentially from their neighbors, and that’s a number that’s growing. And we were told, ‘Hey, no big deal. That ain’t bad. It’s 44% in Europe.’ Yeah, well, the Europeans are reversing field.

We can’t sustain it. We’re heading in their direction. This 33%, 35% is before the full implementation of the unconstitutional Obamacare. Thirty-five percent. Now, where’s the bullying take place? Where is everybody concerned about it? It’s the school ground, right? It’s the schoolyard. Would somebody please now, in all honesty, somebody explain why this is a matter of concern for the White House, anybody in it? You look at what’s going on in this country and around the world, would somebody explain to me…? You want to talk about bullying, how about what went on in Libya? How about what went on in Cairo? How about what’s going on in Iran? This nation used to stand up to international bullies!

We now bow down, we bend over, we grab the ankles, we apologize for ourselves to the face of international bullies. We’re talking about high school chumps, junior high school punks, and the whole issue has been taken over by Moochelle. You can tell this is her deal. She hangs around there in the East Wing but nobody pays attention to what happens in the East Wing. You know, Martin Sheen is president in the West Wing, so she troops over there and takes over there in the West Wing and gets her message out: First on what you should and shouldn’t eat (while she’s chowing down on her ribs) and now bullying. Bullying! Somebody tell me what is federal about this?

Are there any bullies at Sidwell Friends school where Moochelle sends her babies? Maybe. There are bullies everywhere. You know, bullying is a personality characteristic. I am not a bully, but people who don’t know me have been led to believe that I am. I’m not one. I’m a harmless, lovable little fuzzball. So all of this really dangerous, problematic stuff is going on, and we get Facebook video seminars on bullying! I was thinking the other day: ‘You know, we had unemployment come along and what did Obama do? He had ‘breakout sessions’ on unemployment.’ Why don’t we do that on Libya? Call a bunch of people for a breakout session on Libya at the White House. Send ’em out to study groups, after three hours come back, report to Obama, problem solved! (interruption)

That’s right, Obama bullied the poor kids outta Sidwell Friends who were there as part of a voucher program. And something that goes along with the 35% number yesterday. ‘The number of schools failing to meet standards under the federal No Child Left Behind Act could increase dramatically this year’ and could hit 82%. Thirty-five percent (and rising) of Americans are living on the dole; 82% of American schools are failing. This is according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Now, it’s in the regime’s interest to report failing schools. It’s their excuse to call for more money. It’s their excuse to call for more federal control. Eighty-two percent. No Child Left Behind, War on Poverty, Head Start, all of these decades-old programs are abject failures.

But we’re not allowed to look at the results. Oh, no! We’re only supposed to examine the good intentions of the bum-wads that established the programs in the first place. So, ‘82% could fail to meet the law’s academic standards. Duncan used that prediction to call for changes to the federal law championed by former President George W. Bush. ‘No Child Left Behind is broken and we need to fix it now,’ the education secretary said…’ We need more money. We need to stop bullying. ‘At least 80.5% of a school’s students in grades three through eight and ten will have to score proficient or above in reading and 68% of those students will have to score at least proficient in math for their school to be deemed to have made adequate yearly progress under the federal law.’

The very people administering this, writing laws, are screwing it up — and the law’s standards will not be met. There’s something wrong with the law, I guess. That’s what they’re trying to tell you: There’s something wrong with the law here. It’s like when I was having trouble in one of my episodes of The Haney Project. I played with Al Michaels outta Palos Verdes and I’m having trouble with my Rescue 3 [club]. I keep hitting it off to the right out of bounds and Al says, ‘You know, it’s a bad club. There’s something wrong with the club! Obviously the club’s broken. Throw it away.’

