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RUSH: We’ve got a global warming update. Here is one of our three themes.

GOD OF HELLFIRE: I am the god of hellfire!

RUSH: I wasn’t ready for it!

(Playing of ‘Fire’ by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown.)

RUSH: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. The Wicked Witch of Wherever melting because of global warming, destroying us all! It’s a pretty interesting stack of global warming stuff today, and I actually had this story last week because, as you know, I don’t do the global warming stuff every day because I don’t want people to get worn out on it. So the stack just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. ‘A rescue effort is under way to save hundreds of seal hunters whose boats have been stuck in a block of thick ice in the North Atlantic Ocean for more than a week. The hunters’ ships are stuck in a solid ice pack 140 miles long and 70 miles wide. Two huge storms trapped more than 100 vessels just as they were setting out for Canada’s annual seal hunt. ‘Many of the vessels have run out of provisions, fresh water, fuel in some cases,’ Canadian Coast Guard Capt. Windross Banton told ‘Good Morning America’ from his ship as he engaged in the rescue effort. Banton is trying to get food to more than 300 sailors and help their ships break free from the ice. ‘Right now, outside as far as the eye can see, there is nothing but a field of ice,’ he said. The biggest danger is the pressure the ice puts on the vessels.

‘The pressure can actually lift them out of the water. ‘The pans of ice and the pieces of ice are big enough and severe enough they could potentially crush the hull of the long liners,’ said the Canadian Coast Guard’s Brian Penney. Better weather conditions have now allowed several ships to be rescued. For some, it was in the nick of time.’ Now, get this: ”The last couple of days got scary there,’ said Rodney Gray, captain of the Cape John Navigator. ‘We were caught in ice that was getting very close to land. We never had control of anything. Wherever the ice went, we had to go.” (Gasp!) No! What did they think? Now, how can this be? The ice is ‘melting’ all over the place up there. We have pictures — even though they’re hoaxes, we have pictures — of polar bears stranded on a melting glacier and they can’t get off and they’re going to die and little kids all over the country are waking up their moms with nightmares. ‘I can’t sleep, mommy! I can’t sleep, because you’re killing the polar bears!’ So my solution here to save these guys would be: Don’t do anything. Just sit, wait, and let the ice melt. Ice is melting so fast that these polar bears are stranded on melting ice cubes up there!

Just sit tight. Let the impact of American global warming rescue you. They had no idea they were going to run into this kind of ice. There is a silver lining to the story. This means that the seal hunt ain’t going to happen, the annual Canadian seal hunt. You’ve seen that. They go up there and Billy club these little things to death — and of course that’s not part of global warming. So the kids in America don’t care about that, and they don’t see the pictures much but it says here that ‘an estimated 60,000 seals will be saved because of the deep freeze.’ Yet, we’re in the midst of global warming! This is from GOP3.com, a website: ‘Alternative Fuel Subsidies Cause Sober Germans, Starving Mexicans, More Pollution. — ‘Poor Mexicans rely on tortillas for their diet. And a lot of other poor people in a lot of other places rely on other foodstuffs made from corn. The problem is ethanol.” We’ve told you about this.

‘Now government subsidies for alternative fuels have caused a sobering increase in the cost of beer in Germany due to the unnatural shrinkage of barley production,’ over there. ‘Why is barely production lower and beer more expensive? The farmers are switching production so they can get more government alternative fuel subsidies,’ because if they plant all this rotgut that’s needed for these alternative fuels, they get more subsidies, more payments from the government. By the way, all this is leading to even more pollution! ‘The hyperbolic environmental soothsayers on the left and in the media have swayed our government into investing large sums of money into these technologies that have turned out to be counterproductive. When will we learn to trust the market? Shareholders and private citizens are best left alone to judge the correct production of a good, the heavy hand of the government only serves to distort the market and destroy any progress towards the end goal.’

By the way, this is a story that a lot of people are worried about: all these bees that are vanishing out there. ‘More than a [25%] of the country’s 2.4 million bee colonies have been lost — tens of billions of bees, according to an estimate from the Apiary Inspectors of America, a national group that tracks beekeeping. So far, no one can say what is causing the bees to become disoriented and fail to return to their hives. As with any great mystery, a number of theories have been posed, and many seem to researchers to be more science fiction than science. People have blamed genetically modified crops, cellular phone towers and high-voltage transmission lines for the disappearances,’ of the bees. ‘Or was it a secret plot by Russia or Osama bin Laden to bring down American agriculture? Or, as some blogs have asserted,’ I’m reading this from the New York Times, by the way, ‘the rapture of the bees, in which God recalled them to heaven? Researchers have heard it all.’ Everybody’s got an explanation. This could be a legitimate problem. This could be a greater crisis than any global warming threat that’s going on out there, I think. I’m going to have to double-check this, but I think Einstein said that if we lost the whole bee population, that civilization could only continue for another four or five years. I think Einstein said that. (Interruption) Wikipedia that, and see if I’m right about that. Well, if you can trust what’s on Wikipedia.

