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RUSH: Hey, have you seen the jobless numbers, folks? I mean it’s good news from the Labor Department. New claims for unemployment benefits are way down. That’s the good news. All this good news. I don’t have room for it. I’m running out of room for more rays of sunshine to be packed up my butt as this regime continues to tell us how great things are doing out there. I got no more room for the good news.

How you doing, my friends? El Rushbo. I woke up thinking it was Friday all day today, this somehow feels like — even though it’s not. Don’t worry, Snerdley, don’t have to do Open Line Friday screening today, not until tomorrow. Great to be with you, my friends. Here’s our telephone number if you want to be on the program as we do show prep for the rest of the media which follows it. Telephone number, 800-282-2882 and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I’m right most of the time. But when I’m right, I’m really right, and, boy, was I right yesterday. I mean, I nailed it. Normally with a prediction or a warning of what was to come, as I did yesterday, sometimes takes weeks or months for me to be borne out. It took a day yesterday in describing for all of you what the Obama campaign for 2012 would be. Do you remember, Snerdley?

Here’s the essence of the campaign. This economy was worse than we knew when we were immaculated. They had not leveled with us about just how deep this recession was. We’ve put policies into place to reverse all of the bad economic news. And, frankly, it took longer than we thought for our policies to start to have any impact because it was so much worse than we even knew. And now it’s just starting to pay off. It’s gonna be much longer than we even thought, even though our policies are now starting to have a net positive impact, it’s gonna be years, folks. I hate to be honest with you, but it’s gonna be years and years, and the worst thing we could do would be to change horses in the middle of the stream now just as we can finally see those rays of sunshine shining their countenance upon the US economy. The worst thing we could do would be to turn all of this over to the people who drove us in the ditch in the first place, the Republicans, the worst thing we could do. ‘Cause they will tear down everything that we have put in place that now, after three long years, are starting to finally show, or come to fruition.

I take you to this morning. We start with audio sound bite number five. This is the CBS Early Show. They held a town hall on the economy today with Obama. The cohost Erica Hill said, “For the past four years, Mr. President, it seems that we have been hearing, whether it’s on TV, at the office, around the kitchen table, that things are tough, and there is some improvement. There’s positive economic data coming out.” Folks, when I nail it, do I nail it? “Yet sometimes, Mr. President, it can feel like for every two steps forward, we take one step back. There’s definitely a psychological component to this recovery. How do we change the mind-set from things are tough to things are turning around?”

My friends, you know me, I’ve told you. I’m used to being right so often it normally isn’t that big a deal. But this, even I got tingles up my left leg. Even I got a tickling in my spine. And it’s actually good. Being right as I am so often becomes habitual, I take it for granted. So I’m actually thrilled that I am so excited about having been so right. I mean less than 24 hours and they bear me out. So here is Obama’s answer to that question.

OBAMA: In the few months after I took office we lost another four million jobs, so this was the worst recession since the Great Depression, and I think understandably people still feel pretty bruised and battered from that recession. You’re seeing improvement all across the country, but you’re absolutely right that people still aren’t feeling it. Now, part of that is the fact that the unemployment rate is still high, and we’ve got a lot more work to do.

RUSH: That’s right. We got a lot more work to do. It’s just now starting. They’re seeing it but not feeling it is an attempt to tell them that the gas price really isn’t what they’re paying for it. This is a lame attempt to tell ’em that food doesn’t really cost what it’s costing them, it’s not gonna cost that much if you just stick with us. But you see, it’s all starting here. We have here the nuts and bolts of the campaign. After I, El Rushbo, who will not be paid a red cent for this advice, well, I can’t really say they’re using what I said ’cause they were gonna do it on their own. I called it.

And then there’s this accompanying story from Reuters: “Obama Tells Companies to ‘Step Up’ and Hire Workers.” It’s later in this story that you find the element of what I predicted yesterday would be the focal point of their campaign. “President Obama urged businesses to ‘step up’ and hire workers, pressing banks and other corporations to do more to help an economy that he said would take ‘several years’ to recover fully.” My friends, grand slam. This is the Joe DiMaggio hitting streak here. “In a town-hall style meeting conducted by CBS News on Wednesday, Obama said the weak housing market and high gasoline prices were the biggest ‘headwinds’ dragging on the economy. ‘We’ve got a lot more work to do to get businesses to invest and to hire,’ he told the audience in remarks broadcast on Thursday. ‘It’s going to take us several years for us to get back where we need to be.'” And, of course, the next logical stop is for the president to say it would be a terrible mistake to change horses in the middle of the stream now. Look at what the Republicans want to do to every program we put in place that’s starting to show and come to fruition. That’s what they’re gonna say. They have laid the groundwork for it. And in anticipating some questions from some of you doubters, I had no advance knowledge that this was going to happen.

