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RUSH: I’ll tell you what, folks, a pretty gutsy call — (laughing) — ah, this is too much fun. It’s like those sitting duck games at the carnival. (laughing) How are you, folks? Great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh behind the Golden EIB Microphone, the Big Voice on the Right.

Yep, pretty gutsy call for Obama to visit Ground Zero. He could be out celebrating Cinco De Mayo today, but I’m sure that he thinks he’s got the illegal alien vote already locked up. You know, I was thinking about something here. When I saw Obama’s entourage arrive at Ground Zero at the firehouse where he’s having lunch — by the way, I saw the menu. I wonder if Moochelle Obama knows… here’s the menu, he’s having lunch right now with firefighters of Engine 54. Eggplant Parmesan and scallop shrimp pasta in cream sauce. Cream sauce, ladies and gentlemen. No doubt a violation of scripture from his wife. Every time the guy leaves the house to eat he chows down. He has to get away from that watercress vinaigrette that they no doubt serve him inside the White House.

I was thinking, remember Bill Clinton went over to Normandy on some anniversary of the Normandy invasion. We had the videotape of this on Rush The TV Show. The lone battleship out on the horizon, cameras up atop the hill from Omaha Beach. On Omaha Beach a lone figure strolled in solitude, in pensive thought. All the cameras were trained on this lonesome, lonely figure as he trod the sand of Omaha Beach. And then this lone figure stopped and paused, gazed down at the sand, then crouched and began what appeared to be playing with the sand. The cameras were alerted, they zoomed in, the shot did contain that lone battleship on the horizon, and, lo and behold, the lone figure, the president of the United States, was arranging some stones, some pretty big stones found on Omaha Beach in the shape of a cross. It was later learned that there were no stones on Omaha Beach until the White House staff had put them there and that the whole thing had been staged.

So I’m wondering if something similar will happen today as President Obama trods the sacred soil, the sacred ground at Ground Zero. (interruption) What do you mean it already did? No, no, no, I know he’s there, but what’s he gonna find strolling around, an artifact that nobody else has seen since that day, something that everybody missed, something that will pop up? It is his first visit to Ground Zero as president. I think he was there in 2008 as a candidate, but I think it’s his first visit there as a president.

Now, it’s odd, folks, but all the headlines on the morning news shows today were still about Bin Laden and the conflicting stories that continue to be told about that raid, and now we’re focusing on was he armed or not. Wait ’til you hear Alan Dershowitz in the audio sound bite roster today. (imitating Dershowitz) “It’s important. Was he shot in the back? Was he standing up? Was he laying down? We need to know these things.” The kooks on the left are ratcheting this legal thing up. So all the headlines on the morning shows today were still about Bin Laden and especially about Obama’s latest gutsy decision, that would be not to release the Bin Laden photos. So you probably haven’t heard that new unemployment claims have hit an eight-month high. But I want to make sure that I, the Big Voice on the Right, tell you that. Unemployment claims are at an eight-month high, while the news media is focused on furthering the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Now, just to put that in perspective, jobless claims have not been this high since Obama was told that Bin Laden was living in that compound in Pakistan back in August. Just to put this in perspective. You like that, Snerdley? I mean what better perspective can you say? We’re at an all-time high, eight-month high in jobless benefits, they haven’t been this high since Obama was first told Bin Laden was hiding in that compound in Pakistan back in August. It’s been that long. Now, in the latest version of the current truth — (laughing) — how many media tweaks have we had so far? In the latest version of the current truth it is now universally accepted that Bin Laden was unarmed.

The White House has given up on the suicide belt angle. We had that yesterday. The SEALs had to shoot him. If he was not naked they had to shoot him because he coulda had a suicide belt on, right? They’ve given up on the suicide belt angle. It turns out that Bin Laden didn’t even have a box cutter. Not even a box cutter, much less an AK-47 hidden under the diapers, or by the dialysis machine. Now, of course the White House is not giving up so easily on this. They are now claiming that Bin Laden — I’m not kidding. This is how this continues to change. They are now claiming that Bin Laden was just about to lunge for a nearby AK-47 and some kind of a pistol, a Makarov pistol, which they say now were in arm’s-length of Bin Laden.

But doesn’t that give rise to some questions? If an AK-47 was within arm’s reach, why hadn’t Bin Laden already reached for it? Even though it’s a stealth copter, at some point you hear it. And then you hear the gunfire, you hear somebody being shot, turns out to be your courier. You’re on the third floor, the SEALs have to come all the way up from the ground floor to get you, why is that AK-47 still within arm’s reach and not in hand? And the media, of course, doesn’t ask any of these questions because the media is not curious. The media is simply a bunch of stenographers. Furthermore, if there were guns close at hand, wouldn’t that have been something to photograph, to show us? I mean clearly, folks, we’ll spike the football over a picture of an AK-47 in a terrorist lair, right? We won’t spike the football over the death of Bin Laden. That’s what Obama says on 60 Minutes. No, no, no, we’re not gonna spike the football. Mr. President, we would not have been spiking the football over the death of Bin Laden. We would have been spiking the football in celebration of America, in celebration of SEAL Team Six and the entire group of people who pulled off the operation. If there were to be a spiking of the football, it would not have been a spike of the football because of the death of Bin Laden.

