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Hello Rush,
For years we have listened to your radio broadcasts,
and appreciated your strong conservative, pro America thrust.
You’ve made us think
When we felt the world was about to sink
You’ve brought us laughter and joy
And sailed with us through turmoil, ahoy!
To you we raise our toast
For, Rush, you are the most.
We stand with you today
And hope this drives the blues away.
Stand fast.
The worst will soon be past.
Your friends,
Judith and Frank
I’ve gone through this myself. Pray hard and concentrate on the support all your fans are giving you.
I’ve been listening to you for a long time, seems like my entire 21 years in the military. I look forward to hearing you on the radio once again soon. Take care and hang in there buddy!
We have all seen those whom we respect fail. We have seen too few of them accept responsibility for their failings and take serious measures to resolve them; thank you for being one of those few.

I am praying for you and will remain a faithful listener while you are away as well as keep my 24/7 membership going. You are loved and appreciated.
As I have learned from you each and every time that I have had the pleasure of being part of your audience, you will now learn from your own experiences and I know it will make you stronger (if that’s possible) and better than ever. This is another learning experience in the cycle of life.
We miss you and await your return.
I’ve been listening to you for numerous years. You can’t be more “RIGHT”. I can’t wait until your back and guide our great nation. Get well soon, we love ya!
Clayton, N. Carolina
One of the great quotes that I have passed on to my employees is that, ?you are not graded on the times you succeed, only on the times you fail and then succeed. Good luck on conquering this evil stronghold can?t wait to having you back behind the golden EIB microphone!!
Mobile, AL
I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I will be here when you return, Rush. We will continue to tune in to your show everyday while your substitute hosts do their best to cover for you – we love them, too, but they’re just not Rush! We ask only one thing of you: do whatever you have to do to get better and return healthy and ready to kick liberal butt! We will keep you and Marta in our thoughts and prayers, and remember, we’ll be here when you return.
Fred and Janet
Brooklyn Park, MN
This will be a tough journey. You’re still ‘our Rush’ and will always be. You’re in our hearts, our prayers, and you can do it. Besides, we need you back behind the microphone. Godspeed.
You’ve clearly had challenges in your life, with regards to your health and loss of hearing, throughout it all you’ve been strong as a mountain and during it all you still inspired and educated all your listeners. Best of luck Rush.
Your a great man and have taught me much over the years, I look forward to many more years!
Hang in there! I have been down the same road with back problems that lead to either drug or alcohol problems. Fortunately, surgery alleviated the pain, and stopped the addiction.
Houston, TX

Hey Rush,
Just a note from a couple of loyal Okie listeners:
You can do it. You overcome the criticism of many who do not understand the way things truly work every day and you can overcome this the same way. The brainpower that is the engine for your fantastic show is the same brainpower that can get you out of this situation. Have faith in God to strengthen you and lift you to an even more blessed existence. We look forward to the day that we can once more hear your voice on your show. You will be in our thoughts and prayers daily.
Dude and Juli
Do you recall Tipper Gore coming out about her depression? And Dukakis(Kitty) her drinking? Teddy Boy and his drinking, not to mention Kennedy?s corruptions. The media thought it was such a wonderful thing that Tipper came forward, and Kitty got all sympathy. The same goes for Arnold who is being trashed by liberals, but yet they gave the womanizer in chief Clinton a pass. Only when you are a democrat does the US media have compassion.
Dear Rush,
I can’t tell you how much your show means to me. I am a subscriber and I work out of my home. Noon is my favorite time of the day. I work around the clock, so when I am need an extra boost I will listen to your show.
Very Sincerely,
Stuart, FL
We your fans support you 150% and we now you can beat this.
Good luck and God bless
Dayton, Ohio
I and my family have been fans and listened to your show since your California days, and every time I tuned in I felt that I learned something. I, like a lot of other vets agree with a lot of what you say…and even when we disagreed, if we stayed tuned we learned the error of our ways. I to have back problems, sounds like yours, and I too elected to go with drugs versus the knife. So far so good, but I keep a close eye on myself and have others doing the same, knowing how easy it would be to slip. I have faith that you will get through this, and I along with my family all send you our support and prayers.
Hang in there, Bud, we look forward to your return.
Retired US Navy and family
I wanted to thank you for being my guiding light while I was in college. Through all the liberal lies and rot-gut spewed at me during my four years there, you were the lighthouse in that storm, shining brightly and always guiding me home no matter how rough the seas.
God speed to you my friend. All of us listen daily to your guest hosts as part of our “candle-light vigil” while you do battle in your own private war. May you be successful and at the helm of the EIB ship again very soon.
God Bless,
Spokane, Washington (The Left Coast)
Some gifts don?t come with bows or ribbons- and it?s usually those kinds that really benefit the world in the end. I sort of think God felt you had given so much in so many other areas of your life, and saw how influential you were in those areas, that He leveled this challenge because it is going to help, even save, others.
So in your weakest moments, don?t look at God in despair and ask why He gave you this affliction. Instead, reach inside yourself and discover, in your own time, what you will do with this gift – because as crazy as that sounds, it is just that.
You are the voice for many and one that has earned the respect of many. You are a hero for many of us even though you did not ask to be. You are honest and fair and those of us who love and admire you know that you’ll beat this problem. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep you and your family on our prayer list and ask that God continue to bless you and your family.
Memphis, TN
I’m a married 30 yr old female with 3 kids and I’ve been a fan of yours since ’98–I listen to you on my lunch hour in my car. I support you all the way and can’t wait until you get back. My lunch hour will NOT be the same.
You are in my prayers – don’t give up.

