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Get well Rush,
Long time listener… I look forward to hearing you when you return to the “Golden EIB microphone.”
Jim (the violin maker)
Dear Rush,
We just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we will stand behind you no matter what!
Get well soon, we miss you!
Maria & Tom
Central Islip, NY
My husband and I have been listening since you were on KFBK in Sacramento. All three of our children know at 9a.m. the radio goes on and we listen to Rush whether we are in the car or at home. We will miss your voice and words of wisdom over the next 30 days. Please know you and Marta are in our prayers and we look forward to your return!
Kelly and Mike
Mead, Wa
Cheers and Salutations, Rush!
You are in my thoughts and prayers each day.
Those of us who respect and admire you talk to each other with encouraging words of support for you and for ourselves.
We’re behind you all the way, Rush.
Dear Rush,
All of us, no matter how hard we try, what we believe, what we profess, go through difficult and trying times in our lives. Don’t beat yourself up. You have not let anyone down. We understand. We all understand. We have all been there at one point (or more) in our lives. While you work on yourself and change your life, know that many, many people are thinking about you, relating to you, praying for you and waiting until we hear your voice again on the radio. Thank you for all you do to entertain, educate and inspire us.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Thank you for your past 15-years of service and unrestrained patriotism to our country. I am truly excited for the cessation of your treatment and your return to the Golden EIB Mic. God bless you Rush, and thank you for giving us all an example of telling the truth when it hurts, and following through with what you know is right. Thank you for embodying the definition of integrity.
St. Louis, MO
Our men’s accountability group is getting together tonight and we will say a prayer for your full healing. We will be specific that your body & mind is completely healed WHOLE when this ordeal is behind you. We will also say a corporate prayer for your doctors to administer care with patience, and for your wife to have continue patience & calm.
We are 4 married guys who meet every 2 weeks or so to be accountable to each other in this world we live in.
Jesus is our healer and he will bring you through this too!
Jesse, Del, John & John
Just wanted to let you know you are in our prayers.
This problem does not change how we feel about you at all. Best of luck; can’t wait till you’re back.
Roscommon, Michigan
Hi Rush,
Just wanted to let you know we’re thinking of you and miss listening to you. Waiting for your return. Our prayers are with you so you will be healed.
Nancy and Steve
Wellsboro, Pa
P.S. If you should need a quiet, mountain retreat – we have a house you may come and use, simple, quiet, peaceful
Mr. Limbaugh:
I listen to your show on the KOGO website. I live in Alaska and cannot listen to your show on the radio, as my two young children are usually too loud. I cannot begin to imagine the horror that your pain has brought you. I don’t care what you did. You’re a bright man, whose voice fills my room. I will be listening for when you come back. And I will wish you well…
Wife of CW2 Gregory
Serving in your US ARMY in Fort Wainwright, Alaska
Mr. Limbaugh-
We’re praying for you. You’re a terrific influence and seeing you face this crisis with the guts you did, was an inspiration. When you get back out, I dare you to put Warren Zevon’s “Detox Mansion” into your bumper music selection. I humbly suggest (and you’re the pro, of course, but you may not be aware of this song…) that it’s just the right flavor of irreverent humor.
Again – God bless. Thanks for everything – keep it up!
Columbia, South Carolina

Dear Rush,
I’ve never called you or never e-mailed you but I listen regularly. This is the first time I’ve even been on your website. I just want to thank you for being so real with your admission to your addiction to Rx meds. I hope your doing well during this recovery period. I will remember you in my prayers and I trust God will see you through this bump in the road if you surrender to Him. I continue to listen to the guys that are filling in for you. They’re doing a great job. Hang in there bud.
Hello Rush,
You are strong!! Hold the course… we need you back!!!
We DittoHeads will lock arms around Rush to protect and support him while he heals.
But then look out! A healthy Rush will really be dangerous to the Left!
Raleigh, NC
Hi Rush,
We are all praying for the day you return to your show. Your replacements are doing great and we all keep tuned to “Rush Limbaugh”
Nancy, TN
Dear Rush,
As an ideological opponent, I wish you a speedy and full recovery.
