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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, secretary of state, had the press corps waiting a long time yesterday afternoon for a new announcement on Libya. Wolf Blitzer waited and waited and waited, and I don’t think that it happened while his shift was taking place. He waited and waited and waited. Poor Mrs. Clinton, they’ve dumped all of this on her. They have. I mean it looks like she’s getting a 3 a.m. phone call every night.


RUSH: We start here with Mrs. Clinton. Last night at the State Department, a portion of her remarks.

HILLARY: I want to give you an update on the international community’s efforts to implement UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 and protect the civilians of Libya. We have agreed along with our NATO allies to transition command-and-control for the no-fly zone over Libya to NATO. All 28 allies have also now authorized military authorities to develop an operations plan for NATO to take on the broader civilian protection mission under Resolution 1973.

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton last night in Washington announcing, “Okay, okay, we’re out of this. NATO’s taking over the no-fly zone.” Now, NATO interestingly said, “Well, we’re not totally.” It’s still a ball of confusion. The bottom line is, it’s still a mass of confusion, and this was for public consumption. She didn’t take any questions. She made the press wait longer than Liz Taylor did. You know Liz Taylor showed up 15 minutes late for her own funeral? By design. That’s what Hollywood stars do. The hearse showed up 15 minutes late, by design, and Hillary made the press wait longer than Liz Taylor’s guests. Now, here’s Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the head of NATO, accepting this responsibility.

RASMUSSEN: NATO has now decided to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya. We are taking action as part of the broad international effort to protect the civilians against the attacks by the Khadafy regime. We will cooperate closely with our partners in the region, and we welcome their contributions. All NATO allies are committed to fulfill their commitment under the UN resolution, and that’s why we have decided to assume responsibility for the no-fly zone.

RUSH: Primary qualification for the NATO secretary general is a foreign accent so that he doesn’t sound American, to create the illusion that NATO is not America. That guy fills the bill.


RUSH: You just heard the sound bite, Mrs. Clinton announcing that NATO will take over “kinetic military activities,” the no-fly zone. By the way, does anybody really remember why NATO was formed? There’s no wrong answer. Do you know why NATO was formed? Dawn, do you know why NATO was formed? Snerdley might, he’s busy screening calls. Do you know why NATO was formed? All right, all right, all right, a lot of people don’t. A lot of people don’t, and a lot of people who do might ask, “Well, why does it still exist,” based on its original charter. This ain’t nowhere near what NATO’s supposed to do. NATO was a mutual — this is for those of you who didn’t pay attention back then or are too young to know — North Atlantic Treaty Organization. But they ought to rename it the North Africa Terrorism Alliance or some such thing, ’cause the way it’s being used here is irrelevant to its charter. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, now the North Africa Terrorism Alliance is what this appears to be.

NATO was formed as a mutual security pact between Europe and America against the Soviet Union. It was to guarantee that if any of the NATO member nations were attacked, all the other countries would come to their defense. And it was a big deal to get into NATO. And as the Soviet Union broke up, the satellite nations, which gained their independence, wanted to be admitted to NATO. There were arguments about whether they should be admitted to NATO because some of them were not able to defend themselves much less help the alliance defend any other nation, but they still wanted in under the umbrella. It was a bone of contention, depending on which nation that it was, after the breakup of the Soviet Union. NATO’s always been us, but we’ve always appointed a James Bond villain type sounding guy to run it so that it doesn’t sound like an American organization. Grab sound bite number two. This is the current NATO guy, Anders Rasmussen. Just play a couple sentences here. This is typical. This guy could be running SPECTRE. He could be running THRUSH, any Bond villain organization.

RASMUSSEN: NATO has now decided to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya.