Dear Rush,
I’m a “pre-charter” listener. I’ve been listening since your early days as a local host on KFBK. I’m sure that I can speak for most of your followers – your stature has not diminished one iota in our eyes. You are too important to us and we will not abandon you! We’ll all come through this together. Be strong and keep your chin up. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Marta.
Dittos Forever!!
Jack in Tucson
I cannot say how much your few minutes of speaking about your addiction and your conviction that you are not a hero touched me. It is not often someone takes responsibility for their actions, then takes action to amend the problem.
God Speed!! Full speed ahead.
Karl and Patricia
Newton, New Jersey
Proud of you for standing up and taking personal responsibility for the challenge before you. Admitting is the first major step to deliverance.
Saint Peter (II Peter 1:3-4) tells us that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. Avail yourself of these resources from the One who has “loaned” you your talents. Be assured of my continued prayer for you and I love the line up of great persons you have to fill in for you while you are “taking care of business” to get your personal life back on track. I know that you will return with a greater passion than before. If you have taken on the liberals with “one hand tied behind your back,” what will it be like when the hand that is free is even more potent than before.
Thanks for your service to freedom.
Westerville, Ohio
I am a grateful recovering alcoholic that happens to be a happily married doting father and a successful financial advisor. I know your addiction can be whipped and like the bible says, “if Christ be for me, who can be against me?” It’s all true, every single word of it. You above anyone else I know are interested in the truth. I just wanted you to know that I, and my lovely wife Mary, will be praying for you during this time.
Bless you,
Dear Rush,
I became a police officer in 1990 and one of my supervisors recommended that I listen to your show. My wife and I were hooked from the beginning and we continue to listen to you every day. The members of our families refuse to discuss politics around us as we are too informed, thanks to you, and they cannot debate us as they can only reiterate what they hear in the evening news. Because of your discussions regarding public schools we put our two daughters in a private Christian school. We turned our lives to the God of the Bible and now we are all proud to say that we are all Right Wing Christian Conservatives.
God bless you for your influence on me, and my family, and for your honesty regarding your addiction. We pray for you every evening and we will continue to faithfully listen to you when you return.
God bless you,
There is a big difference between…
1. Being addicted to (otherwise) legal pain medication as the result of a medical condition vs. being addicted to illegal street drugs initially used just for kicks.
2. The world finding out from you vs. being found passed out in a strangers back yard or being arrested doing 120 through Malibu.
3. A self-sufficient person who has broken no other laws vs. mugging innocent people for the money for your fix.
4. Running multiple business ventures vs. being completely unemployable.
5. Failing after trying rehabilitation vs. failing to admit there is a problem at all.
6. Living in optimism, tackling problems head on vs. dying in misery, complaining to the bitter end.
Amazing how the kind, loving, compassionate liberals have responded, though not at all unpredictable: A conservative addict is a hypocrite, while a liberal one is a hero.

