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RUSH: I’ll tell you, these e-mails that we told you about last week from that group in Great Britain that formed the basis for the UN’s climate change panel and their recommendations, those e-mails apparently now are the real deal, and they may not have been hacked. They may be from a whistle-blower inside the organization who is just unhappy about what’s going on.

Now, the bottom line is, the whole man-made global warming movement is a fraud. It is a hoax. It’s made-up lies. I have known this since the beginning of the movement. I’m the one who said that militant environmentalism is the home of displaced communists after the Berlin Wall came down. Now, scientists cannot rely on common sense. So the anti-global warmers have to go out there and get their own science to counter the science that the pro-global warming crowd is using, and they’re making it up. I instinctively know this for two reasons. One — and I’ve explained in great detail before so I’m not going to do it again because of time constraints — is I believe in God. As such, I don’t believe that progress in human beings God created destroys the planet. And that’s what they are asking us to believe and have been asking us to believe for… Well, I first heard about this movement in 1979, back then it was global COOLING that was going to kill us. By 1984 it had become global warming. Basically what they’re saying is advanced lifestyles, increased standards of living, progress is killing the planet. No. That premise is something I have rejected from the get-go. I don’t think we have the ability to. But this is not science. I’m not a scientist. I’m just a guy imbued with an above-average abundance of common sense.

I’ve never been able to be convinced that driving automobiles will destroy our planet or our climate, when there are volcanoes that are far more pollutant-oriented than our automobiles are, and they’ve been going off since the beginning of time and we’re still here. But I don’t want to go through the lecture that I’ve done many times before. I want to focus on the fraud and the hoax that has been perpetrated, led by Algore. They have been making up data. They have been jiggling the numbers. When conflicting data was discovered that didn’t fit what their agenda item was, they ignored it. These e-mails indicate that they despise and are obsessed with their critics. They set out to have to destroy them. It’s just liberalism. You know, liberals are liberals wherever you find them. In the global warming movement, in the health care movement, in the US Congress, in the White House, wherever they are, liberalism is a lie from top to bottom.

Well, liberalism must lie because if it were honest, if liberals were honest about what they were going to do… For example, if Barack Obama said during the presidential campaign, ‘My plan is to fundamentally change the way this nation works. The capitalist system has been unfair. It’s left too many people disadvantaged, too many people poor and too many people rich. What I am going to do is destroy it, and I’m going to make sure that there aren’t any more really rich people. We’re going to take everything that they’ve got and distribute it to other people — and we’re going to make the government larger and larger and larger in order to do this to ensure the new fairness that I’m going to bring to everybody. And one of the first ways we’re going to do it is run up a debt of $12 trillion that’s going to require massive tax increases from now ’til the end of time that will prevent the accumulation of wealth’ do you think he would have won? No. What did he campaign on? A bunch of nothing: Hope, change, marvelous speeches, platitudes, words! If Barack Obama were honest about what he’s doing and what he intended to do he wouldn’t have gotten 10% of the vote, maybe 20. There are enough wackos in this country maybe to get him 20% of the vote.

By the same token, if the Democrats on Capitol Hill and Obama were honest about what the real purpose of their health care bill is — to raise taxes, to totally control every aspect of human life in this country — they would never, ever have gotten this far with it. If the global warming people had said, ‘We are aligned with our liberal socialist brothers all over the world. We believe in a one-world government, and we believe that the United States has too much of the world’s wealth. So we are going to create a crisis that is designed to make Americans think that they are destroying the planet, so that they will then feel guilty and that they will feel guilty over polar bears being killed and so forth. We’ll get their kids all in line and then we’re going to go for world government and world tax increases to fleece the United States so that we can join our leftist brothers in the United States to control that population and as much of the world as we can.’ If they had said that, they would have never convinced one person to sell an SUV. If they had said that, they would have never convinced one person to buy a Prius.

My point is, they cannot be honest about their intentions; they cannot be honest about their agenda; they cannot be honest about who they are. Some of them are; some of them let it slip. Barney Frank, for example, has said that in the midst of all this change the middle class is going to be so distracted they won’t have the guts or the energy to fight us. The middle class is the enemy. The liberals make the middle class think that they are the chosen ones, that the left cares about ‘the little guy,’ the average guy, and are going to soak the rich. The left goes after everybody. They hold everyone in equal contempt. They must. Their whole reason for living is the desire to amass power, to control everybody’s lives. In doing so they have to assume and tell themselves that you aren’t capable of living life on your own without them. I’m talking primarily about liberal leaders. The sad thing is that they have convinced so many Americans — via academia and pop culture, they have convinced so many average Americans — that we now have an actual Looney Toon bin of 20 to 30% of our population who also believes this stuff that is willing to destroy their own lives for an ideology that they don’t even really understand.

