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NANTZ: Hey, Rush. This is your pal Jim Nantz at CBS Sports wishing you a happy 20-year anniversary and wishing for 20 more, for our sake, for our benefit. Thank you for all the wonderful things that you bring to us in our lives on a daily basis, all the values and virtues that we care about. You’re such a special curator for all things in this country that really matter. And you’re active in, of all things, Americana. It’s like no one else. I just admire you so much, and I appreciate your friendship even more. So congratulations, Rush. Lost in admiration.

RUSH: Thank you, Jim. Jim Nantz of CBS Sports — who, if you ever get a chance to meet him, he’s exactly as you would expect he would be. He’s one of the classiest and most genuinely nice people that you would ever run into. He said I’m the ‘curator.’ I am a curator in a sense, of the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum, curator of artifacts, curator of American cultural items. That’s a great line. I’m telling you, I’m going to break down here before this week is out with all these things. Saying thank you to everybody, including all you in the audience, is just insufficient. But I appreciate it more than you know.


HANNITY: Hey, Rush. It’s your friend Sean Hannity, and I just want to say congratulations on 20 years of hosting excellence in broadcasting. Now, I know you love golf, Rush. You are the Tiger Woods of our industry, and I know many of us, we owe you a debt of congratulations for paving the way for all of us. Thanks for all you do. We love the program. Here’s to another great 20 years.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much, Sean. He was right about something. We are very good friends, and now in the same stable, so to speak. But yeah, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary here. You all know how I don’t like birthdays. I’m starting to quake in my boots like I know we’re going to play these things in the first break of the first hour. To say a simple thank you seems so insufficient. What are you guys…? I’m sure they’re making snarky comments in there. I can see their facial expressions. (interruption) Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, I know, That’s why I said, ‘Just wait until Friday.’ You know, we’re just in the wading pool here today. Yeah, it will start intensifying tomorrow and then reach the crescendo on Friday.


PAGLIA: Hello, Rush, this is Camille Paglia, a staunch supporter of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Many congratulations on your amazing career as a political analyst and ace broadcaster. You single-handedly saved and revolutionized AM radio.

RUSH: Zowie. Camille Paglia. She is in the tank for Obama. I read her stuff religiously. She does like Pelosi, she likes Obama, and she likes me, too. In fact, I’ll tell you a funny story about Camille Paglia. Shortly after a profile of me by 60 Minutes, I guess a couple years after that, they had an anniversary of their own bash at the Temple of Dendur at the museum on Fifth Avenue, and they invited me to attend. By this time, folks, I was up to speed, so I was suspicious of this. I mean, 60 Minutes had profiled a lot of people, and they wanted me there. They had all their former hosts that no longer work there, plus their current hosts go up and made little speeches and they showed highlights and clips of 60 Minutes from previous episodes, and they showed nothing from mine, which didn’t surprise me. I took a guest, I took the editor of my two books, Judith Regan, and when they finished the presentation that they did and their highlight reel, we went in to dinner, which had been catered in the Temple of Dendur. They seated me at Camille Paglia’s table, because Camille is a famous lesbian and a famous liberal. These guys at 60 Minutes thought that there was going to be fireworks because of their preconceived notions of me.

Steve Kroft, who had done the profile of me, kept circling my table all during dinner. And Andy Rooney kept looking over now and then. I finally figured out what was going on. These people were expecting this table to be thrown upside down by me and expecting me to storm out of there or get into some big fight with Camille Paglia. When Camille Paglia saw me, she demanded I come sit next to her for a while, and we started talking about the First Amendment and free speech, and our table probably had more fun than anybody else that night at the 60 Minutes anniversary party at the Temple of Dendur. Kroft kept walking around looking for the fireworks to break out. I’ve stayed in touch with Camille Paglia ever since, and I send her little jokes. She listens to the program occasionally. She teaches at Philadelphia, the University of the Arts, and I remember there was — I better check my memory to get this, I don’t want to get it half right, but I think her partner was doing — ah, can’t remember what it was. But it involved Clinton and sex. I advised Camille, ‘Do it! Put that display on! Put that display on wherever you’re going to do it, down in the village someplace,’ and she — (interruption) Yeah, I gave her a cigar. I gave her a cigar. Yeah, she’s cool. She’s very smart. She’s very fast and a delight to chat with. But I’ll never forget all these 60 Minutes people expecting fireworks at the Temple of Dendur during their anniversary bash at the museum.


LOWRY: Rush, it’s Rich Lowry at National Review. I just want to give you the hardiest congratulations. You’ve been an affliction to liberalism for 20 years and to the rest of us, you’ve been an inspiration, a joy, a comfort, an education and a friend. You long ago joined the annals of conservative greats, the defenders of ordered liberty, our civilization’s highest accomplishment. I know how proud Bill Buckley was of you. I know he’s proud even today from his celestial seat. Rush, it’s been an inspired 20 years. Now we expect 20 more. Take care, and God bless.