My family and I would like to wish you all the best with your struggle. We know that you will preserver as you have in the past. We will always listen to you and the wonderfully insightful message you bring to us on a daily basis. As I know from experience , this is a difficult and personal struggle, but it can and will be overcome. Please let Marta and the rest of the Limbaugh family know our thoughts and prayers are with them as well. Remember Rush, you have THE LOVE AND THE POWER to overcome. Your loyal fans for all time,
The Rogers Family
My husband John and I wait every day for the clock to reach 12pm to hear your voice of truth and reason. Whenever I’m all turned around after listening too much to CNN, CNBC, NBC, CBS, etc I really need you to ground me and straighten out my brain again. I’m not forgetting to pray for you and your wife everyday. Fight this thing to the finish and get well as soon as you can. We really need and miss you. We’ll all be here waiting for your return.
John and Debbie
Portland, Ct
I hope you realize you are like family. You have helped us and been our voice all these years and now we want to help you. You are in our prayers and want only the best for you.
Proud to be an EIB student,
Reno, NV
You have been here for us at our most difficult times, now we are here for you.
We (20 million strong) are praying for you and your family. Character is not the result of fame and fortune, but is revealed during our lowest and most difficult times. You, my friend have shown us true character. Please know that we are here for the duration. May God help you through!
Wilson, North Carolina
Thinking & praying for you daily Rush
Get well and know we love you and will be here waiting for you. You are the best.
Love you always
South Carolina
Dear Rush,
I know that I am one of millions who admire you, your values and your brilliant way of expressing yourself. I understand and am saddened that your pain has led to this addiction problem. I hope and pray that you will find the strength and courage to beat the demon, and go back to sharing your talent with the country.
G-d Bless!
San Diego, CA
We love you and admire you and that will never change. Our hearts are with you throughout this battle to regain your health. Our prayers remember you each day. We’re looking forward to the day you’re back behind the golden EIB mic. Until then, all the luck in the world, big guy.
Warmest and best,
Mark and Dee
MEGA DITTOS to EL RUSHBO, a Work in Progress!
There is not one inch of difference in the esteem we hold for you, Rush!
We encourage you to get it done, and return to the job you do so well.
I am confident that the God Who brought you here will carry you through.
And you will just be better, more compassionate, and stronger for this temporary assignment.
Since those walking on water are in short supply here in this side of the walk of life, just keep looking up and He will carry you thru. Be strong, be a fighter, be willing, be creative. In other words, be the best of YOURSELF.
You can do this.
See you back when the time is right!
We need you!
Jeannine and Bill
Prescott, AZ
Long-time listener from the ‘Wilderness’ of Massachusetts wishing you the best in your difficult fight ahead- hang in there! May the light of truth and optimism guide your way through the dark days to come.
Be the man, Rush- and God Bless.
Dear Rush,
I have been listening to you for several years, my best girlfriend Pam Chaney (who happens to know Randy Michaels) turned me on to you. I used to be a liberal gal, but you showed me the error of my ways! So, I know that you are truly an awesome man. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Rush. I know that if I can overcome my addictions that you will be able to as well. I admire the way you handled your admission. You are truly a great man!
Take care. And again you are in my prayers.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dear Rush,
We are praying for you.
May God Bless you and Marta.
We love you in Elloree, SC.
Fred & Libby
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Limbaugh,
I want y’all to know that y’all are constantly in my prayers. Rush, I am behind you 110%. Thank you for showing us your humanity. I’m sorry we elevated you to the status of a god and you felt like you had to hide this for so long. Please take care of yourself.
To the Lovely & Gracious Marta – try to take care of yourself during this most difficult & trying time. Rush needs you now more than ever.
We Love Y’all more than you can ever know!!
Hi Rush,
Just a note to tell you that I’m praying for your speedy recovery.
We miss you, but will continue to listen to your radio program & support you anyway we can. The libs can’t “lay a glove on you?!
Love ya,
Centralia, Wa.
Dear Rush,
Thanks for all the entertainment you have given me in the past and thanks in advance for all the fun I will have listening to you in the future. Please take your time and get completely healthy again.
New York City
It took real humility to admit that you have a problem. But don’t think of this as the end of the world. I came from a worse history. Not only did I pop pills, I smoked dope and snorted and shot up crystal methadone. It was only by the power of the living God and Ronald Reagan’s presidency that I was able to leave drugs, turn from liberalism, and get some common sense.
And just when I thought I was all alone and the liberals were overwhelming the country, you came along. There are now thousands of us here for you, Rush. God bless you and renew your strength.
Bristol, Vermont
Dear Rush,
Over the years you have educated our minds and touched our hearts. We know you are a strong and disciplined man, and these next days and weeks will surely be a very unpleasant battle. We join you in your prayers to God to give you the strength to stay with it and trust him for his mercy and grace. We love you and we support you and your family through this exceedingly difficult time. God has blessed our nation with your awesome talent to analyze and broadcast the truth. You matter to God and to all your listeners. We look forward to that special day when you return to the airwaves.
Wishing you all of God’s blessings,
Costa Mesa, CA
You’re the smartest man on the planet, but there is someone infinitely wiser who made you the great man you are. Only ask His help and you can be sure He will bring you back to continue His work. Millions are praying for you. We love you not one iota less.
We are sending many prayers up to God for you, and we miss you very very much, You can never know how much you mean to me. My radio is tuned to turn on every day at noon and that makes my day when I hear your voice. All things work together for good to them that love the lord.
Love you man,
Dear Rush:
Our prayers and best wishes go out to you each day as you rid yourself of the habits established over time. I have had enough pain in my life to thoroughly understand how you could fall into the use of pain killers!
You were the first voice on the radio that I had ever heard who had the same kinds of values and beliefs as myself and I miss that voice. I remember when I first heard you I thought, “They won’t allow him to be on here long!” But, thank God, you stayed and upheld our values and spoke them out loud and clear for us. Get well and strong before you resume your amazing work!!! We’ll all still be here (and needing your help)
Very Sincerely,
Springfield, OR
I am listening. God bless and heal Rush Limbaugh.