So all of liberalism is a lie. Liberalism must lie if it is to stand a chance. And the lie has been good, because the lie of liberalism has been rooted in compassion and caring, and fairness and nondiscrimination, equality, saving the planet, cleaner air, clean water — as though people are opposed to that. Behind the lie lurks disaster; insidious, hideous, near-criminal disaster.


RUSH: Years ago, folks — years ago on this program — I explained that communists, leftist ideologues flocked to the environmental movement after the end of the Cold War. Collectivists found cover for their new agenda, and the collectivists attracted leftist pseudoscientists who were milking the scam for grants from corporations, universities and government entities. There are so many whores in our midst, from members of Congress, members of the US Senate, and members of the scientific community who are whoring themselves out for money, abandoning science, the pursuit of truth, in exchange for advancing a leftist political agenda. I have known this, and I have warned of this. I’ve not been able to prove it, however. I’ve simply had to rely on my powers of persuasion, my common sense, and my belief in God to convince people I’m right. Now we have these e-mails. It was a lie from the beginning. I laid out the reasons why it should be scrutinized and nobody listened because the issue was so important, saving the climate, saving the air, saving the water, saving the polar bears.

Little kids were getting scared to death being forced to watch Algore’s stupid, lying movie. Parents were required to come in and watch it with their kids in school under the threat that the kids would get docked grade points if the parents didn’t show up to watch it. Serious thinkers, scientists began to dig into the science of this new theory warning of man-made global warming. People like Dr. Roy Spencer — much was written that did not comport with global warming theories but the State-Controlled Media ignored their work and went to work on their reputations. The media preferred the opinions and declarations of politicians like Algore. You ought to see the New York Times story on this. The New York Times story on this is fascinating. New York Times: ‘We Won’t Publish ‘Statements that Were Never Intended for the Public Eye.” We’re not going to publish these e-mails. They were never intended for the public eye. Ever heard of the Pentagon papers? New York Times published those. Don’t think they were intended for the public eye.


RUSH: Serious thinkers and scientists began to dig into the theory of man-made global warming and they found things to be suspicious of, they found things unaccounted for, and they found things ignored. But they did not assume they were being lied to. They always gave the pro-global warming people the benefit of the doubt. What was that? They gave them the benefit of the doubt, assuming that they were scientists. So they examined with great care all of the items produced by the pro-global warming crowd. The mistake was not understanding that they are liberals. The mistake was not understanding who and what liberals are. The mistake was accepting the premise as genuine. But they’re scientists. I believe in God and I have common sense, and I understand the role of man in the universe is not all that big. We simply aren’t that important. The earth is older than any of us will ever be, inhabitably so. There have been nuclear bombs dropped on this planet. We’ve done everything in the world that they say will destroy it and it just keeps going.

I’m not a scientist and so what I say would not have scientific credibility. But common sense is common sense. Then we had Michael Crichton. Michael Crichton wrote the book, State of Fear and began to publicly challenge global warming alarmists. He said global warming is being treated more like a religion than science, a religion for secular humanists. Another one of my original theories was confirmed as the haze of global warming was just beginning to clear. Then Algore wins his Nobel Peace Prize for being the Bernie Madoff figurehead of this scam. Algore’s movie and slide show began to receive the attention it deserved. It was picked apart, dissected and exposed. It was no more credible than your average Michael Moore movie — and then the weather changed! It became impossible to ignore science when summers weren’t so hot, when winters were way too cold and all the scaremongering about hurricanes just didn’t transpire. And the darn sun, like a leopard, changed its spots! They went away. Sunspots went away, and the global warming crowd said, ‘Well, that’s not a factor.’ The sun was not a factor in global warming! People ask me, ‘Why don’t you believe it? The pro-global warming scientists say the sun is not a factor.’ Sorry. So these e-mails have been published. The lie is now there for all to see. The Bernie Madoffs of global warming were caught and hopefully this is the final nail in the coffin for cap and trade.