RUSH: Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, great bunch of people there. Thanks very much, Rich. I appreciate it more than you can know, everybody who’s offered one of these fine greetings and tributes. As I keep saying, I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but a simple thank you sounds insufficient. Twentieth anniversary week rolls on here at the EIB Network.

Human Events
(Celebrating 20 Years of Rush Limbaugh)

MATALIN: Hi, Rush. Mary Matalin here. I can’t believe it’s 20 years. Congratulations. You’ve changed the world. Before you, there was only darkness. We were wandering in the desert with no purpose in the dark, and now we can see. You’re a leader, you’re a visionary, and you’re so darn funny. I love you more than life itself. I love you, Rush. Thank you for everything.

RUSH: Thank you, Mary Matalin. A dear, dear, close friend. I met Mary way back, jeez, this has to be late eighties, early nineties, somewhere around there. Brilliant as well.

BECK: Rush, it’s Glenn Beck, and I just wanted to wish you happy anniversary. Thank you for not only changing America, but also single-handedly saving AM radio so schlubs like me could actually have a job.

RUSH: Glenn Beck, part of the Premiere Radio stable, syndicated broadcast host. Thank you very much, Glenn. I appreciate that.



SOWELL: Rush Limbaugh program is not just a great personal achievement for one man, it’s a major contribution to society as a whole. It broke through the liberal monopoly in the media, presenting not only facts that have been filtered out by the mainstream media, but a whole way of thinking to which even highly educated people have seldom been exposed in our schools, our colleges and universities. The 20th anniversary is a red letter day not just for him, but for society as a whole. Let’s hope there will be another 20 years that follow at least. Thank you, Thomas Sowell.

RUSH: Wow, there’s a guy I admire more than I can express, Thomas Sowell, whose work I proudly cite frequently on this program. He’s at the Hoover Institute down at Stanford University on the campus there at Palo Alto. He’s with a bunch of great people, but I met him a bunch of times and he’s just a brilliant, brilliant individual. Thank you very much for those kind, and very, I must say, accurate words from Thomas Sowell.

VANDERVEEN: Hi, Rush. This is Larry Vanderveen. Congratulations on 20 remarkable years of the Rush Limbaugh Show and for single-handedly recreating AM radio in the process. It’s been a privilege to work with you for most of those years in your fight against the blood cancers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Your Cure-A-Thon broadcasts and your personal generosity have helped save thousands of lives. Your heart is truly as big as your talent, Rush.

RUSH: Thanks very much, Larry Vanderveen of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. All these tributes, they can start going to my head if I am not careful.

BUCK: Hey, this is Joe Buck from Fox Sports calling to congratulate Rush. You know, they say you can really judge how a person truly is when the cameras and microphones are off. I can say hosting my own children’s hospital golf event here in St. Louis, Rush, at his own expense, six years in a row paid for himself to fly in, he was a part of it, he was great to everybody involved. He is truly a genuinely good guy. And so I want to say congratulations to a guy who might be as sickly involved with the game of golf and as obsessed as I am. Here’s to 20 more, man. Congratulations.

RUSH: Joe Buck, Fox Sports, he’s their number-one announcer for baseball and the National Football League. I got to know him through his dad, Jack Buck, who I admired tremendously. Thanks Joe, very, very much. Appreciate it.


THOMAS: Hi, Rush, this is your friend Clarence Thomas. Virginia and I congratulate you on your great, great career, and thank you for all you’re doing and for giving us just such great information and entertainment and laughs and everything else. You’ve been a great friend and a great patriot. We wish you many, many more years and we hopefully will see you soon and spend a lot more time together. Congratulations, my friend. Bye.

RUSH: Wow, Justice Clarence Thomas. You know, he’s become a very close friend, and he’s one of these people I wish everybody could know him the way he is rather than the way he’s constantly portrayed. He’s one of the happiest, the most jovial, most intellectually engaged people. Since the Anita Hill stuff, I’ve never seen him in a bad mood. I have never seen him less than jovial, and his wife Ginny, these are just two of the nicest people. I’m honored to be able to count them among my friends.


WILLIAMS: Hey, Rush, it’s America’s Anchor… Uh, hang on a second. Well, anyway, it’s the anchor of NBC Nightly News in New York. An interested listener, let’s put it that way. It’s Brian Williams, congratulating you on a great run. I know you’re just getting warmed up. Go get ’em.

RUSH: He was going to call himself America’s Anchorman and he stopped himself, because he realized he’s not. (laughter) Brian is another one of these guys people don’t know about. He is hilarious in private. He is as funny as you can be. It’s a shame that in the solemn world of the presentation of the news in the Drive-By Media, he does not get to demonstrate that.


HUTCH: Hey, Rush, how you doing? This is The Hutch. Just wanted to call and congratulate you on 20 years. That’s come from the only true black friend you have. And don’t even go down the road about Bo Snerdley. He works for you. You pay him. He has to smile at you. But I am the man who does it for free. Hey, bro, congratulations, and when I get my jet certification, I’ll even fly your jet for free ’cause that’s the only way we gonna hang out. Love you. Have another great 20 years, and I hope I’m here to hear every one of them.