Rush – we love you and respect you.
We are praying for your recovery. God has a purpose for putting you through this, I know you will emerge a person who is able to carry out his purpose even more strongly. We miss your optimism and insight and look forward to hearing you soon!
The Woodlands, TX
Dear Rush:
I have listened to you since you were in Sacramento. I have not missed a day. You are my guiding light, because of you I have become involved in politics. Before listening I had not voted for 25 years. Now I am a proud Republican, and feel I have a voice.
Thank You for all you have done for this nation and myself.
God Bless You and keep you save in his arms.
Sacramento, California
Dear Rush,
I think about you every day and I am sending positive thoughts in your direction. You are a warrior. This is your biggest battle, but remember, you’ve been in training for this moment all your life. I KNOW you’ll succeed. If I could, I’d be your shield maiden, but I know Marta already has that privilege. Come back soon.
Dear Rush,
Thinking of you
Love you
Praying for you
Mary (24/7 Member)
Dear Rush,
You changed my life.
You gave me hope and understanding.
After the 2000 elections I needed an anchor of clearness.
That was you.
Dear Rush,
Just a little note of thanks for all of the knowledge you have passed on to me since I started listening to you in 1992. You always make being a conservative fun! Please know that you have my support and prayers during this difficult time you are going through. You said you are no hero, but you will always be my hero for everything you have done for this country. Also, it is only the truly courageous who are willing to acknowledge their humanness to anyone, much less 20 million faithful listeners around the world. You are greatly loved, Rush. Blessings to you and your family! And may God’s grace and mercy shine brightly on you during this time.
Wichita, KS
I am one of the original listeners to the Rush Limbaugh Show from 1988. I had always had always thought of myself as a conservative, and Rush confirmed it from the first time I listened to him. Over the years friends of mine ridiculed me for listening to Rush, but I persevered. Today many of those same friends are themselves dittoheads.
Sometimes we addicts, whether it is prescription drugs or any other types of illegal drugs, need a wake up call. This is Rush?s wake up call. I know Rush will overcome this addiction because he is a very strong individual and Rush can do anything that he sets his mind to as we all have seen over the past 15 years.
I owe a lot to Rush as far as my conservative viewpoints, but most of all I thank Rush for telling each and every one of his listeners that they can become whatever it is that they want. I wanted to be drug free and Rush allowed me to seek the inner strength through God and I have now been drug free for 1? years. Rush, you are in my prayers as well as my families and converted liberal friends. I wish you the best.
Redding, CA
Dear Rush,
I am a 72-year-old dittohead. I fully understand the dangers of prescription painkillers, having taken many of them in my life. They insidiously creep up on you and before you know it you are hooked. I support you 100% and hope and pray for your complete recovery. I will never desert you, nor will I ever desert my homosexual son or my other son who is serving prison time for illegal drug use. I know you will win this battle, and I am very proud of you.
Get well soon – and dittos.
Bethlehem, PA
You do not know me, but you and I discuss life constantly. Sure miss our conversations.
Hope you are back next month to continue.
Take care,
Dr. Roger
Dittos Rush
Thanks so much for all the education you have provided me over the years. There would have been so many things I would not have heard about if it had not been for you. Hurry back we need you! But the most important thing is for you to heal!
You will be in my prayers everyday,
I just wanted to drop you this line and let you know that you are in my prayers. Rush, you have meant soooo much to all of us. We feel you are a family member who is currently in need. You CAN and will beat this!! And I am sure you will. Do not listen to all your critics and detractors. Keep up the good fight. We look forward to your return.
A loyal listener for the past 14 years!!
Hi Rush,
I really care about you and Marta and wish you a tremendous recovery, both physically and spiritually. Don’t allow the “enemy of our souls” an inch into your life anymore. My prayer is that you will draw close to Christ during this time as only He can sustain us in these times. I pray that God will bless you with His grace as you rid your body of this addiction. I love you much.
From one big guy to another,
Dear Rush,
I’m cheering for you and praying for you, too! I know you will return to us a healthier, happier, and stronger person. Meanwhile, I’ll stay tuned in to your show and website. HUGS to you and Marta.
Fresno CA
Dear Rush,
You are still the embodiment of what is right with America as well as the American dream. All this current challenge does is remind some folk that you are HUMAN after all. Something ?I? already knew of course! The road is rough but hang in there!
We’re with ya!
Shane and Dee
Tampa FL
Dittos Old Partner,
Been there, still there…addicted to hydrocodone due to lumbar lam, herniated discs in neck. Much Love…You’ve got a fight on your hands and I understand…! God Bless you.
From one old Jock to another. (Cajun DJ, 20 years WYNK/WJBO, Clear Channel, Baton Rouge)
I would like you to know that I will remain a loyal fan. I will continue to listen to your show. I will anxiously await your successful completion of rehabilitation and your return to the show, and most importantly I will pray for you.
I am a Roman Catholic who fervently believes in Jesus Christ, and in the power of prayer. I will keep you in my prayers and ask that He help you maintain the strength, the humor, and the humility that you will need to successfully work through the trials and tribulations that are before you. I will also pray for strength for your family to work through this as well. I know that Marta, above all must be worried about you and needs our support as well.
I wish you God speed and hope that this little declaration will help in some small way.
I remain your loyal listener,
Thirteen years ago I went away for 18 days for problems with the “Adult Beverages”. It was less than 2 years after that experience that I found you and conservatism. Overall, life has been pretty good since then. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this dark period.
Dear Rush,
Even at your worst, you?re the best.
Get well soon,
Sulphur, Louisiana
Dear Rush,
This note is just to give you spiritual hope and comfort. You’ve been there for me over the years and now I’m here for you. I love to listen to you in the mornings and frankly, at one point you were my adult companionship for 3 hours! You and my then boyfriend, now husband, turned me from an empty headed liberal into a smart conservative.
Get well soon. We’re all waiting for your healthy return to the golden EIB mike.
My husband turned me on to your show ten years ago, when we were both 24 and expecting our son. He would pick me up at work for lunch and we would sit in his truck and listen to your show. We owe a lot of our success, I believe, to you and what you have opened our eyes to for the last ten years. You have been great for us and so many other people. Our prayers are with you. We can’t wait until your back!!
Take Care,
Dear Rush;
I’ve been a listener for twelve years and last week my heart was both broken and full of joy. Broken because you’re not going to be on the air for a month – but I’ll still listen every day. Full of joy because it takes a great man to publicly admit he has a problem and needs help to overcome it.
I needed help seven years ago to overcome my alcohol addiction and have been more of a man since that time than I ever imagined I could be. You feel like my own family so my prayers are deep and heartfelt for you, Marta and the kids.
God Bless,
You have kept the faith for all of us, for the last 15 years. We will keep the faith for you through these coming days. I look forward to your return.
Dear Rush,
We are praying for you and Marta during this difficult time. Be strong. Take as much time as you need to recuperate. We are waiting for your return whether it takes 30 days, 30 weeks, or 30 months. We are your loyal fans and there are many of us. We appreciate everything you have done for us over these many years.
Also, if you want to come to Jacksonville Florida to get away from it all, you and Marta are welcome to stay with us and relax here. We may not have the lap of luxury, but we are family and we would welcome you both with open arms. God Bless you both and remember greater is
He that is IN us than he that is in the world.
Love to you.
Raymond and Sandy
Dear Rush,
I am 1000% behind you. I know you have the strength to do what you must. We will all be waiting for you when you are ready.
Dr. Frank
I’m behind you and am praying for you. For you, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, that you’ll seek Christ and a relationship with him (if you’ve not done that already), that you’ll trust Him for your strength through all this that you’re going through.
Take care, Rush. I appreciate you and admire you.
Owenton, Kentucky