RUSH: Now, my friends, health care… The entire Obama agenda, stimulus, Porkulus, whatever — the entire Obama agenda — the auto bailout, the Cash for Clunkers, the home tax credit thing, every one of those items is the same kind of fraud as is the man-made global warming hoax. It is being advanced by the same kind of people for the same kind of reasons, because they are all liberals/socialists/ communists/fascists. Here’s the Media Tweak of the Day: If anyone ever hacked into Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi’s computer, we would find the same kind of fraud and deceit that we have in the global warming scam.

Now, the media coverage of this is fascinating. New York Times (paraphrase): ‘We’re not going to publish things never intended for the human eye.’ Andrew Revkin: ‘A thick pile of private e-mails and unpublished documents generated by an array of climate scientists over 13 years was obtained by a hacker from a British university climate research center and has since spread widely across the Internet starting Thursday afternoon. Before they propagated, the purloined documents, nearly 200 megabytes in all, were uploaded surreptitiously on Tuesday to a server supporting the global warming website RealClimate.org.’

Now, this from the Dot Earth blog at the New York Times. It was from Friday. I almost passed on it. What would you expect from a journalist and from a newspaper whose job depends on promulgating a lie? Which, by the way, is a situation so many journalists at the Times and elsewhere find themselves in day after day: Promulgating a lie. Journalists themselves promulgate lies. Global warming lies, health care lies, you name it. If they’re promulgating the liberal agenda, they are promulgating lies. So what would you expect when confronted with one of their lies has been exposed?

Well, what do you do? You run a story or two: ‘Greenhouse Gases at Highest Level Ever!’ That’s the Associated Press. ‘Sea level rise could cost port cities $28 trillion’ in 50 years. Or 40. By 2050. That’s from CNN. ‘A possible’ possible ‘rise in sea levels by 0.5 meters by 2050 could put at risk more than $28 trillion worth of assets in the world’s largest coastal cities, according to a report compiled for the insurance industry.’ It’s a hoax, and so when the hoax was exposed last week, here come the promulgators of lies, the State-Controlled Media, to double down on these stories that all feature panic. By the way, that’s another thing to learn: Every liberal agenda item is first preceded by a panic that could kill you (or is killing you). Be it the climate change, be it health care, ‘You’re gonna die! Your kids are gonna die!’

Liberalism is a rotting piece of scum, and everything it touches gets destroyed. One of the things that the Climate Research Unit e-mails show is that the global warming skeptics are not such a small, unimportant fringe — as Algore and the rest have tried to say. The pro-global warming scientists obviously are completely obsessed with their critics, and it’s clear from the e-mails that the pro-global warming scientists were and are doing everything they can to prevent the other side of the argument from being heard. This is what our media calls ‘consensus.’

Now, Mr. Snerdley asked me a moment ago, ‘If these guys didn’t figure it out, how come you did?’ Well, because I guess I am imbued, again, with a decent education and common sense. I know that science has nothing to do with consensus. And so the primary selling point of the global warming crowd has been ‘a consensus of scientists.’ Consensus, meaning a majority. But there are some scientists that don’t believe it? Well, wait a minute: That’s not science we’re talking, then. We’re talking politics. If you’re going to put a word like ‘consensus’ and join it with scientific activity, then it’s no longer scientific activity. It is impossible (if words mean anything anymore) for science to be science if all there is to prove a theory is consensus. So it’s not been hard for me to understand who these people are. (interruption)

Snerdley is yelling at me again: ‘You also don’t fall prey to this touchy-feely feel-good stuff.’ Yes, that is true, ’cause I realize it’s phony. But I’m also an individualist and a self-reliant person, and I realize that feeling good is up to me. And I want everybody else in the world to feel good! It’s up to them to feel good. Just because I want them to feel good doesn’t mean they’re going to feel good. Or: ‘We’re going to do things to make ourselves feel better as a people. We’re going to have health insurance for 20% of the uninsured and we’re going to spend $2 trillion to do it, and the bill is over 2,000 pages.’ Do you ever ask yourself, ‘Why does it take 2,000 pages to come up with a plan to insure 30 million people with health insurance?’ What the hell do you need 2,000 pages to do that for? Is there an insurance policy that is 2,000 pages? Give a lawyer a month and I’m sure he could write one. Two thousand pages to insure people? That’s what people say. ‘Oh, yes, we’re good people! We’re insuring the uninsured, Mr. Limbaugh, and we’re going to lower costs!’ Two thousand pages to do this? Actually, 4,000, ’cause there’s a 2,000-page piece of crap over in the House, too. So 4,000 pages. Senators whoring themselves out for millions, hundreds of millions to vote for it.