USA Today: ‘Al Gore Trains a Global Army — The stocky man with the soft Southern accent rivets the hotel ballroom crowd with his plea: ‘We are in a time of peril, so please allow me to explain a topic that has overwhelming importance in my life.’ Meet, no, not Al Gore, but Gary Dunham, 71, a grandfather from Texas who was the first of 1,000 Americans Gore trained to deliver his Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth slide show to schools, Rotary clubs and nursing homes around the nation. Two weeks ago, the last 150 of this hand-picked crew arrived [in Nashville] — paying their own way for everything but food — to go through a two-day seminar starring Gore but effectively led by Dunham and a few other graduates of the former vice president’s global-warming boot camp. To date, The Climate Project has drawn everyone from Wal-Mart workers to Cameron Diaz. And though the 1,000 mark has been reached, ‘we keep hearing whispers that (Gore) might do more,’ project director Jenny Clad says. ‘I wouldn’t call this final.”

Folks, do not underestimate these people. They’re out there. They’re out there getting these people — all these average citizens — revved up about a hoax, and they’re sending them out there as evangelists on this, after a two-day ‘boot camp’ with Algore. This is how you spread propaganda. This is also, to me, an indication that Algore’s people don’t think that the movie itself stands alone in its ability to get converts. There have to be evangelists out there. Even if I’m wrong about that, the fact that they’re just setting up these evangelists and so forth is proof positive that this is a political movement. It’s almost a religious movement, and these are preachers that are being trained. They call this a ‘boot camp.’ They’re going to Algore’s seminary, and they’re being given sermons, and they’re having the words written for them, and they’re out there proselytizing and preaching. You know, it’s like getting to the point I’m going to advance a notion: ‘Separation of earth and state,’ because this is nothing more than a religion, as I have so accurately portrayed and defined on previous editions of this program. So keep a sharp eye for one of these traveling minstrel road shows to come to your town. The Church of Global Warming with order understand a ministers coming to your town and your Rotary Club and your school with their slide show.


RUSH: All right, we did a quick Wikipedia check, and if you want to believe Wikipedia, which is… You never know who to trust out there. That’s why you can trust me. Wikipedia says that Einstein never said if we lose all the bees, we got four years to live. It’s widely attributed to Einstein, and the four- to five-year period is right, but it’s one of these urban legends. Einstein didn’t say it, just like there’s a whole list of ten things Abraham Lincoln supposedly said. He didn’t say them. A preacher wrote them, and they ended up in a pamphlet with a picture of Lincoln, and it got spread around. I remember the first five years of this program I must have gotten 13,000 copies of those things every day. ‘Rush, you’ve gotta read what Lincoln said!’ I tried to write them all back. ‘He didn’t say it. You’re falling for a hoax.’ Finally, I gave up. I just gave up.


RUSH: Sue in Reston, Virginia, welcome to the EIB Network. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Dittos times 18.

RUSH: Dittos times 18. Thank you very much. That’s very nice of you to say. I accept it.

CALLER: You’re welcome. I knew you would. I know you believe in a Creator, Rush.

RUSH: Yes, I do.

CALLER: And you know this new planet, this new planet that they found?

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: I think that’s God’s gift. That’s God’s gift to us, because I think this is the new world, the new world, the perfect Utopia for the libs, and I say, ‘Let them sign up. Get ’em outta here. Let ’em sign up! That’s their world.’