RUSH: Kill Bond! Kill Bond! All right, so there you have Anders Fogh Rasmussen. So the NATO guy had to always have a foreign accent, just like the UN guy can never be an American. So it was to guarantee again that any of the member nations, if they were attacked, other countries would come to their defense. So the question is what does any of that have to do with Libya? Libya has not attacked a NATO signatory. Libya is not part of NATO. NATO should be putting more effort into helping us in Afghanistan instead of worrying about Libya. We were attacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan on 9/11. But it looks like NATO has become the United Nations rent-a-cop, so to speak. So here we have what has become the North Africa Terrorism Alliance, and Obama has shoved everything off to them. Mrs. Clinton, you just heard make the announcement. Wolf Blitzer waiting again breathless on CNN. He waits and he waits. They had the camera there on the door, in the State Department, the microphone, the podium, the door right behind it. The graphic said, “Mrs. Clinton to speak at any moment.” Wolf Blitzer at CNN, tongue on the floor, panting away (panting) hoping Mrs. Clinton would come from behind the door to make her pronouncement during his program. We have put together a montage of Wolf promoting Secretary of State Clinton.

BLITZER: Standing by for a statement from the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. / The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make a statement a little bit more than an hour from now. / Of course we’re waiting to hear from the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. / We’re told the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, will speak from the State Department. / Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is getting ready to make a statement. / We’re standing by for a statement. / We’re waiting for a statement. / The secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is supposed to speak at the State Department. / We’ll be standing by to hear from the NATO secretary general as well as the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. / We expect also to be hearing from the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. / She’s supposed to make a statement in the next hour. That’s it for me. Thanks very much for watching. I’m Wolf Blitzer.

RUSH: And, sorry, we weren’t able to bring you Mrs. Clinton’s statement. She came out after Wolf finished. The excitement, it’s just… I’ll never forget, sometime back in the nineties, Bush might have been president, could have been President Clinton, I forget which, doesn’t matter. It’s a town hall at some university, might have been Ohio State or somewhere in the Midwest, upper Midwest. And at the time it was Bernard Shaw, so it had to be early nineties. Bernard Shaw was the lead anchor at night for CNN. And somehow the crowd was growing impatient , it was a CNN sponsored town hall so their journalists, reporters, and what have you were gonna be intimately involved on the stage and in the audience. And the crowd became unruly. The thing wasn’t starting on time, crowd was growing impatient. And they tried to calm the crowd by doing interviews with them. I forget what the crowd was demanding but I’ll never forget Bernard Shaw, (imitating Shaw) “Just wait for the officials. Wait for the officials. The officials will have all the answers for you. Just wait for the officials.”

I remember having a stunning realization, even though I knew it, you know things, but it just drove the point home. This guy idolized the officials. I mean they were the last word. Whatever they said was it. It had to be Clinton. A government official never lied; they never misled; they were the final authority. They were gods. I mean it was the way that frightened citizens looked at the Soviet Union. And every time I hear, “Waiting for Hillary Clinton. Waiting for Hillary Clinton. And we’re waiting for Hillary. Hillary Clinton in mere moments here on CNN. And coming up next Hillary Clinton with the –” I thought, “What must your life be like when the greatest single anticipation you have is a door opening and Mrs. Hillary Clinton walking out?” Anyway, the relationship that these people all have with each other and how they make them bigger than life. They’re just the problem. They are just the problem.


RUSH: Northern Virginia, This is Rob. You’re next. It’s Open Line Friday. Great to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Well, hello, Rush. My question is if Hillary were president, how would she be handling the Libyan situation differently?

RUSH: You’re asking an impossible question.

CALLER: Well, I guess my question, then, is this. Is the situation in Libya being handled this way because a liberal Democrat is the president or because this particular liberal Democrat is the president?

RUSH: Well, a little bit of both. A liberal president is one thing. Obama’s a special variety. I’m serious. I think it’s a little bit of both. I don’t think Mrs. Clinton would inspire articles celebrating America’s decline. I don’t think she would engage in policy that would do that. She wouldn’t want that stated happening under her watch. She’s been shoved out there to be the face and voice of the administration. I don’t think she woulda handed off the operation to NATO. Bill would have, but Hillary’s too macho. I don’t think she woulda handed it off.

CALLER: Would she have acted much more quickly than Obama did?