Have a quick recovery and please return to torment me.
Dittos Rush,
I have been a listener since your first days here in Sacramento. You are in our prayers during this time. God bless.
Dear Rush,
You are a national treasure of the stature of Mark Twain and Will Rogers. Your magnetic combination of humor and political understanding far surpasses anyone else in America recently. But most of all, your championing of the conservative cause is outstandingly successful and greatly needed.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and hurry back.
Tucson, Az
I always suspected that you were a mortal man. Just focus on getting better, rely on your family, and know that we wish you the best.
Jimmy and Grace
St. Cloud, FL
Your drug dependence was to help you through physical pain. I in no way see this the same as dependence on recreational drugs. Hang in there and know many of us are pulling for you.
May God Bless and Keep you
In Jesus,
Mega-Pam-spraying dittos, Rush…
The rats will never survive!
Woodland Hills, CA
Mr. Limbaugh,
I found your program 13 years ago and was thrilled to find someone who is able to articulate my beliefs in an informative and humorous fashion. I hail from Southern IL and proudly have your program playing every day in my insurance office. I am finding more and more like-minded people in my town. I know you can do this, even if you only utilize the half of your brain that is tied behind you back!!
You are in our prayers. Remember, those who choose to stay in the dark can’t stand the light so they will try to extinguish it. The light that is in you can’t be put out.
God Bless!
Hang in there Rush and good luck. For years I’ve done the same thing ” pain killer for my back ” with my sister in law. I wish you luck in beating this thing.
Mr. Limbaugh,
Have no fear, we’re still here!
New Jersey
Dear Rush,
Last night I subscribed to Rush 24/7 in support of you. I pray for you daily. I do not view your prescription medication addiction as a blemish in your character, but as a means of getting on with life in spite of severe pain. Anyone who says otherwise does not fully understand how pain can effect quality of life. My husband went through the same thing with herniated disc pain. It was terrible to watch a hard working/uncomplaining man white faced and reduced to tears with pain. He had surgery and it was successful (thank God!) but he found afterward he was also addicted to the pain medication he had been taking. He went through the withdrawal symptoms but was pain free so he didn’t have any reason to continue with medication. Had the surgery been unsuccessful, I know in order to live a semi-normal life, he would have had to continue with medication and could very well have ended up in the same boat you find yourself in. I will continue to pray for you as you deal with this issue in your life and will continue to listen as always!!!
Lansing, Michigan
I just wanted to thank you for helping me take control of my life and shake the trap of being a victim. When I was in Collage, I was failing miserably. I begged my advisor – The head of the Business department and a long time listener of yours – to give me a free pass his course. He asked me if I played golf. He then told me something that altered my life. “In golf the most important shot is the next one”. “Be your own man and listen to Rush”.
Rush, God bless and line up the next shot.
Hello Rush,
Just a quick note to say you are missed more than you can imagine. I am a devoted fan and who is listening now & will be here & listening when you get back!
Hang in there – YOU CAN DO IT !!!
Bay City Michigan
Dear Rush,
Just a note to let you know that I am among the millions of listeners that are backing you in your quest to rehab. God bless you and may you get back in the saddle quickly.
Avonmore, PA
Dear Kind-Hearted Rush,
You are so very special and adored by our entire family for over 12 years your loyal fans.
Love and prayers will pour in to reflect back to you all that you have always given to us!
Life is but a mirror and you are beautiful in our sight.
The Kennedy Family & Friends Of Southern California
Remember me Rush? Your hairdresser from Sacramento? I know you well. You will be every bit as great if not better! Prayers are and will continue as long as I know you.
Love Sylvia~ Naturally
Getting through difficult times is humbling, but the outcome will only improve the character and will of a great man.
Godspeed and good luck.
Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your valuable insight…thank you for being my common sense… you are where I get my facts when I need to straighten people out that just plain have it wrong! (With you around, I think the number is getting smaller). Myself, along with so many others, are anxiously awaiting your return to the air waves! Until then, you and your family are in my thoughts and in my prayers…remember, with God anything is possible…God Bless You!