RUSH: Well, they will be the ones that want to go. Of all the people that want to leave Earth and go colonize something else, it is a bunch of liberals, because they think we’ve destroyed this planet. It’s only a matter of time. As I said earlier, Stephen Hawking is out there saying if we don’t find someplace to colonize, we’re doomed. That’s it for us — and, of course, the liberals, they want to go out there and start all over. They have this pristine little planet, untouched by the filth of humanity. Give communism a real shot! Put it in a sterile set of surroundings where it doesn’t have any competition, and maybe communism would work. Have communes all over the place, communes on the spaceship! Hey, it’s only a measly 120 trillion miles away. That’s nothing in galactic terms. Yeah, it’s perfectly ideal, because the mind-set is we’re destroying this planet. As I said earlier, it’s going to require a lot more research, because if it is discovered that there is oil on this planet — because they’re saying it could support life. It may have some close, similar aspects to Earth. It may have a temperature that allows liquid water, temperatures that would be compatible with human life.
But if there’s oil on this planet, the libs will not go there. They won’t touch it! They’ve been there, done that. They know how oil can destroy a planet. They know how oil can destroy people. They know how oil can destroy and kill otters and all kinds of beasts, burden or otherwise, because oil is one of the evils of our existence. What would be funny is if there is oil there, these new colonists would be the last to arrive. Big Oil would be up there, and if these colonists ever did get there the first thing they’d see is oil derricks — and I’d kind of love for that to happen, just ruin it. We ought to go and do a movie about this. You know, a space movie about colonizing this new planet where Big Oil gets there first (laughing) set up all these capitalistic little towns for the workers to live in and you’ve got these namby-pamby Goonies. By the way, that’s my name for these evangelists that Gore is training to watch his slide show, to go out there and present it to Rotary Clubs. One hundred and fifty of these people, and they’re out there, go to camp Gore for two days and they get an indoctrination training on how to present his slide show that’s his movie on global warming, and I got a name for them: Goonies, combination of ‘Gore’ and ‘Moonies,’ and that’s exactly what they are — and, I know. I’ll betcha some of them listen to this program and (interruption).

Ah, yes, and they just think they’re doing the Lord’s work. They’re saving the planet! They’re (interruption). Yeah, Mr. Snerdley has a ‘serious question.’ What’s the serious question? I deal with (interruption). Do we think a space…? (interruption) Oh, Snerdley, don’t ask me that. You’re asking an irrelevant question. You’re the kind of guy that wants to destroy people’s dreams. You’re the kind of guy that wants to take away every fantasy and possibility about saving the planet and saving ourselves. You know what he just asked me? Snerdley just said, ‘Wait a minute. I have a question. Is space travel that would allow people to get from here to someplace 120 trillion miles away, are we close to that?’ If you ask that question, you may send people out to the drugstore for Paxil and lithium and Ritalin, all this. You’re going to ruin their days! I didn’t bring that up on purpose, Snerdley, because I have a responsibility here. There are fragile souls listening to this program who have desperate hope that we will be able to save ourselves by going to another planet. You’re throwing up a question and it’s like throwing ice cold water in their face, awakening them from a utopian dream. You are destroying, with that question, because of course we don’t. We have no way to get any number of people to Mars or the moon. (interruption) Do I…? (interruption)

Oh, will it be possible? Yes. As long as humanity on this planet maintains freedom, at some point it will be made possible. We will learn how to engage in travel of that length and distance. I think those kinds of things are possible. But I’m telling you what: it ain’t going to happen before global warming destroys the planet. I mean, if these people are right about global warming, we’ve got 50, 80 years and I will guarantee you we’re not going to learn how to take 120 million trillion mile space trips with a sizeable number of people — and if Big Oil ever figured out how to do it first, do you think they’d share the technology with the rest of us? They’d be launching these trips to this new planet at night when nobody knew it. They’d be up there for gazillions of years before they ever let anybody know they were there, find a pipeline back to earth. (Laughing.) Seriously, why ask me that question? You understand what this story represents to these people, Mr. Snerdley? Do you understand? They really believe we’re destroying the planet. This is a religion. We are in their last days! The rapture is but a few short years away. Salvation, the end of destruction! By forcing me to ask that question is forcing these people to face a reality that will change their faith, and that’s something I have never wanted to do on this program. I have never, ever wanted to destroy somebody’s faith, religiously, until global warming came along because it is a false religion. (Laughing.) It’s a phony religion. I’m happy actually, Mr. Snerdley, you asked me the question. (Laughing.)

RUSH: Well, we haven’t done a global warming update in quite a while. The news has been accumulating, ladies and gentlemen. So, without any further ado, we get to our global warming update. Algore singing. Let ‘er rip!

(Playing of ‘Ball of Fire’ Global Warming Update theme song.)

RUSH: Sung by Paul Shanklin as Algore here, one of our Global warming update themes here at the EIB Network.

(Continued playing of song.)

RUSH: One more time, Algore.

(Continued playing of song.)