RUSH: The Hutch. I met The Hutch on a salmon fishing trip with Paul Westphal and Howard Slusher up at Vancouver Island and he’s become a close friend, former linebacker of the National Football League for the Cowboys. He was a mike linebacker, by the way, the Dallas Cowboys, the Seattle Seahawks, and of course the San Diego Chargers.


STEYN: This is Mark Steyn. Congratulations, Rush, on a fabulous 20 years. But it’s just the beginning. Take it from a foreigner: Queen Victoria was on the throne 64 years. You’re just getting warmed up. Here’s to the next 44. Congratulations.

RUSH: Thank you very much. That’s an interesting perspective. Mark Steyn. The tributes and the accolades continue. I must say, at the beginning of the week I was rather embarrassed and a little tingly. (laughter) I’m getting used to it now

GIULIANI: Rush, this is Rudy Giuliani. I’m congratulating you on 20 years of very interesting talk radio, pushing an agenda that in my view has been very, very helpful to America, always being willing to make your positions very clear, and you’re a good friend and you’re someone that I really admire. I hope that you have another 20 more years of provocative talk. I listen to you very often while I’m in the car traveling from one place to another, and I’m looking forward to listening to you for the indefinite future, at least another 20 years of really very provocative and terrific talk radio.

RUSH: Thank you, Mr. Giuliani, mayor, I appreciate that. He’s thinking about running for governor, I hear. I see him every year at our annual cigar dinner that Marvin Shanken puts on at the Four Seasons in New York, benefiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


LEVIN: Rush, this is your buddy Mark Levin. Congratulations on 20 years of the most informative and entertaining broadcasting in the history of radio. You know, it’s amazing the Clintons let you live for 20 years. But I want you to know that you’re like a brother to me, a mentor, role model, a true patriot. I don’t know what the country would do without you. I do know that conservatives would be lonely and leaderless without you. You educate us, you inspire us, and you make us laugh. You’re an extremely generous man in ways that others don’t know, but I know I speak for millions in saying, ‘Thanks for everything, and don’t leave us.’ And, by the way, if you play your cards right, maybe I’ll nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize again next year. God bless.

RUSH: They can never take that away from me. (laughing) Mark Levin, now star of his own radio talk show that originates from 6 to 8 p.m. each night from WABC in New York. He’s a true, genuine friend and a brilliant, brilliant conservative. He’s probably the smartest living, breathing conservative I know, other than me.


MCLAUGHLIN: Hey, Rush. This is Ed McLaughlin. Congratulations from both Pat and myself. It’s been an incredible 20 years, and you deserve what you’re getting today and all of these wonderful accolades. Actually, Rush, our anniversary goes back a little earlier by a few months when we first met in San Francisco to talk about syndicating your program. You recall how important it was for us to acquire a New York affiliate, and fortunately for us, the program director of WABC, John Mainelli, recognized your talent, and we were off and running. Rush, I think we were all a little surprised by the effect you had on the radio audience. I always enjoyed listening to young listeners recalling how they discovered you and how much they learned from your show. Rush, you always said you’d keep on the radio as long as it was fun. So may it be fun for many years to come. My best.

RUSH: The founder of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, Ed McLaughlin.


MICHAELS: El Rushbo! Al Michaels here wishing you a happy, glorious 20th. You know, the world’s greatest iconic athletes are exalted because they perform at the highest level year after year after year. You are the radio equivalent of these legends. For two decades you’ve always been prepared, and when I turn on the radio, I know that you’ll be topical, informative, interesting, thought provoking, and funny. You are an everyday treat, an unusually important figure in this country. And on a personal level, Rush, having gotten to know you over the years you are a man whose friendship I am extremely grateful for. Your loyalty knows no boundaries, and your friends are the lucky beneficiaries. Rush, here’s a toast to the past 20 years, to 20 more, and to 20 more after that. Cheers, skol, l’chaim, and congratulations to you in a hundred languages.

RUSH: Al Michaels. I met Al Michaels when I auditioned for Monday Night Football. He has become a close friend, part of annual April spring fling here, bring a bunch of them here for a three day weekend and he’s always in the group. This is overwhelming to me all these accolades and tributes, even though I know they’re true (laughter). Ah, they make me speechless. I’m sorry.


SULLIVAN: Hey, Rush. On behalf of the entire staff of the Sullivan Group, we want to thank you for 20 years of your business measuring the accuracy of your show. And, as you know, we’re now using the latest technology, the Disgronificator 5000, and amazingly you have never dipped below 97.6%. Best wishes for your continued success.

RUSH: (chuckling) Tom Sullivan, who was one of my best friends out in Sacramento at KFBK and he’s now in New York working for the… You told me there were no surprises. He’s working on the Fox Business Channel now, and still doing his own radio show.

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