Exactly right. It could never be me swinging it. It had to be the club. It has to be the law that’s bad here. What a mess these people are making of everything that people in this country genuinely hold dear, and one of those is education. Another thing we used to hold dear is self-reliance and individual responsibility. That’s out the window. Thirty-five percent of the American people are on the dole — and, Snerdley, I don’t want any more phone calls today from people who say I’m offending them by accusing them of living on handouts, ’cause everybody knows what I’m talking about.

And if you’ve got guilt because you’re living on a handout, then you probably deserve it. You don’t need to call me and try to, you know, get sympathy here. We’ve covered this. I know that there are legitimate needs, people who have legitimate needs, but it ain’t 35% of the country. If 35% of our country is genuinely disabled, it’s all academic anyway. We know it isn’t true. Now Head Start’s an abject failure. Eighty-two percent of schools will not meet the No Child Left Behind requirements — and who is it that we’re paying to see to it that the requirements are met? Who is it that we’re paying twice as much as their private sector counterparts?

Why, isn’t it salaries and benefits…? (mumbling) Uh, uh, uh who is it? Teachers! It’s the teachers who can’t keep their kids from beating each other up. We got bullying in the schools, teachers can’t control it. We got no student performance and teachers obviously not doing their jobs, but don’t take away their collective bargaining rights! Let’s keep our priorities straight. Where does this bullying take place? Schools. Where are the teachers? See, it used to be solved. These problems used to be solved in the school. They’d bring the parents or whatever. The federal government didn’t get involved in this kind of stuff.


RUSH: Carl in Durham, North Carolina. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush! Thanks for having me on your show.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Real thrill. You know, during the Tea Parties I remember that the media never missed a chance to point out that the crowds didn’t ‘look like America.’ I think the term they used over and over again was ‘predominantly white,’ you know, as though the skin color of the crowd was a real important factor. Well, you know, I was watching last night all the different videos of the protests in Wisconsin, and I kind of pretended for a minute that I was a media person, and I started to notice that the crowd of protesters didn’t ‘look like America.’ In fact, that might have been the most lily-white crowd I’ve ever seen.

RUSH: You mean in the union thug protesters there that are engaging in —

CALLER: Yeah, storming the capitol and (chuckles).

RUSH: Well, now, wait. Hang on a second. I got a picture right here. I’m look at looking at a picture. Let’s see. Uhhhh. It’s kind of a wide shot, but you may have a point.

CALLER: I watched a lot of video from a lot of different cameras and different angles, and I just noticed I didn’t see what ‘looked like America’ to me.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah, well… (laughing) The Democrats can take a picture of whatever is in it and say, ‘This is America,’ but let us try it, we don’t get anywhere. That’s an excellent point. Well, we can say it’s a colorless protest in ways.

Don in Chicago. You’re next in the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, hi. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. I’ve been trying for years, and finally got through, and you stole my thunder.

RUSH: You know, this happens now and then. What thunder of yours did I happen to steal?

CALLER: Well, it’s about Obama going out and talking about this bullying in classrooms. Like usual, it’s a matter of symbolism over substance because he has a golden opportunity to stop bullying around the world and instead he’s gonna go talk about it in our classroom.

RUSH: Well, two things out there. First — and let’s just be honest — the bullying thing is Michelle’s. Just like the food thing is Michelle’s, so’s the bullying thing. It was Michelle. She’s running the videos that they’re appearing in. It was Michelle that was today at the bully pulpit at the White House. It was Michelle that had all the passion on the bully and so forth, and Barack’s just standing there. You know, I have used different terminology to describe this. I tend to think that there’s an no question she bullies him. When the guy is left to his own devices, what does he do? I mean even when you have the Soviet KGB in town, when it’s lunchtime (this never happens), they leave the White House and go to some burger joint in Virginia just so Barack can get some grease — you know, have a burger and fries — and Medvedev is sitting there (grumbling Russian), ‘What is this? (grumbling) Where borscht?’ He didn’t understand it. That’s what Obama had to do to eat what he wanted to eat. I know a lot of people think that she’s the one bullying in the relationship — and the verbal, it looked like it.

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