Now, wouldn’t it have been good to show any photos of Bin Laden’s body and these weapons that were nearby? For the record, the video footage that we have seen of the room shows no weapons, the three guys that the Pakistanis took a picture of, and the Pakistan authorities claim they have found none in the entire compound, no weapons with and we have not been told that the SEALs took any weapons from the compound, but if they did shouldn’t we see ’em? Just to back up the story? I mean what’s wrong with pictures of weapons? If we had a free and independent press, they might ask some of these questions, but we don’t. (interruption) Oh, give me a break, weapons antagonizing the wrong people. Here’s a headline in the Washington Post today. I guarantee you, if they saw this story in the White House, they hate the opening, the lead. It’s a story by Scott Wilson and Anne Kornblut. And the headline: “In Bin Laden Victory, Echoes of the Bush Years — As President Obama celebrates the signature national-security success of his tenure, he has a long list of people to thank. On the list: George W. Bush.” That’s the opening paragraph.

“After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Bush waged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that have forged a military so skilled that it carried out a complicated covert raid with only a minor complication. Public tolerance for military operations over the past decade has shifted to the degree that a mission carried out deep inside a sovereign country has raised little domestic protest. And a detention and interrogation system that Obama once condemned as contrary to American values produced one early lead that, years later, brought U.S. forces to the high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and a fatal encounter with an unarmed Osama Bin Laden.”

That’s the first three paragraphs of the Washington Post story which credits George Bush for everything. But that’s just the Washington Post. Try this headline. This is a puker, and this is Ben Feller, the Associated Press: “Obama Giving New York its Moment of Justice on Bin Laden.” Everything is about Obama. “Obama Giving New York its Moment of Justice on Bin Laden.” The scary thing about this is this is really how the reporters of the AP and the rest of our so-called watchdog media actually view Obama, that he is able single-handedly to give New York City its moment of justice just by showing up. Obama giving New York its moment of justice on Bin Laden.

Actually, ladies and gentlemen, our warriors have done that. Our military has given New York its moment of justice on Bin Laden. The warriors who signed up after 9/11, the same warriors who were attacked here at home for their interrogations. The same warriors attacked by John Kerry and Dick Durbin. The same CIA and intelligence services that were attacked by the liberals after we went into Iraq. The same people who were attacked by Obama, who based his campaign for president on degrading these warriors and their mission. He based his campaign on degrading them, impugning them and their mission. It is they who brought us to this point and this moment. It is they who give New York its moment of justice on Bin Laden. It is not Obama.

Barack Obama and his party and the media are in full cover-up mode now. Even worse, they’re trying to take the credit or give credit where it doesn’t belong. Eric Holder, I don’t know if you know this, Eric Holder is still investigating CIA interrogators. He is still trying to put CIA interrogators in jail. He is still trying to turn them into convicted criminals. Where’s the outrage over this? Obama is still pushing a two-state solution with Israel and the Palestinians, despite Hamas mourning Bin Laden’s killing. Where’s the outrage? The administration’s policies don’t merit praise and congratulations. They weaken the country. Nothing has changed about that. The unemployment number at an eight-month high. There’s nothing about what Obama’s doing that is improving the country. It continues to weaken.

There’s another sickening story somewhere in the Stack of Stuff that this mission and this gutsy call mean that there’s no way ever again any longer that any Republican presidential candidate can even hold a candle to Obama in foreign policy. And I think even Mitch Daniels said so. One of the Republican candidates said so. Mitch Daniels has also praised Obama and Arne Duncan over their education policies, said they’ve done great work and they need to be praised for it. Well, sorry, folks, the administration’s policies do not merit praise and congratulations. They are weakening the country. And Obama is making it more difficult for future presidents to be in a position to do what he did because everything that Obama has done, the policies that he’s used here, he’s undermining. He’s denying future presidents the same advantages that he used thanks to Bush. He hasn’t learned a thing. It says a lot that Bush is not there today, by the way.

All this talk of unity, let me tell you what that’s really about. They want us to unify around Obama. They want the country to unify around Obama, not the military, not the CIA, and not the American people. But that’s who we unite and rally around, we unite and rally around the military, the CIA, the warriors, the people who made this happen. “Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, seen within the GOP as a credible voice on fiscal issues, bluntly acknowledged earlier this week to reporters that he was ‘probably not’ ready to debate Obama on foreign policy. He was saying publicly about himself what other Republicans say privately about the entire field.” That’s Charles Babington in the Associated Press. AP: Mitch Daniels. Yep. He’s probably not ready to debate Obama on foreign policy, and that’s publicly stating what all the other Republican candidates privately agree to as well. That’s the AP.


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