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RUSH: We are gonna start last night on Larry King Alive, the fill-in host was Tavis Smiley. He spoke with actress and activists Alicia Tyler (sic) about race in America. I have never heard of Alicia Tyler. Have you heard of Alicia Tyler in there? I never heard of her. Snerdley, you have not heard of Alicia? H.R., you never heard of Alicia Tyler? Nobody’s ever heard of her. Anyway, she’s a guest on this show with Tavis Smiley sitting in for Larry King. And Tavis Smiley said, ‘Maxine Waters makes the point that this committee is established under the Democrats, but the names that keep leaking out happen to be African-American members of Congress.’ She’s talking about the ethics committee, and they’re all upset here. Before Pelosi finishes there isn’t going to be a CBC, there isn’t going to be a Congressional Black Caucus. It’s going to be a CCC, the Congressional Caucasian Caucus.

Charlie Rangel, you wouldn’t believe the way the members of the Democrat Party are reacting to Rangel’s speech yesterday. They are rolling their eyes. They don’t want to talk about it. They just want him out. They don’t want him to run for reelection. They just want Rangel gone. Even the extreme lefties, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Charlie, just get outta here, just scram, and they’re going to be saying it about Maxine Waters pretty soon, and Alicia was asked by Tavis Smiley, ‘Maxine Waters makes the point this committee is established under the Democrats but the names that keep leaking out happen to be African-American members of Congress. Eight names of members of the Congressional Black Caucus including Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters have leaked out. What do you make of that?’

TYLER: When you look at something like the FLOTUS trip to Spain and everyone’s criticizing her for not taking American trips, she’s already taken four American vacations this year. There is this ongoing effort to call regular kind of common behavior into question and associate it somehow with race. The word ‘racist’ is overused. There is a subtext of racialism where when you have somebody like Rush Limbaugh saying that the reason that Michelle Obama went to Spain is that black people are trying to get some of what white people have enjoyed. Come on!

RUSH: Racialism! Now, that wasn’t even the question. I’m living rent free in Alicia Tyler’s small cranium. She’s asked about only black members of Congress’ names leaking from the ethics committee investigation and she goes off on my racialism, my comment about Michelle (My Belle), Moochelle’s trip to Spain. Now, the only members under investigation by the House Ethics Committee are black. They are in the Congressional Black Caucus. So no white guy’s names can leak out, and this is what Maxine and Charlie think, and I guarantee you some members of the Congressional Black Caucus also think that there’s some discrimination going on from the Democrats. The Democrats run the ethics committee. Now, people ask me, ‘Well, Rush, I mean, Maxine Waters, her constituents love her, and Rangel, his constituents love him, I mean isn’t that what this is all about?’ Look, Maxine Waters is just Charlie Rangel in a skirt. Other than that, there’s no difference in the two. You’d need clothing attire to be able to differentiate them.

Now, the reason African-American names keep leaking out about the ethics investigations is ’cause they are only investigating blacks at the moment. Now, think of that what you will, but I have nothing to do with the ethics committee, I want it said right here and now, I got nothing to do with it. I only know one person — and I don’t know the person all that well — but I only know one member of the committee. But I’ve not talked to the person about what the committee’s doing. I have nothing to do with it. So here’s this Alicia Tylor who is allegedly famous somewhere, asked about this, and she goes off on a rant about my comments about Moochelle Obama’s Spanish vacation. So Tavis Smiley comes back and says, ‘Lay out for us your point at least about Michelle Obama’s –‘ so Tavis has given up on the ethics committee question with Alicia Tyler. Okay, Alicia, you want to talk about Limbaugh and Moochelle going to Spain, so lay out for us your point about Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain. Stephanie Miller was also on the show, you’ll hear her in this little bite.

TYLER: The thing that I’m really struggling with here, and I’m not going to call Rush Limbaugh a racist, but that is a racialist attitude, to say that somehow black people have never traveled abroad until the first lady got her shot at Spain. I mean, look, I speak three languages…

MILLER: Payback for slavery, for slavery.

TYLER: … I lived in Europe; I lived overseas. The idea that somehow she is getting back at white people for slavery by paying her own way to take her daughter to Spain is just extraordinary hyperbole of the highest order, and it’s ridiculous.

RUSH: Now we know that in addition to being unknown, Alicia Tyler is also uninformed, a little ignorant. I never said anything of the sort. In fact, I have to look at the transcript here to find out again what she said that I said. The idea somehow she’s getting back at white people for slavery by paying her own way. I never said that. That somehow black people have never traveled abroad until the first lady got her shot. I never said that. Alicia, you know, you people have got to understand, much as you would like to think it, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about the media. To put this in context, here we have Michelle Obama with three different reasons given for her trip to Spain with 40 people, 60 rooms, a Boeing 757 on her husband’s birthday while he’s palling around with Oprah and Gayle King and the New Orleans Saints and a bunch of NBA players shooting hoops at a barbecue, and the media cannot find anything to criticize about this, where as George Bush goes on vacation to his home, a shack in Crawford and chops wood, and the media gives him grief for never showing up on the job, for being always on vacation.