Vernal UT
Dear Rush,
I came to the US with my new American husband in March 1991 from Scotland. My head was full of socialism. The Dems looked out for the common man, and the Conservatives were all for the rich. Since I did not have a green card and spent a lot of time at home, my husband David told me to tune into you and give it 6 weeks to see what I thought. Rush, I thought you were a nut! One of the first things I remember is a multiple choice test for the public school system in NY. Questions like how to steal tires, but you were always entertaining so I listened. Despite my best efforts to disagree with you it all ended up making so much sense.
Rush, you changed the whole way I look at things and I thank you for it. I’ll be right here in my kitchen waiting for you to come back. Get well soon Rush!
Luv You, A Scottish (but proud to live in the USA) fan,
Lindsay in VA
So, as it turns out Rush is not always 100% right, eh? Well, for this conservative, it’s a relief to know that you are human after all. All of us make mistakes. Only the best of us has the courage to admit to those mistakes, however! Thank you for having that courage!
My wife and I are still fans (I get to listen daily at work), and will remain fans. You take your time shed your addiction completely. Don’t try to do it fast, just do it right! We look forward to your return to the airwaves.
Sincere Dittos,
Matt & Jill
Simpsonville, SC
The highlight of my listening career was when you read my e-mail on the air. Thanks for making my workday go so well for so many years. My family?s hopes and prayers are with you. Please come back soon.
With you through thick and thin.
Virginia Beach, VA
Dear Rush,
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you. We wish nothing but the very best for you.
We love you,
Terri from Colorado
I am a 59-year-old retired firefighter. I was forced to retire after receiving two compressed discs in my low back. For a short period of time I lost the use of my legs. I?ve had broken bones in the past, but nothing hurt as much as this did, and at times still does. I understand the problems you are going through because I was almost there myself.
I must confess I have listened to you for years, and would yell and get frustrated and turn off the radio, but now, I not only hear you, but I listen and agree with most of what you are saying.
Get well and return quickly.
Sacramento, CA
I am very much aware of the addictions of prescribed pain medication. My daughter is also in rehab and is doing great now. We take it one day at a time. Be proud that you had the courage to face the problem and the strength to do something about it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. I look forward to hearing you back on the air.
Falmouth, Kentucky
Our prayers are with you as you so bravely work through this problem.
Hello Rush,
You have been an inspiration to me since I first heard you. Do you know how I first heard you? It was the spring of 1989 and I was driving a feed truck. Delivering feed to hogs and cattle in North Central Iowa. I was 19 years old. The only reason I listened to AM Radio at that time is because my feed truck only had an AM Radio. I have listened to you almost everyday since.
Rush you have made an impact on my life that will be with me until the time I am gone. You have given me hope and guidance that will follow through to my children, if I’m ever blessed to have them.
God Bless Rush, I love you.
I am a recovering alcoholic. I have lost almost everything with the exception of hope. Listening to you has helped me to keep plugging forward. Often you have mentioned how many successful people have failed before actually making it helps hasten me on. I lost my business, and almost my wife and kids. God however has interceded and blessed me with a wife that decided to stick by me. I am starting a new job this week, and my wife is moving back in with the kids at the end of the month. There is nowhere to go but up. Put your trust in God, he will not let you down. I believe in you and all that you stand for.
Loyal Listener
I have been a fan since 1989, when I first heard you. I think that your the reason we have the best talk radio ever! I know your pain, I have had two failed back surgeries & still require a lot of prescribed pain pills to survive daily. How you will be able to deal with the pain without pain pills will be something I would like to be able to do also, but don?t think I will ever be able too.
My prayers our with you
You’re in my prayers, Rush.
God is with you – you’ll come out on the other side and we’ll all be applauding you.
You have taken the right step as I knew you would. Having been addicted myself I know that you have a long road ahead of you. Even though your addiction came by in a far different way, the road to recovery is the same. May God light your way and keep you comforted in the knowledge that He will be there for you every step of the way. He did not loan you the talent you have to see it go wasted and I am sure He wants you to come back stronger so EVERYONE, except for a few liberals to remind us of what they are, will agree with what is right. During your absence I will pray for you and your family every day.
