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RUSH: Yesterday at the White House, Washington, Pharaoh Obama spoke with eighth graders from Longmont, Colorado’s Altona Middle School, and a little girl said, “What was the hardest challenge you had to overcome to become president, or being president?”

OBAMA: Being President? The hardest thing is that this is such a big country, with so many different kinds of people, and everybody has different ideas. And so even if you have a pretty clear sense of what you want to do on the budget, or on health care, or on foreign policy, there are gonna be, you know, half the country may disagree with you. It would be easier if I could just say, “Well here’s what I think is the best thing to do” and I could just do it. But I’ve got this thing called Congress, and they’re elected to make sure that your opinions when you vote for members of Congress that their opinions are expressed. You’ve got the Judiciary that says, “Well we’ve got this Constitution and this is how we should do things.”

RUSH: First, will Obama ever speak to a grownup audience again? It seems like every audience is either a bunch of salivating Democrats with their tongues on the floor or a bunch of kids. And here, what did he essentially say? He’s complaining he’s not a dictator. It would be so much easier if he was a dictator. He thought he was gonna be able to do the job of dictator, he can’t do that. Did you see where Obama laments the loss of his anonymity? Wishes he could just sit in the park and watch people walk by. He hates getting up having to shave, having to look presentable. Veg, he can’t do that. He would love to go to Central Park and just sit there and tax people as they walk by. But he can’t. (laughing) Yeah, collect taxes from them as they walk by. Well, he can’t. It’s amazing the complaints. Look, he sought the job. It’s not as though this was an unknown aspect of the job that you lose your anonymity.


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