Rush and Marta,
You are in both my and my family’s prayers. I know about pain generated by herniated discs as a lot of people do and understand how a prescriptive drug can take hold of you like that. None of your true radio fans think the less of you and in fact wish there was something more we could do to help besides sending messages of support. Will be here when you get back to pick up where we left off in our daily conversation.
Dear Rush:
Since I compare everything in life to the game of golf (which for me is an addiction) I will liken it to the tee shot at the 17th at Sawgrass. With focus and determination and the support of your fellow golfers (that’s your family, friends and your fans) you can hit the shot, you know you can. So put it in the hole, put a 1 on the card of life, and never forget the accomplishment. I will keep my radio tuned, anxiously awaiting to hear your voice again.
Best wishes,
Dear Rush,
We Love you… and will always be by your side. Our undying devotion will never fade. You are in our prayers for a full recovery. It won’t be easy, but if anyone can do it… it’s You.
Caesar & Louise
Greetings Professor Limbaugh!
Just wanted to let know I will continue to attend the EIB Institute for Conservative Studies during your absence. I will continue to support you in prayer, and by tuning in every day to continue my studies.
You will be missed. Get well soon!
You said something on the air years ago that really helped me in a difficult time in my life. Just under seven years ago I was fired from my job and blackballed in my field so that I couldn’t get a job in my trained profession. I had been listening to you for a number of years already so it wasn’t unusual to have you on the radio. I was driving in my car kind of feeling sorry for myself listening to you when you reminded me what country I lived in and that everyone that lives here has the opportunity to succeed.
Well I took that to heart and went into a new field with no training but with the desire and resolve to be a success. Within one year I was making more than twice than I had ever made in my previous profession and within three years was making 250,000.00 a year. I thank-you for reminding me that as someone who lives in the country with the greatest opportunities in the world to succeed that all a person needs to do is make the effort, work hard and try! You hold a special place in my heart for your words to me during that difficult time in my life. I think I will put my money where my mouth is and sign up on your website to make sure you are still around.
Thanks for being a man of integrity and honesty in this difficult time.
Warm regards,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time as they would be were you our son.
Bill and Sue
Sad to say, I know exactly what you’re going through big guy.
I’ve been divorced, widowed, fired, lost lots of money in the market, publicly embarrassed myself in all kinds of ways, but there’s no doubt that the hardest thing I?ve ever done is try to put painkillers behind me. If a person has not experienced this, he cannot understand it.
I know your pain, Rush, and I pray God will help you and give you peace.
And I’ve got news for you- we’ll be waiting for you, we’re not going anywhere. I thank God for giving us Rush on the radio, to explain to us how right we always were and make us able to articulate it to other people and convince them and persuade them. I shudder to think what this country would already be if you had never spoken to us. Thanks for the 15 years, but it isn’t enough, we need 15 more.
God bless you
Dear Rush:
I feel like we are part of your family. I want you to know that I am praying for you everyday. By now you probably feel the prayers of a nation pushing you to the breaking point of over-coming this addiction. When it is over, you will find yourself a new man. You will be a much stronger person than you were before and you will find yourself a little closer to God, because of all the prayers.
God Bless You,
Dear Rush,
You have done so much in such a short time for the American people. I have been an EIB listener since 1989 and almost never miss a day. We will be forever indebted to you and your steady message of hope and encouragement. I love your humor.
Keep up the good work as you get better each day and please get on some mineral supplements for your pain.
Dear Rush,
You have given us such guidance and joy three hours a day, five days a week, for many years. I hope you find strength in knowing that you have an army close personal friends behind you who want you to return to us soon.
Your faithful listener,
Dear Rush,
It’s been over ten years ago I first listened to you and watched your TV show. You’ve been one of my personal heroes since. I will miss your voice on the radio. I hope it’s only temporary. I can’t imagine that you will get anything but support from people who listen to you and appreciate what you do.
Best of Luck, and get back soon,
I have been listening to you since 1994, and you have helped me to understand why I am a Republican even though I was raised to be a liberal Democrat feminist. I have recently had back surgery as well, and I understand pain.
North Monmouth, Maine
Dear Rush,
I’m still here and still listening to your show in your absence. Get well soon!
Goffstown, NH
We are both retired and never miss your program. We are praying and thinking about you. We know prayer is powerful and we know you will be fine. We are still listening to your show and can’t wait until you return.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Jim and Dorothy
Las Vegas, Nevada
If I’ve learned anything over the years from listening to you, I know that YOU will be your toughest critic. I hope that this is a motivation to beat your addiction. You’ve been through so much I know that you can win this struggle. I will be here when you return.
God Bless You
Johnstown, PA
No matter what else happens…
Be blessed… Be free… Be whole!!!
Dear Rush,
I have been a fan since 1990 when I first heard your voice bellow out of a radio on Guam (I was stationed with the Air Force 4th Combat Comm unit). Halfway through the show, I connected the radio to the loudspeakers throughout our unit. Can you guess what happened? No one complained (smiles) and, in fact, a number of people asked that we do it everyday. Unfortunately, our commander refused but did allow us to play you on our shop radio loudly enough for everyone in the area to listen. And, listen we did! And, listen we will when you finish taking care of what you have to take care of and put yourself back into the driver?s seat. If anyone can do it, you will!!!
Brightest Blessings,
San Antonio, Texas
Dear Mr. Limbaugh:
I am a fairly new listener, 40 and female, and have come to look forward to and enjoy your program. I know I’ve always had very strong conservative values and have lived my life that way, but never really got into the details of politics until the 2000 election, which almost drove me insane. I wish now that I was tuned in to your program at the time to ease my suffering. I started my own business in the spring of 2000 and used to listen to my cd collection. However, after the events of 9/11, I started listening to the radio for news to keep informed of current events and stumbled upon your program.
I listen to you because you echo my own thoughts on most issues, you keep me up to date on important news stories and you make me laugh. I find your commentary to be full of wit and brutal honesty, which most people don’t get or can’t handle. (As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you were right regarding McNabb).
I’m looking forward to your return to the airwaves.
Rush –
It’s not the same without you! You are greatly missed! We are pulling for you to get well soon. You have done so much for us, and we need you back.
After an automobile accident four years ago I had my fourth bone surgery in a year. I was taking hydrocodone for three days before I ran out – cold turkey – on a Saturday night, and no one would renew my prescription. I found myself experiencing some pretty serious withdrawals on Sunday. As an extremely stable and capable person, I was VERY surprised to find myself anxious and agitated to a semi-debilitating degree. Only afterwards did a medical colleague mention that painkillers build up in your system and cause anxiety and agitation. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS, let alone doctors warning you of it when you start taking the medicine.
I know what you’re going through, and I know you will get through it. Hurry back to the radio. Although the guest hosts are doing a great job, you are irreplaceable.
I pray for you,
Dear Rush,
Words can’t explain the affection that my husband and I have for you. We miss you terribly. You have added so much to our lives. We never miss your program. Our prayers are with you. Come back soon because the United States of America needs your voice to validate and celebrate our conservative views.
Missing You.
Barbara and Barney