RUSH: I am holding something here in my hands I am not sure that I believe, even though I’ve read it. It’s a column by Alexander Cockburn in The Nation. Now, Cockburn is a big lib. The Nation is huge, huge, huge off-the-charts-nutcase lib. It’s a magazine that Katrina vanden Heuvel, or Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel edits. ‘Is Global Warming a Sin?‘ is the headline. ‘In a couple of hundred years historians will be comparing the frenzies over our supposed human contribution to global warming to the tumults at the latter end of the Tenth Century as the Christian millennium approached. Then as now, the doomsters identified human sinfulness as the propulsive factor in the planet’s rapid downward slide. Then, as now, a buoyant market throve on fear. The Roman Catholic Church sold indulgences like checks. The sinners established a line of credit against bad behavior and could go on sinning. Today a world market in ‘carbon credits’ is in formation. Those whose ‘carbon footprint’ is small can sell their surplus carbon credits to others less virtuous than themselves.’ He’s reporting on the carbon footprint scam. This is a liberal doing this!

‘The modern trade is as fantastical as the medieval one. There is still zero empirical evidence that anthropogenic production of carbon dioxide is making any measurable contribution to the world’s present warming trend. The greenhouse fearmongers rely on unverified, crudely oversimplified models to finger mankind’s sinful contribution — and carbon trafficking, just like the old indulgences, is powered by guilt, credulity, cynicism and greed. Now imagine two lines on a piece of graph paper. The first rises to a crest, then slopes sharply down, levels off and rises slowly once more. The other has no undulations. It rises in a smooth, slow arc. The first wavy line is the worldwide CO2 tonnage produced by humans burning coal, oil and natural gas. It starts in 1928, at 1.1 gigatons (i.e., 1.1 billion metric tons), and peaks in 1929 at 1.17 gigatons. The world, led by its mightiest power, plummets into the Great Depression and by 1932, human CO2 production has fallen to 0.88 gigatons a year, a 30 percent drop. Then, in 1933, the line climbs slowly again, up to 0.9 gigatons. And the other line, the one ascending so evenly? That’s the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, parts per million (ppm) by volume, moving in 1928 from just under 306, hitting 306 in 1929, 307 in 1932 and on up. Boom and bust, the line heads up steadily. These days it’s at 380. The two lines on that graph proclaim that a whopping 30 percent cut in manmade CO2 emissions didn’t even cause a 1 ppm drop in the atmosphere’s CO2. It is thus impossible to assert that the increase in atmospheric CO2 stems from people burning fossil fuels.

‘I met Martin Hertzberg, Ph.D., the man who drew that graph and those conclusions, on a Nation cruise back in 2001,’ Oh, wouldn’t that have been a fun boat to be on? ‘and he remarked that while he shared many of The Nation’s editorial positions, he approved of my reservations on the question of human contributions to global warming as outlined in columns I wrote around that time. Hertzberg was a meteorologist for three years in the U.S. Navy, an occupation that gave him a lifelong mistrust of climate modeling. Trained in chemistry and physics, a combustion research scientist for most of his career, he’s retired now in Copper Mountain, Colo., but still consults from time to time. Not so long ago, Hertzberg sent me some of his recent papers on the global warming hypothesis, a thesis now accepted by many progressives as infallible as Papal dogma on matters of faith. Among them was the graph described above, so devastating to the hypothesis.’ Well, I’m loving this! Here’s a liberal in The Nation talking about how global warming is nothing more than a religion. Now, here’s the nut of this: ‘As Hertzberg readily acknowledges, the CO2 content of the atmosphere has increased about 21 percent in the past century. The world has also been getting just a little warmer.

‘The not very reliable data on the world’s average temperature … show about a 0.5 degree Celsius increase between 1880 and 1980, and still rising. But is CO2, at 380 ppm in the atmosphere, playing a significant role in retaining the 94 percent of solar radiation that the atmosphere absorbs, as against water vapor, also a powerful heat absorber, whose content in a humid tropical atmosphere can be as high as 20,000 ppm? As Hertzberg says, water in the form of oceans, snow, ice cover, clouds and vapor ‘is overwhelming in the radiative and energy balance between the earth and the sun. … Carbon dioxide and the greenhouse gases…’ I’m going to read the quote from what he’s saying here. Compared to all the water in whatever form it is, and compared to the vapor, ”carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are, by comparison, the equivalent of a few farts in a hurricane.’ And water is exactly that component of the earth’s heat balance that the global warming computer models fail to account for.’