The Obamas are in their fourth vacation this month. They’re trying to see if they can squeeze in a couple days of vacation in Florida with the other vacation time they’ve already scheduled. The Bushes never put 40 people in 60 rooms at a hotel at 5,000 bucks a night and flew ’em all over the world on a 757. I’m simply saying that they get a pass on this because they deserve it. You know, our slave past, our discriminatory past, it’s only fair now that people get their piece of the pie here, they get their piece of the public dole. I mean white politicians have been doing this for years. I’m talking about the media’s attitude. The UK media gave us all the dirty, rotten details. The UK media told us about how out of touch this woman happens to be, the UK media, the foreign press, is covering this appropriately. The American media is giving all this a pass. I’m simply saying, ‘Why, why?’ Because there’s a guilt over how mistreated blacks in this country have been.

It’s like William Jefferson, I actually read stories, here’s a guy hiding 90 grand in cold cash in the freezer and he’s taking rescue vehicles from Katrina to go to his house to get that cold cash so investigators don’t get it first, and there are apologists in the media saying, ‘Well, you gotta understand, Rush, he never had any money, came from the sharecropper past. You gotta understand, gotta cut him some slack. You know, all the grief that they’ve had to go through as Americans.’ And it’s simply the thing I’m saying here about the reason the media is giving a pass to Michelle (My Belle) on this trip. (interruption) A question from the official program observer. Yes, Mr. Snerdley? I never heard of a racialist. I don’t know what a racialist is, just like I don’t know who Alicia Tyler is.


RUSH: All right, it’s Aisha Tyler. Have you ever heard of Aisha Tyler? I was mispronouncing it. It’s Ahhhhh — A — A — uh — A — A-i-s-h — Aisha. She’s in a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie. She’s an actress and a stand-up comedian. Also, Snerdley, since you asked, I also looked up ‘racialist,’ and here’s the definition of racialist, the Old English dictionary definition: A partisan of racialism, an advocate of a racial theory which, if I’m reading this right, is the exact opposite of my position. I am not an advocate of a racial theory. The NAALCP is an advocate of a racial theory. So you’d have to say the NAALCP is racialist. Now, I should point out that Aisha Tyler has won an NAALCP Image Award for being black. So the NAACP, the racialist NAACP has given Ms. Tyler an Image Award. I remember the day when comedians used to be famous, when somebody would mention a comedian’s name I would know who they are. I also remember the day when comedians used to be funny. But those days have come and gone.


RUSH: I want to go back to this Aisha Tyler, the latest in a long line of people to come out and charge me and Fox News and every critic of Obama as a racist or the new term, racialist. Now, in the Urban Dictionary, a racialist is somebody comfortable with their racism. Well, that cannot possibly be me because I’m not a racist. The NAACP is racialist. They’re the ones that have a racial theory. I don’t have a racial theory. But isn’t it amazing, folks, that most of those using and playing the race card today are very well off either by income or by position. They’re very well off. Part of the ruling class, upper middle class, academia, Hollywood, the people throwing around this accusation all come from the upper tier of either income or position. And they align themselves with groups and people who reject policies that would create wealth and growth that would help everybody regardless of race. This is the thing that’s never ceased to amaze me.

I can tell you that the vast majority of conservatives worldwide want economic prosperity for everybody. We want great education for everybody. We want everybody to have the opportunity to become the best they can be. We want a great country. It’s these people, our opponents who reject policies that would create wealth and growth that would help everybody. It’s these people that support policies like Obama’s, that will make people poorer, that will destroy the creation of wealth, that will redistribute wealth, that will destroy American exceptionalism, all the upper crust be it income or position, Hollywood, academia, you name it, all these so-called ruling class, smartest people in the world are actually supporting policies that will dumb down the United States and make the country poorer. The left controls the government, the left controls the public schools, colleges, and Hollywood, and they are still complaining. They’re still not happy. Look at everything they control, and everything they control they’re destroying.

Everything they control they are literally tearing to shreds: Public education, the government, everything they control doesn’t work. Better stated, nothing they control works. It works for them, but it does not work for the people, does not work by design; does not work as they claim to want it to work. And when it doesn’t work, what do they do? They blame the victims because it doesn’t work, or they blame the fact there isn’t enough money or what have you. But it’s always the upper crust, it’s always these people of privilege in one way or another who are always throwing out this accusation of racism, now racialism, and it’s always people on the left doing this. And we know why. They’re trying to stifle argument and disagreement. They’re trying to intimidate and shut people down, pure and simple. And, of course, as we all know, it doesn’t work here on the EIB Network.

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