Dear Rush,
Americans have the power of faith, and that has always won out over anything that has stood in the way. So know this, Rush… Americans have faith in you.
Bella Vista, Arkansas
You’ll make it through this – we need your voice.
My Army LTC husband and myself are %100 behind you and Marta and wish you a successful recovery. As you know, it has to be done one day at a time. That’s also how your loyal dittoheads are surviving without you, one day at a time.
We’ll be right here when you’re ready.
All our best wishes,
John & Kim
Alexandria, VA
I’m a recovering alcoholic of 22 yrs. I went to recovery and found myself. Go for it Rush, I’m with you.
We all have had problems or we all will someday. I cast no stones at you for your problems. I have always loved you and your show and will always continue to do so. We support you
God Bless.
Austin TX
Dearest Rush,
My husband and I are praying for you and Marta. We are looking forward to your healthy return so much!! You have helped us in so many ways. The most obvious way took place this past summer. My husband was laid off from his plumbing job, and the unemployment office called us (no wonder unemployment numbers seem high sometimes, if they seek people out themselves), we said “Thanks, but no thanks.” We turned their offer of unemployment checks down, bought a van, and started our own plumbing business. My husband kept saying, “this is what Rush is always saying to do, and it’s been a dream of mine.” So instead of taking “help” from the government, which I also take as an insult, we are succeeding on our own. But we owe you a big “Thank You!!!” Your wisdom has been a huge encouragement to us. We can’t wait for your return.
Amy & Russell
Upper Arlington, OH
My husband and I have listened to your radio show for years, also watched you on Oregon television when you were on the air. Hope you get well soon!!! Hurry back to the radio. We Miss you!
Ritch and Marlynn
Salem, Oregon
Dittos Rush,
I have been a huge fan since the late 80’s. You signed both of your books for me when I was in New York to watch a live taping of your TV show. I am a charter subscriber of the Limbaugh Letter, and a proud owner of a few “No Boundary” ties. I try to listen to your show every day, and will continue to do so. You truly are a national treasure, and may God bless you and your family.
Clinton, NJ

Mr. Limbaugh,
As I have no frame of reference for your situation, all I can say is get well dude. I listen via the Internet every day from the undisputed middle of no-where. This is a two man site and my team-mate is not a like minded person. I try to sway him, but I fear it’s hapless. So I look forward to your show so as to remind me I’m not an aberration when it comes to political outlook. In your absence I will continue to listen, until you return and after.
Fair winds and following seas…
There is no rainbow without the rain. You are in our prayers.
Dear Rush,
WE ARE THINKING POSITIVELY ABOUT YOU. You have helped me to realize what my political beliefs REALLY are, and I cannot thank you enough. My heart aches for your situation, but I BELIEVE IN YOU, and know you can get thru this successfully. Our prayers are with you. We love your replacements and they will do for now, but get on top of this, and hurry back soon.
Most sincerely,
Joyce and Harry
Your acknowledgement of your struggles demonstrates that you are still the teacher. You are showing that we can overcome our trials and not play the victim card. You have taught me so much and continue to teach and exemplify how to live an honest life. I’m still a Rush supporter and await your return. God bless.
Do what you need to do to get past this challenge. I know it’s not going to be easy, but if anyone can do it, you can. When things get hard, try to remember all the challenges you’ve overcome to this point in your life. Remember, you have countless friends you’ve never met and I consider myself one of those friends. Speaking for conservative America, we need you behind the golden EIB microphone. Get well soon my friend.
You know, just personify your addiction with your favorite Democratic-Lib and you’ll be back in a week <Grin>!!! Can you imagine your addiction, sounding like Senator Lieberman, trying to persuade you not to kick it? Can you imagine your addiction trying to rationalize itself to you using Tom Daschle?s economic logic? If you do, I don’t think your attitude will be a problem because you’ll be laughing on the inside for weeks!
Navarre, Florida

