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RUSH: I’ve seen this quote before. I ran across it again last night. You might have heard me mention this. You might have heard this quote yourself. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” You know who said it? Eleanor Roosevelt, before she knew that Hillary Clinton was trying to channel her in seances. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” And it reminded me what we were talking about yesterday about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, the Drive-By Media in general.

The leftist punditry talks incessantly about people. Small minds talk about people. They talk about Michele Bachmann, me, Sarah Palin, Bush, Newt, you name it. They talk about people for the express purpose of destroying them, impugning their character or what have you. They do it in personal, gossipy, high school type ways and terms, but they do so in order to cut down, to embarrass and destroy the people they oppose, or the people who might be more popular than they are. (gasping) Don’t discount that as a reason for jealousy, envy, dislike, or what have you.

The Drive-Bys are rabid in discussing events. They turn every event into a pending doomsday scenario. But what do we talk about on this program? We talk about ideas on this program, policy, ideas, same thing. We talk about events. Of course we talk about people, but in the context of ideas. My interest in Obama is solely oriented around his ideas, his policies. I am also fascinated about how his competence is excused by those who created this puff, false image of him. And I’m very entertained by watching and reading the attempts here to excuse his incompetence. But still we talk about ideas, events and people in the context of their ideas. And then, after all of this, I asked myself, what’s Obama talking about now? What’s Obama discussing? The last two days, the big news about Obama has been bullies and basketball games and golf courses and dinner and jokes with his media buddies. He’s talking people. He’s talking events. He doesn’t talk about ideas. They’re beneath him, of course. You see, we couldn’t keep up with his ideas. The ways of Obama are simply above us. It is enough for us to be grateful to be in his presence. But he doesn’t discuss ideas. He’s caught up here discussing bullies, basketball games, golf scores, events, and this sort of thing.

Also we’ve been talking about the divide in the Republican Party. I pulled no punches yesterday. I told you purely, plainly, and simply that the truth be known, Republican leaders, Democrat leaders when they get together sit there and trade stories about the people in the media that bug ’em. Like I guarantee you, Republicans get together, “That damn Limbaugh, damn Hannity, we have to deal with that.” I guarantee the Democrats complain about whoever’s on MSNBC. We’re just little obstacles in their way. I’m under no illusion that this is how we’re seen, none whatsoever. So here we have in The Politico today: “Some in GOP Grow Tired of Right Wing.” Now, keep in mind, none of these people in the GOP would be in power if it weren’t for the right wing. It is Politico, so we have to allow for some exaggeration. But this story says: “Some veteran Republican House members are pushing back against conservative deficit hawks who are pushing for endlessly deep spending cuts, saying the right wing of the party is creating unnecessary divisions for the GOP majority. While the 54 Republicans who voted against the most recent stopgap spending bill didn’t derail the legislation, some GOP lawmakers are becoming increasingly wary of a faction that rejects substantial spending cuts because they want deeper ones or the inclusion of divisive social policy riders.”

Now, what’s wrong with that paragraph? Some Republican lawmakers are becoming increasingly wary of a faction that rejects substantial spending cuts, like, what, $10 billion? Is that substantial? Six billion, is that substantial? “‘Yep, it is surprising,’ Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson said of the difficulty convincing hard-liners that the leadership is cutting large amounts of spending. ‘I mean, this is three weeks; we’re cutting $6 billion. You know? It is surprising. This is the only time in my life where I can cut $6 billion in a three-week period and be called a liberal.’ Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette, an appropriator close to Boehner, said Republicans are seeing a ‘constant tension’ between ‘the Democratic Party that talks about cuts but doesn’t want to cut anything, and then you have my side, that wants to cut anything that moves. That creates this dynamic tension, and you have people in my party that are angry that we are not adding riders, or shutting down the government, things like that, but this is exactly what people expect us to do — find cuts and continue to talk,’ LaTourette said.

“Other Republicans are quietly complaining that a few bombastic members of their conference who regularly appear on TV create an outsize perception of pressure. At the center of the debate is the 87-strong freshman class. Most of its members voted ‘yes’ on the resolution, bucking the perception they would be a rogue bloc opposing the GOP spending measure. But 22 freshmen voted no. In fact, many conservatives feel emboldened by the freshmen, even if they don’t match up on votes. … Perhaps nothing illustrates the tension better than the dustup between House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence during a closed-door House Republican Conference meeting Tuesday morning. When Pence announced he would vote against the bill, McCarthy asked why he would vote for H.R. 1 but not the three-week measure under consideration. Pence said the nation is adding $2 billion in debt each day. But McCarthy pressed on — wanting to know how Pence was helping reduce the debt by voting against the bill. ‘How much are you cutting?’ McCarthy asked Pence.”

So as a great mind immersed in ideas, this is not a surprise to me. In fact, it’s something I foretold and predicted yesterday. “Some in GOP Grow Tired of Right Wing.” What that means is, would you freshmen shut up about spending cuts, just shut up about it. We’re not gonna shut down government, so just be quiet. That’s what that means.


RUSH: Charles Krauthammer, Fox Special Report last night, the All-Star panel. Bret Baier: “Fifty-four Republicans voted to oppose the continuing resolution that cut $6 billion from the budget to extend another three weeks. Charles, what about this? What about the battle that’s brewing between the Republicans on these budget cuts?”

KRAUTHAMMER: As to the revolt among the conservatives that’s very interesting on the Republican side, I think the conservatives are rather zealous here and they may be overreaching. You don’t want to shut down, it’s not gonna help the Republicans.

RUSH: All right, so the conservatives in the House are rather zealous, overreaching, should be satisfied with $6 billion, should be satisfied with $10 billion, otherwise there’s gonna be a shutdown, we don’t want a shutdown, it’s not gonna help the Republicans. Earlier we had a story about the fallout that’s occurring in the Republican leadership, not crazy about the new arrivals, the freshmen, some of the Tea Party people. They don’t understand how it works in Washington, that they, too, are being overzealous, they’re leeching too far. I wonder, does the Republican leadership think that these new governors, like Scott Walker, are right-wing extremists? Scott Walker, zealous, overzealous? Is Scott Walker reaching too far? ‘Cause all Scott Walker’s trying to do is do what the Republicans in the House were elected to do. Cut his state’s spending. It’s out of control.

John Kasich’s up next. He presented his budget last night. We talked to him yesterday for an upcoming interview in the Limbaugh Letter. He’s gonna have the same problem with the unions there. Are these guys zealous and overreaching? They’re just trying to do what the conservatives in the House are trying to do. I guess these governors, too, are really going too far. Not gonna help the Republicans in the end, going too far. Is that what they believe? I don’t know. I’m just asking.


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