And it’s the same wherever you find liberalism. It’s looking more and more like these Climate Research Unit e-mails. And, by the way, I got a graph here from their website and the Climate Research Unit at the University where all these e-mails came from. Even their own chart here shows that there has been no warming for the last ten years. Even they weren’t able to lie about that. There has been no warming the last ten years, and their chart even shows it! I have it here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It looks like, by the way, more and more that these Climate Research Unit e-mails were released by an insider, a whistle-blower. The file was called FOI 2009 for a reason. This information had been sought for years through UK Freedom of Information requests, and information was destroyed — and the e-mails showed that information and scientific data that would disprove the man-made global warming theory, was tossed out. But the CRU, the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia and other universities and organizations simply refused to comply with the Freedom of Information requests, even ultimately claiming that all the data had been lost. Now we know why they fought releasing the information to the public for so long is because it was made up. So you might say or ask, ‘How were they allowed to get away with it?’ Good intentions: ‘Clean water. Clean air. No polar bears dying. Flipper swimming free in the oceans. No pollution. No smokestacks. No filth.’ Who’s opposed to any of that? Plus, we ‘save the planet.’ Why, we will not flood our coastal areas if we do this. The problem is they weren’t all on the same page. They’re all a bunch of Froot Loop nutcakes combined with seriously sick liberal agenda people, and the fruitcakes will go out and say some of the most ridiculous claims in the midst of the purported science.

That’s another thing, Snerdley. They come out and say, ‘That’s already passed the point of no return. I mean, if we do everything we can’t fix it.’ Wait a minute! Then my common sense says, ‘Wait a minute: If we can’t fix it, how the hell did we cause it?’ I think that may be my problem with liberals: I just have too much common sense. Common sense, belief in God, belief in right and wrong, I’m a threat. Ditto Sarah Palin. (interruption) Who’s no help? Oh! No, logic is not much help, especially if logic threatens the safety of the false, phony, lying, sick cocoon liberals live in.

Oh, oh! I forgot to mention one thing. Do you remember there was an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, the old TV show, where they drop live turkeys from a helicopter as a publicity stunt? There is… I need to get this website. It’s a YouTube site. I’m going to link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. Dean, go ahead and put it up there. That’s Koko Jr., because Koko is out on vacation. It is a video. You don’t even need to hear it. It is a video of polar bears falling out of the sky, dying, crashing on top of cars in deserted cities. They’re crashing into the side of buildings.

It’s a UK spot and it’s all to illustrate that every person who flies on a commercial jet is responsible for the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as the weight of one polar bear. So to illustrate that they have polar bears dying, they’re falling out of the sky. I’m sorry, folks, but that kind of stuff does not persuade me. That kind of stuff tells me these people are nuts. Plus, I had a very fortunate thing happen to me: I was born a Limbaugh. And I learned starting at nine what liberals are, who Democrats are. I had a continuing education in it, and it never stops to this day. So it’s Thanksgiving week. One of the greatest things I’m thankful for was being born a Limbaugh.


RUSH: If you missed the first hour of this program, let me sum up for you: Liberalism is a lie. All of liberalism is a lie. The media are liberals and they promulgate lies. We know that the man-made global warming hoax is now…a hoax. E-mails from members of the Climate Research Unit responsible for the UN’s climate panel prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that data was rigged, made up and ignored all to advance a political agenda. Liberalism is a lie and people who are liberals have to lie about what liberalism is in order for it to have any chance at all at the ballot box or in any other democratic situation. I now have for you two illustrative sound bites that are purely disgusting. They both come from our president this morning in Washington. He launched the Educate to Innovative campaign, a nationwide effort that will motivate and inspire young people across the country to excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Here’s a portion of his remarks.

OBAMA: [A]nd we live in a world of unprecedented perils, but also unparalleled potential. Our medical system holds the promise of unlocking new cures, but it’s attached to a health care system that’s bankrupting families and businesses and our government. The sources of energy that power our economy are also endangering our planet. We confront threats to our security that seek to exploit the very openness that is, uh, is essential to our prosperity. And we face challenges in a global marketplace that link the trader to Wall Street to the homeowner on Main Street, to the office worker in America to the factory worker in China, an economy in which we all share an opportunity but we also share, unfortunately, in crisis.