Dittos Rush,
I am not necessarily a religious person, but back in early 1990 I prayed to GOD for help in making my decision to start my own business. As strange as this seems, for some unknown reason I turned on my car radio and listened to you talking about how great this country is and this is the land of opportunity. As I listened I got fired up and never looked back. Today (and everyday) from now on I am saying a prayer for you. GOD listens!!! We are with you as you have been with us all these years.
I hope your treatment is going well. I know you will do just fine considering that you are the Maha Rushie. God is watching over you every second of every day, so just remember what you always say “Talent on loan from God!” Most of all Rush, get better for yourself and Marta and God Bless you both. I will never give up on you because you and my father are the only reason I’m a Proud Republican and I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Mount Washington, Kentucky
We’re rooting for you to comeback soon. We need you! My prayers are with you.
Vestal, NY
I and many of my friends and church family have been listeners for many years. We love you and appreciate what you have done for our country. Please know that we stand behind you and will continue to pray for your speedy recovery.
May God bless and keep you,
Pastor Reep
Waynesville, N.C.

Rush. . .
Our hearts and prayers are with you in these difficult times.
Hang in there and don’t worry. . . Your fans are with you all the way!
We’re all pulling for you in the Heartland (the Real America).
Anxious to hear you back on!
Like millions of others around the country and the world, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. God’s speed and God Bless.
Madison, WI
You have broadened my horizons and I thank you for each hour that you have given of your time to instruct and enlighten me. My prayers are with you.
South Carolina Dittohead
Hang in there, Rush, we are pulling for you!
Tillamook, Oregon
Dear Rush,
We’ve listened to you for over 10 years. It’s always been so comforting and strengthening to listen to your show and hear you express the love you have for our country and to always hear the truth from you. Because of your show, we know we’re not alone with our political views. Thank you so much for expressing so clearly the views we have.
We miss you! We need you! And we can’t wait to hear your voice on the “Golden EIB Microphone” once more. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Jim and Anita
St. George, Utah
Dear Rush,
You are my hero! (My husband hates when I say that, but I remind him that you can be trusted at a Motel 6 with anyone?s wife or daughter.)
Rush, you are my biggest inspiration and are now on the top of my prayer list. You have been there for me and for millions of people for so long that the thought of not giving you 100% support is unthinkable.
I love you so much and wish I could be there to give you a big hug, maybe cry a little with you, and to help you get through your journey. Please don?t forget how much you are loved, and please ignore those insensitive goons who are enjoying your pain way too much ? it just goes to show how despicable some on the left can be.
Hang in there, Rush. I look forward to our Lovable Little Fuzzball coming back on the air.
Ellicott City, Maryland
I know you can’t keep a good man down and I am looking forward to you back on the job.
This Thanksgiving my family will be celebrating your return, at full steam, to the airways.
You are in our prayers – hang in there.
Russ (a long time listener in Philadelphia – 15 years – WWDB now WPHT)
Lower Gwynedd, PA
I’m keeping you in my prayers. I’m a long-time listener, since before Dan’s Bake Sale. You’re the best, and I feel that we are family.
Love you lots, Rush.
Hi Rush,
I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and daily prayers. I have been a listener for over 8 years now and you changed my life.
I am a huge fan and admire all of your accomplishments.
Get better soon, hurry back. We need you in the battle with liberals and liberalism.
John (a fellow Steelers fan)
Pittsburgh, PA
My Family?s prayers are with you. You will beat this and continue to be strong for all of us as we are for you and the Country you and us love.
May the Force be with You… Always
You have won our loyalty and support by your sustained advocacy for the best and highest in American ideals. We have never fantasized that you are anything other than a man, and your addiction does not shake or mitigate our loyalty in any way. We appreciate your giving thoughtful and powerful voice to the unreported and underreported issues that affect our nation, communities and families. You have earned our enduring respect as an articulate and principled thought leader, standing as a beacon in the dense fog of liberalism that seeks to confound our great nation.
We wholeheartedly wish you strength, commitment, and all the blessings you need to conquer this addiction. We will continue to pray for your victory, your restoration to health in all its facets, and to us via your return to the golden microphone and Atilla the Hun chair. Rest in the warmth of God?s strength and in our enduring care and respect for you, the man who will prevail.
We continue to listen to the gifted hosts filling in for you during your absence. Thank you for taking such excellent care of your audience during this time.
God bless you and Marta.
Jan & Roger
Mega dittos Rushie! I began listening to your program with my father, when we were on the road together establishing his small cattle business. Being only 12, I held many moral fundamentals and innocent ideals about how the government should be run. Your voice paralleled many, if not all, of my beliefs. You?ve inspired me to study our founding fathers and constitution as a base knowledge towards today?s political climate.
Rush, people who I love very dearly, also think the world of you. I suppose while you?ve been a wonderful influence on my life, it means more that you?ve been a loved one to those closest to me. You?re our family, and we?ll be there for you forever.
Rest, recuperate, heal, get strong, and return triumphant!
With thoughts and prayers,