And who told us this? Roy Spencer, University of Alabama-Birmingham, who is a ‘denier.’ He is a dissenter in the global warming religion. They don’t even model precipitation or water in any form because they can’t. As Roy Spencer told us, we don’t even know how much precipitation falls in whatever form daily on the Earth. We don’t know. It’s impossible to know because we’re not everywhere where it happens, and we don’t have instruments. So the amount of carbon dioxide that we are creating is nothing compared to what the complexity of this creation — i.e., nature — is putting into the atmosphere each and every day. ‘We’re warmer now because today’s world is in the thaw that follows the recent ice age. Ice ages correlate with changes in the solar heat we receive, all due to predictable changes in the earth’s elliptic orbit around the sun and in the earth’s tilt. As Hertzberg explains, the clinical heat effect of all of these variables was worked out in great detail between 1915 and 1940 by Milutin Milankovitch, a giant of Twentieth Century astrophysics,’ and he goes on and on and on and says, ‘The human carbon footprint is of zero consequence amid these huge forces and volumes, not to mention the role of the giant reactor beneath our feet: the earth’s increasingly hot molten core.’

He says, ‘Next: Who are the hoaxers and what are they after?’ That’s the next piece that Alexander Cockburn is going to write. This was in The Nation 4/26 issue. He’s totally, totally debunking it, and proving that it is a religion.

(story) ”Visitors to the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa won’t find the Gideon Bible in the nightstand drawer. Instead, on the bureau will be a copy of ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ former Vice President Al Gore’s book about global warming.’ The Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa putting Gore’s book in their nightstands! It’s a religion, I’m telling you! They’re taking the Bible out of there, and they say it’s a hip and trendy thing to do. It’s one that’s actually ‘good for the planet.’ By the way, Glenn Beck has another one of his specials tonight on global warming on CNN Headline News at eight and ten o’clock. The last one he did, ‘Obsession,’ was on Islamofascism and this sort of thing. He’s got another big one coming tonight on CNN Headline News exposing the hoax that all of this is.

You know, one of the biggest — (sigh) I don’t know, what’s the word? Dupes — in all this is that sad sack Prince Charles. ‘Climate Change Battle is Like World War II,’ he said. He ‘compared the challenge of tackling climate change to the Allies’ struggle in World War II during a speech to business leaders Tuesday. Addressing representatives from firms including Barclays Bank, British Airways and Rolls-Royce…’

This is not new. We’ve all heard this. (Gasp!) ‘Climate Change Hits Mars — Mars being hit by rapid climate change. It’s happening so fast the red planet could lose its southern ice cap.’ The problem is, there aren’t any people there. (Gasp!) How can this happen?

New York Times, April 29th: ‘Carbon Neutral is Hip, but is it Green?’ The New York Times wrote a piece exposing the fraud of this whole carbon offset program. The Financial Times was first to do this. I thought it would never hit the Drive-By Media, but it has. The article is devastating to the whole thing.

Finally: ‘Hurricane forecaster William Gray said Friday that global ocean currents, not human-produced carbon dioxide, are responsible for global warming, and the Earth may begin to cool on its own in five to 10 years.’ He’s ‘best known for his annual forecasts of hurricanes… [he] said increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere won’t produce more or stronger hurricanes.’ He said there are cycles. He’s getting more and more agitated with the hoaxers and with the people who have made this a religion. Now, once again, here’s somebody else saying it’s water. If you want to talk about what warms and cools the planet, what about water?

This from the Financial Times. We didn’t have a great chance to talking about this in great detail, but their story on carbon credits talked about how the thing is such a phony-baloney, plastic banana, good time rock ‘n’ roll thing that the prices for them are falling because nobody wants to buy them. It’s all falling apart right around ’em, and it’s being reported in the margins here of the Drive-By Media. Nevertheless, it is happening.

Meanwhile, Algore is still out there. He’s just trashing Canada for their policy on carbon emissions. He says it’s not going to accomplish anything. He’s still campaigning for the Nobel Peace Prize. At any rate, folks, you can be confident: the whole global warming thing — man-made global warming — is a pure, unadulterated hoax. It is religion based, liberal based, and its design is to make you feel guilty and sinful so that you will pay higher taxes and change your lifestyle, transferring more and more power to the, quote, unquote, State to tell you what you can and cannot do. It’s happening all around: ‘Can’t smoke here. Can’t smoke there. Can’t use trans-fats.’ It’s getting absurd, and it’s all in the name of making sure we never die.


RUSH: By the way, I have a good new name for Algore. We gotta cement the fact that this global warming hoax is a religion. So from now on — and this is appropriate, folks. This is highly appropriate. I may slip for a while, because it’s been a habit to call him ‘Algore’ for all these years, but from now on, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Algore shall be referred to as ‘L. Ron Gore’ on this program. (Apologies to Tom Cruise.) It’s L. Ron Gore as in L. Ron Hubbard. (Sighing.)