Highland Lakes, NJ
You have done more for the conservative side than anyone that I can ever remember. I also understand the back pain as I have had two semi disasters of operations. As you know the sucker just keeps hurting and frankly, I do not know how you do what you do. Oh, I forgot you have a sleep comfort bed! I take so many pills that they are the main part of my diet. I do try to limit my vicodens to 2 or 3 a day but probably mix a few drinks along the way (nights only). I work every day but have a hard time getting here before 9 AM so, that’s what I mean about not knowing how you do it. How you do your show everyday with clarity is unbelievable. Your audience friends love ya! We can’t wait for your return.
Decatur, Il
Dear Rush,
We just wanted you to know that our hearts and prayers are with you. We remember you in our prayers every day and know that God will give you the strength and fortitude to come out of your rehab in good shape. We truly love you and need your excellent broadcasting of the truth in our lives. Come back to us soon!
Meanwhile, don’t give up the faith!
Sincerely, Tom and May
Colorado Springs, CO
I wish you clear horizons, great friend, and may the wind always be at your back.
St Louis Mo.
Over the years you have provided motivation for so many. Me included.
Now it is time to return the favor.
I know you love to be behind the golden EIB mic. conversing with your
20,000,000 fans. When you get better, your real fans will be there for you to welcome you home as you have done for so many that have gone astray. Take your time and do right by yourself.
Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers,
Keith (AM610 WGIR listener)
Weare, New Hampshire
Great One!
We wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers and we’ll be rooting for you. We know you’ll be back bigger and better than ever! We know that you’ve started something that cannot be stopped. We’ll be here for you when you are ready to come back.
Chris & Merry
Seattle Washington
As I tell my clients, the light at the end of the tunnel IS the other side of the mountain and not a 50 ton freight train.
Good luck and hurry back! You are the best!
Orlando, Florida
I just want you to know you are in our prayers. My husband and I listen to you everyday when we can and have for about 7 years. I have a son who has a drug addiction and we have battled it for years. I know that all we can do is pray for you, but that is everything. You are such a strong individual and I have NO doubt you can lick this.
God Bless you.
Suzi and John
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Dear Rush,
You have never let us down, and Houston will never let you down. Houston and 950 KPRC can be your second adopted hometown. I never thought you were perfect and neither did you. That is why you ARE so great. Talent on loan from GOD! Your humble attitude with confidence that you are doing the right thing is what I like the best.
I eagerly await your return.
Houston, Texas
Never doubt that the love and prayers of millions ascend the heavens day and night for you, our dear friend. I humbly add mine to the mix. Please let your dear Marta know that she is included. This is no easy task you have before you but, Rush, I have faith that you will be able to overcome your addiction as you exert your great mind to the job and know that this time, you don’t do it alone. You have all of us, your faithful listeners, friends and family, supporting you and walking with you.
Best Wishes,
Your Friend
Dear Rush,
I am one of the many friends you have not met. When I heard of your troubles, I felt a tremendous concern and a welling up of love for you. At the time, I felt embarrassed about my feelings as you don’t have a clue who I am, and after all, we don’t really know each other. But I have been listening to you for ten years now, and see you as a friend, despite our one-way communication. Rush, I want to thank you for giving me, and so many others a voice, and I look forward to your return. Take all the time you need. We, your friends, will be here for you when you are better. In the mean time, I will pray for you, just as I would a friend.
God bless you Rush,
Kalamazoo, MI
Dear Rush ~
You have been a great source of information for me, and so many others, and it’s been a comforting thing just knowing you’re there each weekday. You’ve inspired us to think for ourselves… deeper than merely taking in or parroting what television or print news sources tell us. You’ve influenced us to think more critically – to not accept their “reporting” at face value if it makes no sense. You’ve “infected us” with your optimism and inner resilience. You’ve helped to make us feel less alone in the daily struggle to return our country to a glorious place of sanity, hope and opportunity. You’ve provided news, and news analysis; the “below the fold” information we otherwise wouldn’t receive. Your voice of reason has inspired us, organized us, buoyed us, and often made us laugh. God Bless you, and we look forward to your return to our living rooms and dash boards…
Takoma Park, Maryland
As a long time listener, my wife and I wish you a very speedy recovery and return to the radio. I can’t wait until you return to the airwaves! It’s weird knowing that there is such a shortage of sources of information such as yourself until you aren’t there.