You mean so much to me and I will not turn my back on you.
Love Carl
Carlsbad, CA
With every fiber of my being I wish you well. I can only imagine how tough this will be for you. Be advised that millions, including myself, are praying for you on a daily basis.
Dear Rush,
I hope you can beat this addiction to painkillers soon because I am addicted to the truth which you deliver to America every day. I would find it very difficult to fill the time slot in my daily activity schedule if you weren’t there to keep us focused.
Best Wishes and Prayers for your Courage and Strength,
Dave and Teri
Greenwood, IN
We are praying for you and eagerly awaiting your return.
Don’t worry, all of us will still be here when you get back!!!
Jeanne in Toledo
Mr. Limbaugh,
Sending our thoughts and best wishes, for your recovery…looking forward to your return…even better than ever!
All the best Rush, from a Canadian listener.
Get back to the golden mic soon. I listen to you on several stations. Watertown, New York, Rochester, New York and Ogdensburg, New York.
Ontario, Canada

Greetings Great Man and ditto?s from a long time listener and admirer.
Take care of yourself and get well soon so we can all get back to what the good Lord intended, you to talk the truth and us dittoheads to listen! I know you must worry about your program, but don?t. We will all be here waiting for you to return, and believe me you will have more listeners than you ever did. So, hang in there, get through this and we all wish you well and look forward to your successfully filling the role God intended you for? truth detector.
Rush, keep up the good work. Remember GOD Loves you and we do too! There are 3 dedicated listeners in Fayetteville, GA (WGST) and we will be here when you return. Never give up, never give up, never give up! GOD Bless you Rush Limbaugh!!!!!!
Bill, Julie and Margaret
Dear Rush,
Just a note to let you know I am praying for you. I know I am only one of 10’s of thousands of listeners but I believe that the more prayers offered up to Our Lord the better off one is. God Bless you and your family.
Sanford, FL
I’ve never written to anyone that I didn’t know personally. It just seemed silly and presumptuous. However, I’ve been a silent but loyal listener for 15 years. I used to hang on the outside of high-rise buildings in Manhattan for 30 years. I repaired them when they were damaged. I had my earphones on listening to you every day. You were thought provoking without being jarring. It was always interesting and relaxing listening to you. I’m 60 and retired now, living in West Palm Beach.
I’m a bodybuilder and a teacher of T’ai Chi. I still listen to you. I’m writing because I feel that you and I are very much alike temperamentally. You and Fred Rogers are the two men that I admired most because of your “niceness”, for want of a better word. I was hooked, at various times in my life, on cigarettes(4 packs a day), amphetamines (big time) and beer. I have been successfully unhooked for 20 years . However, each time I prepared to drop one of these demons, I thought, “My God, how am I going to live without it?” But the downside of not “kicking it” was so much of a hassle that it would have not been worth the “high”. I really care about what people think of me, as I’m sure you do, and I couldn’t stand the opprobrium I would have had to bear from friends and loved ones if I had not “kicked”. Once I was free of all substances, it was the greatest “high”. We used to say, “straight is great”, and boy is it ever. It was never as hard as I had anticipated to get clean. In fact, it was surprisingly easy. I know you’re going to be fine, because of what you are as a person. I can’t wait until you’re back.

Just wanted to add my prayers for your ‘SPEEDY’ and ‘COMPLETE’ recovery. I will enjoy the more than able substitutes during your absence but believe me, there is only ONE RUSH LIMBAUGH. I feel as though my brother is going through this ordeal because ‘We Are
Brother’s of the Same Father, but a Different Mother’.
I’ve only started listening to you for the last two years, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’m an eternally recovering methamphetamine addict that constantly relives my rock bottom. I heard your rock bottom on 10/10/03.
By constantly remembering my rock bottom, it reminds me that I deserve the life I have now. I’ve been sober 5 yrs and the rest of my life to go. My husband has been by my side through it all because he believed I’d be who I am now. I know Marta and us, your fans believe in you the same way.
Can’t wait for your return
My prayers and good thoughts are for you
I hope that you will receive this and know how many of your friends and fans are with you and how much we support you. You are loved more than you will ever know, and we certainly miss you. I have no doubt you can beat this thing and be stronger than ever.
You are responsible for my newfound love of politics and education on so many matters. You are still the best, and in your fans eyes, that will not change. I can assure you that the majority of your fans discount the critics and will support you more than ever upon your return.
Best wishes Rush, and God Bless!
Bowling Green, KY
Dear Rush,
You are in my prayers during this difficult period in your life.
Having had an alcohol dependency, I know what you are facing. In
my case, I laid it all at the foot of the cross, giving it all to
Jesus. He saw me through it.
I don’t know what type of rehab center you are in, but I hope it
addresses the spiritual aspects of addiction.
Looking forward to having you back at EIB.
Concord, VA

Hi Rush,
Some of the finest people I know have been met as a result of recovery from Alcoholism. I know it’s not the same but the treatment and recovery is very similiar. I have listened to you since 85 or 86 when you were first aired on KMJ in Fresno, Ca. You are in my prayers and I know for you, the best is yet to come. Having been there, I know that after beating this, you will be unstoppable. You have become a National treasure and people love you. We also need you to make our voices heard. There are several very good talk show people out there, but there is only one Rush. You will come back stronger and better.
God Bless and Protect you,
Fresno, Ca.
I pray that you are doing well. I have been where you are and I know that
it is very tough. I also want you to know that I pray that you come to see
what God has for in store for you. You can hear a lot of good in a recovery
center, but the best recovery that I made was to build a relationship with
Jesus Christ.
I love you and pray for you every day.
Peace and Grace in Christ alone,
I have listened to you for the last 10 years. You have become such a part of
my daily life, I never realized how much I would miss you. The car rides
aren’t the same, gardening isn’t, folding laundry isn’t, doing dishes isn’t.
You are in my prayers, and we need you back before the election campaigns
get into full swing. Get well quickly,
Fondly, Carroll

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