RUSH: Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is Julie. Julie, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I haven’t talked to you for about 15 years. That’s when we first heard you. We lived out in California at the time, and we want you to change the subject a little bit because we want to have you become the first recycler of some of your great stuff, and that is Gorbasms. Instead of doing for, you know, Gorbachev, we want you to turn it into a Gore-basm, you know, all this Earth First stuff and the global warming stuff. We want you to start using it again.

RUSH: That theme?

CALLER: Yeah, the theme!

RUSH: Now, that’s a tempting idea, start making fun of Gore by recycling update themes and putting them into different subjects and so forth, but I don’t know. The Gorbasm theme, it’s just so perfect for Gorbachev and the old Soviet Union and so forth, but I like the idea. I think it’s a clever idea to recycle update themes. I’ll think about that. I really will. Julie, thanks much, I appreciate it.

Thinking of Gorbasms and so forth, have you seen this? ‘Scientists on the US Pacific coast are increasingly observing emaciated gray whales in what they fear is a sign that global warming is wreaking havoc in the whales’ Bering Sea summer feeding grounds. The scientists fear that the same phenomenon is cutting back reproduction in the Pacific whale population to the point it could be facing a new crisis, after recovering in the mid-1990s and graduating from the endangered species list. ‘The gray whales are migrating later, not going as far north, and are producing fewer calves,’ Steven Swartz, head researcher with the National Marine Fisheries Service told AFP.’ How do these people know this? Do we have sensitive instruments? Do we have submarines? Somebody tell me! Are we down there counting the number of these things? Are we watching every birth? Do we know where every gray whale on the face of the earth is? Well, do we know where every gray whale UNDER the face of the earth is? Do we know how many there are?

They’re losing weight. The headline is: ‘Warming Causing Gray Whales to Lose Weight.’ Frankly, folks, that’s insane. Warming causing whales to lose weight? This is actually good news. We all want to lose weight! If it’s causing the whales to lose weight, maybe you and I will lose weight because of warming. But do we know? I received a note from Roy Spencer today, the climate specialist, University of Alabama at Huntsville. He said, ‘The one thing that they can’t model…’ and his expertise is in precipitation and the effect that it has on warming. It’s not in the models, either, because we don’t have accurate measures of daily rainfall in all the world. We cannot tell ourselves — we cannot learn, we do not know — how much it rains where, everywhere on this planet. We do not know, and if you don’t know that, and if precipitation is a factor in global warming, then the models that are showing us all this stuff is worthless. Another thing is clouds. If you want to send a meteorologist into a tizzy, ask them about clouds. Ask them what the cloud cover tomorrow is going to be anywhere, and they can’t tell you. Do you know how little is known about clouds? Now, Roy’s note to me said that if there were a just 1% change in cloud cover on a consistent basis, the impact on temperature on the surface would be affected pretty profoundly.

But since we can’t measure cloud cover, either — you can look at it on the satellites and so forth, but we can’t predict it. We know what causes clouds, but we can’t make one when we want to, and we can’t move them around when we want to. We can’t get rid of them when we want to. It’s a giant mystery. So do we know how many gray whales are out there? Do we know how many calves are being born? I want to see the proof of this. How could it be that just ten years ago in the mid-nineties they ‘graduated from the endangered species list’ and now all of a sudden they’re threatened again? What the hell happened here? Global warming wasn’t happening ten years ago? It had to be happening. They’ve been warning about it since 1979 when they threw aside the global cooling crisis. This is the kind of stuff that shows up in the news. ‘Oh, mommy! Mommy, mommy, mommy! It’s the gray whales (whining) babies! What are we going to do, it’s our fault.’ People run around saying to these kids are gonna worry. There are going to be gray whale cartoons now. If there’s a scientist out there that can tell me that there are cold, hard factual numbers on the numbers of gray whales, and where they are, and when they’re having babies, and how many they’re having, and which babies are making it and which babies are not — are they having any abortions? Does every gray whale mom want to give birth? How do we know any of this for sure? Maybe we did, but this story does not tell us. They just have the scientists asserting this. They’re getting smaller; they’re not traveling as far north, and they’re not having as many calves. Why, it must be true. It’s in the Drive-By Media!

RUSH: All right, it’s global warming time, folks. Incredible Global Warming Stack. Here is Algore.

(Playing of What a Horrible World.)

RUSH: Oh, no. Oh, no.

(Playing of What a Horrible World.)