Best of luck!
O’Fallon, MO
Hey Rush…
Way back in 1988 or so my three teenage sons (all three of them) kept calling me up at work saying “Dad, this guy is great and he sounds just like you, you have to listen to him…even at work”. Well, needless to say, I did, and you were saying far better than I ever could exactly what I felt, and I have been watching and listening ever since. During this fifteen or so years out here in fly over country you have stood like a rock with us all this time. I can’t imagine not standing with you for the next fifteen or so? best wishes and hurry back. David
I still support you Rush. Tell it like it is. All this proves is that you are human. Keep going and get well soon so you can shine the light of truth on the political cockroaches.
As a long time listener I would like to express my support for you and your family. I pray that during this dark time God’s grace and mercy will sustain you. Do not worry about what will happen in the coming months, rather get well and trust the Lord.
Best regards,
Bob Bailey

I’m just two years out of college and I can’t begin to thank you for all of the guidance you’ve given to us young Conservatives. Without people like you I would be uninformed and know nothing better than to be a bantering Democrat. I’m very proud of your willingness to accept responsibility for your actions and I can only hope that others with similar problems can watch you triumph this addiction and soar to even higher levels in your life. You are an amazing man and I can’t wait for you to come back to the radio and bedazzle me more with your extensive knowledge. You just might have to tie 3/4 of your brain behind your back once you return to make it fair.
Sandy Run, SC
I have been a listener since 1989, when I lived in Chesapeake, VA, now I live in San Antonio, and have been grateful to listen to you here for the past 11 years.
Our Lord and Savior said to the mob “let he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone” (paraphrased). Likewise there is none among us who does not vitally need forgiveness from God and others as we labor to overcome our weaknesses and face our trials. If there is anything that this lowly worker can do for you, please let me know. I feel that you have done tons for me over the past fifteen years.
Your humble servant,
San Antonio, Texas
We are behind you 100%. We are praying for your recovery and waiting patiently for your return. None of us are perfect and most of us don’t expect others to be perfect. You?re still okay in our book. We are listening to the EIB Network and always will. Thanks for all that you have done and all that you will do in the future to help this country.
Liz & Bob
Dear Rush,
I’m a struggling small business owner and your triumphs over adversity in the past years have helped sustain me in business. My boyfriend introduced you to me almost 16 years ago. I married him and I still listen to you.
God Bless and good luck.
Love, Diane
I listen every day on KDKA Pittsburgh. The left is in for a big surprise when we come back stronger than ever!
Weirton, WV
You are the Maha-dude, the keeper of the conservative torch and our mission will not be compromised by your brief absence. We are behind you 100% and know you will return even better than ever. God bless you, my friend. Return to us and we will do our best to make it like Christmas morning every day again.
Mr. Limbaugh,
My family is praying for you! We are very PROUD to know you and to have the honor of listening to you every day. My Son and Daughter are both conservative Republicans along with their Father. It was not an easy thing to accomplish with most of the In-Laws being Liberal Democrats.
But, it is done.
Keep the faith and be strong. We need you more than you admit.
Sincerely and GOD Bless,
Kansas City, Kansas
I am an avid listener of 77WABC.
I will continue to listen to whatever guest host is subbing for Rush while he is getting healthy.
Rush’s return will be the most anticipated moment in talk radio history.
He has done more good than we will ever know.
I usually turn off guest hosts. Out of loyalty to Rush, I am going out of my way to listen to the show in this period that he is away. I am from the Chicago-land area and I listen to WLS.
Geneva, IL
Rush should know that we are listening out here regardless of what the nay sayers think. We listen over WABC 770 NYC and will continue to listen and support Rush.
Come back soon.
Tom and Mary
Cedar Grove, NJ
We love you, we support you, and you are in our prayers.
Ed & Dorothy
Quincy, CA

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