Now, let’s go to back to the top and tackle what Reuters claims the main part of this story, “Obama Tells Companies to ‘Step Up’ and Hire Workers.” Urged businesses to step up and hire workers, pressing banks and other corporations to do more to help. Well, yeah, that’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that? Hey, hey, Deutsche Bank, hire people! Hey, hey, Goldman Sachs, hire people! Why didn’t I think of that? See how easy it is? You just tell people to hire other people, that’s how easy it is. Obama doesn’t care. He doesn’t know that this just doesn’t happen this way. The value of this is not what happens after this. It’s simply Obama at a town meeting pointing fingers of blame, “Start hiring people.” And the dummkopfs they arranged to show be in the town hall audience go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, start hiring, yeah, president’s right, start hiring, yeah, that’s the problem, not hiring anybody,” without understanding the machinations of economics at all.


RUSH: Sometimes I get frustrated. Of course there’s an answer and a response to the Obama campaign! I was just checking the e-mail. “So are you saying it’s over, Rush? There’s no way we can combat what he’s gonna do?” Of course there’s an answer to it! Look, identifying what it’s gonna be this early on and being dead right on about it is the perfect opportunity here to come up with a way to nuke it — and let me tell you what the perfect way to nuke it is. Okay, the Obama campaign is, “My God, my God, it’s worse than we knew! We had no idea; Bush didn’t tell us. We inherited a mess that was even bigger than we knew.

“It’s gonna take our policies longer than we thought but they’re starting to come to fruition, starting to show some signs of progress. It’d be a horrible mistake to change horses in the middle of the stream,” and you can hear it. They’ve already trotted this out as step one at this town hall meeting today. So let me see if I understand, here: Obama was in the Senate for all of those things that led to the economy being worse than he knew that it was. He was voting for more spending. He was voting for higher taxes. Pelosi was Speaker, Dingy Harry was the majority leader, and what? Poor old Obama, all 159 days he spent in the Senate, was clueless?

He had no idea how horrible things really were? He just one day stepped into the Oval Orifice, saw everything was worse than he thought, after two years of controlling all of Washington at the House and the Senate — and now nothing that he’s done has worked (because none of it was supposed to work), and now he says I had no idea it was this bad before I got here. He sat in church for 20 years or Reverend Wright’s church, didn’t hear what he said. So he’s in the United States Senate — and he’s ragging on Bush, and he’s ragging on the economy, and he’s ragging on how bad it is — and now he’s trying to tell, “We had no idea it was this bad!”

But the answer to it in the campaign was, he never had any intention to fix this. His idea was not to fix this. Nothing he’s done has worked because none of it was supposed to work — and I know there are people on our side still don’t want to get their arms around that. They still don’t want to accept that a president has been elected with that mind-set. So policies that were not intended to fix the problems are not fixing the problem, and now he had no idea it was that bad. (interruption) No, I don’t think this is a formidable campaign. I think it’s weak. Is that the best he can do?

Is it the best lie they can come up with, that he was a clueless senator and now he’s a clueless president? Is that the argument for reelecting him? It is. It is! I guarantee you it is. The “don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” is what they’re planning on, ’cause only now they’re gonna say there are signs of progress. But Barack Obama wanted to exploit our problems, not fix them. He had noooo desire whatsoever to fix them. Now, he was elected to the US Senate 2004. Where’s he been for the last seven years? How can anything surprise him? How can anything be worse than what he thought it was? It can’t be.

It’s just like he never knew what Reverend Wright was saying, but that “poet,” that “rapper,” Common? Common, yeah, he knew everything. He was singularly inspired by Reverend Wright. This line of argument? No, it’s far from being formidable, don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting that there’s no way to beat this, folks, it’s simple. This line of argument is proof that we should not elect neophytes to the Oval Office.


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