RUSH: All right. Let’s get right to it. The purpose of the global warming update, by the way, is to illustrate the folly, the fraud, the deceit, the hoax, behind the whole scientific claim that humans are destroying the climate and causing it to change. We’ve discussed Heidi Cullen. She is the info climate babe at the Weather Channel. The New York Times did a profile on Ms. Cullen yesterday. ‘Into the Limelight and the Politics of Global Warming,’ and in case you’re wondering, she’s a big manmade global warming believer — yep, it’s happening — and she proposed once the decertification of TV meteorologists by the American Meteorological Society if they didn’t believe global warming, which caused me to call her a ‘Stalinist’ which she was asked about in this piece. In case you’re wondering, how does this woman get this job — she’s never been in TV before; she’s never worked in TV; she was a researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. She got a phone call from an executive at the Weather Channel, which she auditioned for a program on climate and global warming that producers were contemplating. She was a climatologist. She had a doctorate from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, but she was dubious. She rarely watched television. She had never even seen the Weather Channel.

So they asked her, why did you decide to do this? What do you do here? How do you come to your views? ‘I’ve become a media junkie,’ she said. ‘I read far more widely now than when I was a researcher. Also, I watch a lot of TV, which means all the news programs, ‘Frontline,’ even ESPN, which I watch to learn how to write punchy leads. I also listen to NPR, check out Greenwire and troll the scientific journals like Science, Nature and Geophysical Research Letters.’ She’s a Drive-By news junky! It will do it to you every time. No wonder she buys into this global warming stuff. They asked her later on in the story, ‘Rush Limbaugh accused you of Stalinism. Did you suggest that meteorologists who doubt global warming should be fired?’ Cullen: ‘I didn’t exactly say that. I was talking about the American Meteorological Society’s seal of approval. I was saying the A.M.S. should test applicants on climate change as part of their certification process.’ What she said was that if they didn’t believe it, that they shouldn’t be certified, and if you’re not certified, a television station is not going to hire you. So it’s six of one, half dozen of another. From Kansas:

‘As August arrives, Wichita has recorded zero days this year of temperatures reaching 100 or more. None. Zip. Nada. Wichita hasn’t made it this far into a summer without reaching 100 since 1928. Herbert Hoover was president and the technological innovation sweeping the country was something called radio. Extreme heat has been about the only thing missing from the weather this year,’ and this is the case at a lot of the Midwest. I have all these cities put into my iPhone, and I check the weather every day. I’m amazed at how cool it’s been in Kansas City and in Cape Girardeau where I grew up, and in St. Louis, and how cool it’s been in the Northeast.

In fact, ‘A Summer Like No Other,’ is the headline to a story here: ‘Never before in recorded history have there been less sunshine in Oslo in July, according to Statistics Norway. Clouds blocking the sun also brought exceptionally much rain, making this July the wettest in 67 years.’ The month of July was cool. Nobody is going to the beaches. What is this? Europe is supposed to be baking, not flooding with global warming, according to the models and according to the movies and all the documentaries. By the way, the genie is now officially out of the bottle. One of the things I have told you over and over again is that the primary purpose of the United Nations, the primary reason it exists is to fleece the United States. It is made up of a lot of Third World thugs and dictators, otherwise socialists and liberals, who resent the fact that there’s such a great disparity in prosperity in this country versus other countries of the world, and we are to be made guilty for it and we are to give our money up. ‘Climate change alarmism met the infamous oil-for-food scam at the UN Tuesday.’ This is from our buddies at NewsBusters. ‘If you had any questions regarding why the UN has been the point man on driving global warming hysteria throughout America and around the world, they were all answered. In fact the genie was let out of the proverbial bottle by this Reuters headline: ‘UN Climate Change Meeting Aims at Rich Countries — The first UN special session on climate change focused on the world’s rich countries on Tuesday, as policy makers urged long-standing polluters to shoulder much of the burden for cutting greenhouse gases.”

There it is! The United Nations admits it. They’re not hiding it, just like liberals in this country are becoming more emboldened each day to share with us what they really think. This is nothing more than a fleece, a power grab, and they hope to make it succeed by making you feel guilty of sin for ‘destroying the planet’ with your extravagant lifestyles — and if they accomplish that, then you’ll go along with having your taxes raised and money going to the United Nations.