RUSH: The vast majority of that is just pure bilk. The vast majority of that is just drivel. We do ‘live in a world of unprecedented perils,’ and now they include internal perils, and he is one of them. ‘Our medical system holds the promise of unlocking new cures,’ but it won’t if his health care is passed. Our health care system is not ‘bankrupting families and business and our government,’ he is! President Obama is bankrupting families, businesses, and government. The sources of energy that power our economy are not endangering our planet. He may not have heard that anthropological global warming, man-made global warming is a hoax yet. He may not have heard that. I doubt that he hasn’t heard it. He has heard it. He knows it’s a hoax. Gore knows it’s a hoax. They all have known it’s a hoax. It’s just the latest diving board that they have used to jump into the pool with the next liberal policy. ‘We confront threats to our security that seek to exploit the very openness that’s essential to our prosperity,’ like bringing terrorists to New York City for a criminal trial that the president is doing. That’s certainly exposing us to threats. ‘We face challenges in a global marketplace,’ and we do, because President Obama is bankrupting the country and running up trade deficits, balance of trade deficits. It’s a disaster in the making — all by design. But in the next bite you will hear our president say all these problems can be solved.

OBAMA: The key to meeting these challenges, to improving our health and well-being, to harnessing clean energy, to protecting our security and succeeding in the global economy will be reaffirming and strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation — and that leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today, especially in those fields that hold the promise of producing future innovations and innovators. That’s why education in math and science is so important.

RUSH: He is right, except science has been politicized. The science curriculum at every level has been politicized and is now just one of the many weapons the left uses to advance its agenda via lie after lie after lie. ‘The key to meeting these challenges, to improving our health and well-being, to harnessing clean energy, protecting our security, succeeding in the global economy, will be reaffirming and strengthening America’s role as the world engine,’ which is being destroyed. The world engine is one of the things Barack Obama does not like about this country. America being the world’s engine is something he’s out to change. Jeremiah Wright doesn’t like it. Bill Ayers doesn’t like it. Frank Marshall Davis, who raised Obama, doesn’t like it. Obama’s father did not like the United States being the engine of the world. Calypso Louie Farrakhan does not like the United States of America being the engine of the world. These are all friends and associates of President Barack Obama. He doesn’t like America being the engine of the world, either.

‘How can you say that, Rush?’

It took 15 years for people to trust me and believe me on global warming. I was out there all alone for all those years with the first environmentalist wacko updates, trying to warn people about Earth First trying to destroy the timber industry. That’s what they were really all about. Because I was not a scientist people initially rejected me. After a while the kooks got kooky enough and the weather didn’t cooperate with these people and so forth, and the truth eventually won out. But, by the way, I don’t think that’s over. I don’t think they’re just going to give up the cause. Don’t for a moment think that. The New York Times, the Washington Post, say those e-mails are taken out of context. They don’t give us the context of the e-mails in their reporting, they just say the e-mails are out of context. So when I tell you that Barack Obama does not like the United States being the engine of the world, and you say, ‘How can you say it?’ Common sense, again, folks. I know who he is. I know who educated him; I know who raised him; I know who his mentors were; I know who his friends are. And I only had to listen to him apologize for his own country once to have all of those associations confirmed and their importance.

I only had to read about a brother of his that lives in a six-by-nine-foot hut in Kenya that Obama will not help. He’s asked his family that lives there to apply for government grants somewhere in that village in Kenya. He won’t help ’em personally, but somehow he’s the nicest, most compassionate, smartest, most elegant president we’ve ever had. I’m sorry, I know liberals, folks. I know liberals. I know the premise of liberalism. It’s a tough thing to accept it, but once you do, everything after that is easy. Liberalism is a lie. I know many of you know liberals and you think they’re nice people, maybe just wrong. You don’t want to think of them as liars. You prefer to think of them as just ‘misguided’ or ‘wrong.’

They’re liars! Many of the rank-and-file liberals are dupes. They’re well-intentioned and have no idea what they’re actually supporting. They fall into this, ‘I feel good about myself. I see a homeless person and I say, ‘Oh, why don’t we do something?’ I’m a good person.’ You haven’t done anything! You just thought something and made you feel like you’re a good person. Conservatism solves problems. Liberalism blows ’em up and amplifies ’em in the name of fixing them. So once you accept that every liberal politician in Washington or your state capital or on your city town council is a liberal and therefore is a liar, then the rest is easy. You simply don’t believe anything they say and you will be right. ‘But, Rush, I don’t want to go through life that way.’

