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RUSH: You know what I hope, folks? You know what I’m really hoping right now? I hope CNN has our old buddy Nic Robertson on the first plane out to Japan. I can’t wait for Nic Robertson to hit the ground in Japan, run up to people in the earthquake region and ask them if they have a message for President Obama.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: (imitating Robertson) ‘Why, Nic Robertson here with Keiku. Keiku, what is your message for President Obama?’ He’s got a press conference here in about 25 minutes, right in the middle of this program. We might JIP a little bit of it just to have fun. But how long is it gonna be before the press starts talking about this earthquake and the tsunami and how it impacts Obama? Everything does. Did you hear what Obama said? What a tin ear. Obama issued a statement and he referred to our alliance with Japan as unshakable, on the day a record earthquake hits, 8.9 on the Andy Richter scale. Eight-point-nine and our alliance with the Japanese is unshakable.


RUSH: So, as you’ve heard by now, Japan was hit by an earthquake. It was either 8.4 or 8.9 on the Andy Richter scale depending on whom you listen to. Now, in any case, it is said to be the biggest earthquake to hit Japan ever. It’s also supposed to be the seventh largest earthquake ever recorded. They’re saying that there has never been a tsunami like this, as far as anyone knows. The waves are just now starting to hit the US Left Coast. Our cameras are out there watching the waves roll in. You got some surfers out there taking advantage of it. Geologists are saying this earthquake is 900 times the size of the Northridge, California, earthquake, just to put it in a little perspective. (interruption) Do you remember the Northridge earthquake? Okay, when was the Northridge earthquake? You claim to remember it, when was it? In 1979-80? Are you thinking of the earthquake where the whole section of the Bay Bridge plunked? Is that what you’re thinking of or are you thinking of a different one? (interruption) The apartment building in LA. Okay, so you’ve got the right one. All right, I don’t remember the Northridge earthquake. But you do. (interruption) Oh. Oh. Well, you gotta be pretty smug then. Your friends moved to California to probably get away from hurricanes and stuff and they move out there and the Northridge earthquake happened. They moved right back to the East Coast. That’s the way it generally happens.

Some of that footage, that whirlpool in the ocean, I thought I was reading the Book of Revelation when I looked at that. It looked like the end times out there, either that or the special effects of a movie. But, folks, this has to be a tough call out there for the environmentalists around the world. They’re scrambling right now to blame this on global warming, they’re gonna try to find a way, but much of the damage in Japan seems to have happened in that part of Japan most heavily involved in manufacturing cars. So do the environmentalists cheer or do they pretend to be saddened by this? Well, it’s a legitimate question. I don’t know if the Prius is made in that particular area. That would really be a dilemma for ’em if the Prius or maybe electric cars are made in that area of Japan.


RUSH: By the way, the Prius is made in the area of the earthquake in Japan. So is the Nissan Leaf, the full-fledged electronic buggy. The Northridge earthquake was in 1994, by the way, Mr. Snerdley. So there you have it.


RUSH: By the way, what is the impact these videos make on you when you look at them? It makes me feel so insignificant to look at this — and I can’t help attaching, you know, political reaction to this. Here we’ve got these never-ending scare tactics: Global warming is gonna raise the sea levels, manmade destruction and all that. This is a bunch of people sitting around minding their own business. This is just the earth. It just happened. I have no doubt they’re gonna try to claim global warming had something to do with the earthquake and the tsunami. Well of course they will. That’s the only thing they’ve got is to try to tie natural disasters to what they have been forecasting. But you look at some of this video and you find out how insignificant we are.

We’re powerless. It’s just nothing but good luck that we make it through every day here. I know. There’s thousands of people being killed here. The death toll right now is 300; there are thousands. They’re gonna be finding bodies here for who knows how long. It is incredible some of these videos, some of this refuse and debris washing across what looks like agricultural lands. Houses floating in the middle of it, automobiles floating in the middle of it, trashed. Nothing can stop it. Now they’re evacuating people near a nuclear plant. That’s it. You can say good-bye to any nuclear plants in this country. This is like China Syndrome for real here, even though it had nothing to do with it.

You got a nuclear plant that is in the danger zone here. But it just to me illustrates, man, it’s just sheer luck in many ways that we make it through every day here — and I’m talking about on the planet. I will make a prediction to you about blame for this thing. Make a note here, Snerdley, and the rest of you. This is the 11th of March; it is Eastern time 1:37. By the way, we go on daylight time Saturday night. Just FYI. I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but at some point fracking will be blamed, particularly maybe fracking in the Dakotas. Fracking is a way to get oil. It’s a relatively new technique for extracting oil from very hard-to-get-it-from places, and we’re doing it in the United States.

It’s only a question of time before somebody — and it could be a Looney Tune who makes the accusation — and somebody in the press corps goes, ‘Yeah!’ and we’ll get a whole series of new reports on fracking and the inherent dangers, and is it possible — experts are uncertain at this time, but is it possible — that the efforts to claim oil from the Bakken reserves via fracking had any role in this destructive earthquake in Japan?’ You watch, because there’s not a thing that happens in the world that isn’t tied to the left’s political agenda or that they don’t attempt to link to their political agenda. You watch. It isn’t going to be long before we get analysis of this press conference today and how Obama’s reaction to the earthquake helps him in his reelection bid.

It won’t be long before we have reporters in Tokyo asking citizens, ‘Did you hear what President Obama said? Did you hear him pledge solidarity and assistance on behalf of the American people? What message do you have for President Obama?’ Don’t be surprised when it happens. Now, if you have a globe in your house or your orifice, a miniature planet, go look at it and find (if you can) North and South Dakota on your globe; and then go find Japan and find out where Japan is in relationship to the Dakotas on your globe. You might find that Japan is on the exact opposite side of the globe from the Dakotas.

It won’t take long for a liberal journalist to be pointed in this direction and then to start asking the question. Remember, the nature of the evidence is not the concern here. The seriousness of the charge is what matters. It won’t be long before there’s a question, ‘Could it be? I mean, we gotta look at all options, Mr. Limbaugh. Could it be that fracking in the Dakotas could have played a role here?’ (interruption) Snerdley, don’t give me that look. You know this is much more likely than it is unlikely. You do. That’s why you’re getting all… (interruption) I know how sickening the thought is. I’m the one has to come up with it! But don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Have you ever been tempted to take your plane and do a flyover in one of these big natural disasters to see it firsthand? I’ve done it during the oil spill in the Gulf. I had to go to California. The route takes us across the Florida peninsula into the Gulf. I asked for clearance to fly a little low for a while. It’s not always granted, not that low. I wanted to see it. I wanted to actually see the oil on the surface. I wanted to see how bad it really was. (interruption) Yeah, you could see it. You could see it. It was way out. There wasn’t a whole lot of it near shore at the time I flew over. But you mean like hop the jet to Japan and fly over that? No. I could get there nonstop but I don’t want to go ’cause I’d have to land after getting there.

We can do… With just me on there and the very, very limited provisions that I would require, we’d probably get there in 15 hours, but you’d have to land after that somewhere. Nothing against Japan, don’t misunderstand. I have, on occasion, requested a route that would be out of what has been assigned so as to see a hurricane from above it — and I’ve seen that, yeah. (interruption) No, I’ve not seen a volcano, other than the Big Island, Hawaii, but that thing’s been erupting every day for a number of years. It’s just sort of like pus coming out of a zit compared to the giant Pompeii eruption that you think of with a volcano.

But it’s amazing what you can see up there. It’s amazing what things do look like at an altitude.

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