RUSH: There’s no way of knowing. It’d be fun to speculate whether she would have acted sooner, differently, for different reasons or what have you. She got a shorter fuse, there’s no question. She wouldn’t have been on the golf course. She wouldn’t have been in Brazil watching the supermodels strut their stuff. Well, let me rethink that. She might not have been down there at that time. Those are tough things, but you’re basically asking me who’s better equipped to handle the 3 a.m. phone call? There’s no question, she’s doing it. I will bet you — I don’t know what — I’ve got stories, I ought to go through the stack here and just give you some of the headlines here, because my theory is that within the Democrat Party outside this administration there is some genuine “uh-oh,” going on. Uh-oh ’cause this is the most lackadaisical, the most incoherent, the most inexplicable American administration foreign policy anybody can ever remember. It is incompetence on parade, or worse. Some people are looking at what’s going on who are genuinely scratching their heads.

Let me give you some headlines here. Eugene Robinson, Washington Post: “A Mission Wrapped in Confusion.” In his story, “So what the hell are we doing?” is how he opens the fourth paragraph. Eugene Robinson. He’s a total Obama lackey. Here’s how he ends it. “Now that we’re involved in Libya, it may be that the only way to get uninvolved is to depose Khadafy — which our military forces are specifically not allowed to do. Hence my confusion.” Yesterday Jonathan Alter, (imitating Alter) “Would somebody put a bullet in this guy’s head so we can leave?” Well, we can’t because previous Democrats mounted pressure on Gerald Ford, we can’t do that.

Roger Simon: “Taking Out Khadafy. … Contrary to popular belief, there is no federal law that makes the assassination of a foreign leader outside the boundaries of the United States illegal.” So Roger Simon, Politico, let’s just take him out. Let’s just get rid of him and come home.

Peggy Noonan, who was one of the early swooners of Obama: “Now he seems incompetent, and out of his depth.” “The Speech Obama Hasn’t Given.”

Politico: “No Plans for Oval Office Libya Speech.” And all kinds of people in this story are quoted essentially scratching their heads.

Karen Tumulty, Washington Post: “Pressure Building on Obama to Clarify Mission.” My point is that throughout the Democrat Party and the media, you know, they’re never gonna do it any more publicly than they’re doing in these stories that I’ve just cited here, but there are huge question marks. There’s also a lot of people who have fully supported this as disruptive, this is chaotic, this is cutting the United States down to size. A lot of people on the Democrat side are in favor of that, too. But I do know that this is not what a bunch of people signed up for. Not everybody in the Democrat Party wants this country to fade away and become zip, zero, nada, because some of them still have this quest for power to rule it. Anyway, thanks for the call out there, Rob.


RUSH: The New York Times today, ladies and gentlemen, a senior administration official says: “We didn’t want to get sucked into an operation with uncertainty at the end. In some ways, how it turns out is not on our shoulders.” Meaning Libya. A senior Obama regime official: It doesn’t matter how it turns out. That’s not on our shoulders. That is the way that they are looking at this.

RUSH: Zack in Augusta, Georgia, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, yeah, it’s funny, you were just talking about the 2012 election, and, you know, before Obama got in office I was a pretty straight ahead guy, not worried about any conspiracy theories, but with this bunch in power it would not surprise me that if before Obama got inaugurated and they were talking about, you know, what Hillary was gonna do, if he just said, “Look, I’ll go ahead and I’ll be the starting pitcher, as it were, and go, you know, straight ahead, hard as I can go liberalism, I’ll be hated, and at the end of my term you’ll get elected because you’re perceived as more moderate and more tempered and this, that, and the other.” And she’d be the closer. What do you think?

RUSH: I lost you. Are you saying Obama will get elected in 2012 and then walk away and let Hillary have it?

CALLER: No, no, no, no. No. Hillary’s gonna run in 2012 because, you know, of all the basically disaster —

RUSH: Oh. Will he seek it and she’ll contest and she beats him or he just says no mass —

CALLER: She’ll contest, but I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if it was preplanned all along.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t think that. That idea’s never crossed my mind. I think putting Hillary at state was to keep her out of these sweepstakes. I think putting her over there was to make sure that she’s not — but look, bottom line is, let’s stay focused. I don’t care what they do. I don’t care. If they have that kind of conspiratorial plan, I don’t care. The important thing is that whoever the next POTUS has got an R next to their name. I don’t care whether they’re running against Hillary or Obama or what have you.


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