Well, okay. If you don’t want to, I’ll handle it for you.


RUSH: We go to Brandon, Mississippi. This is Scott. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thank you so much for being America’s go-to guy. Let me go straight to my point. These Climate Research Unit e-mails, I guess they concern me. There’s a growing discussion that some level of civil unrest is going to be required to get this government to pay any attention to the will of the people. And it’s obvious these e-mails were released in some fashion — whether it’s a whistle-blower or a hacker, in some way they were obtained — illegally and disseminated without the consent or permission of the parties involved in the e-mails. While I do believe a greater good definitely was served by the release of this information, I guess I need you to tell me how I’m supposed to feel about it in light of how it was obtained and the manner in which we’ve learned this information.

RUSH: Let’s see. Did you read the New York Times today?

CALLER: Sir, I don’t read the New York Times any day.

RUSH: Okay, good, because the New York Times says they’re not going to publish e-mails that were not intended for the public eye, even after they published the Pentagon Papers and war plans in Iraq and other damaging items to the Bush administration. At this point I’m not concerned. I mean, we have whistle-blowers. We don’t know that it was this was a hack. We have whistle-blowers — and all I know is that liberal Democrats reward ‘whistle-blowers’ who blow the whistle on Republicans and conservatives. We are in a war. We are in a war to save the United States of America from being remade into something that you and I would not recognize, and people are very much alarmed about this.

I am for anything that exposes truth. Truth has become too big a casualty in our culture, in our society, in our media, and in our politics. Everything, it seems, is a lie to one degree or another — and the people who do not go along with the lie, who do not believe the lie, are called extremists. Somebody in this organization, if it’s a whistle-blower, did one of two things. Either somebody’s got their nose out of joint over the way they’re being treated by somebody in that organization or they have a guilty conscious and they can no longer sit by and be part of this while they watch an absolute fraud and hoax take place. So I myself am never alarmed when the truth happens, when the truth is made, when the truth is revealed. I am not bothered. Thanks, Scott, very much.


RUSH: Here is Judy in Payson, Arizona. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for what you do, and God bless you.

RUSH: Thank you. Same to you.

CALLER: Thank you. I was just calling because I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal from a few weeks ago about the island of Vanuatu. Their president — or I can’t remember if it was this prime minister whatever — said that with global warming they were going to be enveloped in water and overcome with the rising oceans. And the reporter said that in that country, the people are dying of malaria. They don’t have electricity. They have to go for three hours to find a doctor. And this guy’s worried about that? It’s incredible because he was trying to fleece the West, of course. Everything was our fault and the dollars would just flow into his country. But I was just astounded by what was really going on there because I really never knew.

RUSH: They’re suffering from malaria in a lot of parts of the world because we got scammed by a woman named Rachel Carson who led to the banning of DDT. If we just put DDT back in, we’d cut malaria dramatically. As to the rest, this guy is a liberal. Liberals lie and he’s got a liberal or socialist-type culture, and that’s why these people are impoverished, and that’s why he wants everybody to believe in global warming, because he’s joining the crowd that wants to fleece the United States.

CALLER: Right. Right. It’s unbelievable, Rush. I remember years ago when you first announced that when Mikhail Gorbachev wandered over to California, he went into the Green Party; and I’ve never, ever forgotten that. I thought, ‘Wow!’ You know, ‘Where can you go to destroy business?’ and he wandered right into that.

RUSH: Right into the Green Party.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: They even gave it an office in the Presidio somewhere.

CALLER: I remember that. I remember the day you announced it.

RUSH: Yeah.


RUSH: Well, your illustration of this guy in this little failing island country is an excellent accompaniment to — if I have a theme today, to — the theme. Here you’ve got a guy whose population is literally impoverished and dying, and what’s he talking about? Sea levels rising when they aren’t. He’s part of cabal. He’s joined the chorus, the fearmongering crowd, and they don’t care about people. You know, ‘putting people first,’ they always say. That’s Clintons’ slogan. They don’t care about people, and your guy that you talked about seeing last night on TV, whenever you saw it, is proof of it. Obama doesn’t care about people. If he did, he would at least show some emotional connection when talking about the unemployment rate, which is really 17.5%. One in five Americans is either unemployed or underemployed right now. He’s not ‘cool and calm.’ The guy is COLD. But there are so many notions that we just have to sweep away, that liberals care about the little guy, that liberals care about people. They care about themselves and government, pure and simple.

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