From the Times Online in the UK: ‘Motorists wanting to buy an environmentally friendly car should choose a diesel model and forgo energy-draining luxuries such as air conditioning, according to a government campaign that ranks vehicles according to their carbon emissions. The Department for Transport,’ i.e., the government, ‘is making an unprecedented intervention [in the UK] into the new car market today by telling drivers which are the ‘greenest’ models in each class…. The only petrol car is the Toyota Prius hybrid…’ Everything else they’re recommending is diesel. The underlying message is that a diesel car is the best option to help to save the planet, unless you can afford a hybrid. A diesel car will typically…’ Do you realize how idiotic this is: to save the planet, diesel is the best? Don’t buy a car with air-conditioning? Do you realize that there are kook wackos that eat this up, and then they go out and do this and then they start demanding you do it, too, because that’s who liberals are. They’re not content to live and let live. You have got to do everything they do. You have to eat what they eat. You have to say what they say. You can’t say what they don’t agree with or they’ll shut you up or try to. Political correctness, hello? Anyone? Now you have to go buy a diesel car, because if you don’t, we can’t ‘save the planet.’ It’s getting more and more outrageous. Now, I actually think I’m very optimistic about this. I was talking about this with Mr. Snerdley and some other people the other day. I think in three to four years, we can stop this. I think in three to four years, this can be illustrated to enough people in this country and the world, exactly what a hoax this whole thing is and what its real purpose is.

RUSH: There was a record cold high temperature in New York City yesterday. I want to caution everybody on this, because I don’t want there to be a panic out there. It was a record cold high temperature, like 59, 58 degrees. That cannot, just by itself — I have it on scientific authority here — that cannot by itself be blamed on the coming ice age, but it is consistent with the kind of cold events that we can expect to become more common as the new ice age approaches. It’s throughout the northeast, too. Connecticut was even colder. But I don’t want to hear anybody on this bandwagon here, ‘See, the ice age is coming.’ It’s not indicative of that, but as the ice age does approach these events will become more common. What’s causing the ice age is global warming. What causes everything?

Speaking of which, honest to Pete, folks, this is from a physics website, PhysOrg.com. ‘Scientists Confirm Long-held Theory About Source of Sunshine.’ Scientists and physicists ‘have made the first real-time observation of low-energy solar neutrinos, which are fundamental particles created by nuclear reactions that stream in vast numbers from the sun’s core.’ Essentially, ladies and gentlemen, what we all learned in the first grade, maybe even sooner, has been confirmed by America’s physicists. The sun and its nuclear explosions produce sunshine. It has been firmly established by physicists and scientists. And for the rest of today’s global warming update, dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut, we turn to Paul Shanklin as Algore ripping off Johnny Cash.

(Playing of Ball of Fire.)

Paul Shanklin, white comedian, as he’s been called by media critics of this program, as Algore there with Ball of Fire. All right, this is from Der Spiegel: ”Norway’s Moose Population in Trouble for Belching.’ The poor old Scandinavian moose is now being blamed for climate change, with researchers in Norway claiming that a grown moose can produce 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide a year — equivalent to the CO2 output resulting from a 13,000 kilometer car journey. Norway is concerned that its national animal, the moose, is harming the climate by emitting an estimated 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide a year through its belching and farting. Norwegian newspapers, citing research from Norway’s technical university, said a motorist would have to drive 13,000 kilometers in a car to emit as much CO2 as a moose does in a year.’

How are they going to blame this on America? We have our own cows here with methane production, it’s America’s fault because we eat beef, but we don’t consume moose. (interruption) Just hang on here just a second. I’m going to deal with this in my own way, Mr. Snerdley. I know you don’t believe it, it’s a crock, but even if it’s true, we can dispel it. Let me try this. Do not the environmentalist wackos and animal rights people say that the activities of plants and animals tell something about how nature works and wouldn’t the earth be a much cleaner, less polluted place if we weren’t here, or if there were fewer of us, and if we didn’t live in such advanced ways, without so much industrialization, driving around, smokestacks and all that? Okay, they do. They tell us all this. They tell us primarily that American civilization, western civilization, advanced, free societies are creating all of these horrible problems that are leading to global warming and climate change. Now, a moose is an innocent beast placed here to be a cartoon character for us, or in some cases a beast of burden, in some cases a national animal for the country of Norway. Now all of a sudden scientists, who are trying to tell us it’s our SUVs and automobiles, now say it’s a national animal of Norway that’s causing far more destruction to their climate.

Do they not also tell us that the activities of plants and animals, that’s pure nature, right? Pure, 100% nature. They provide the checks and balances that the natural world has that helped to make the earth a more habitable place. Now all of a sudden they’ve targeted cows, because that’s a beef industry, but we don’t eat moose. We Americans don’t. I don’t know what they do over in Norway. Now, if this is all true, all of this methane that the moose produce obviously means that Mother Nature intended it, and Mother Nature does not destroy herself! Mother Nature must have intended for this to happen. Where is Norway, folks? It’s up there near the Arctic Circle. It is cold up there. Maybe Mother Nature is doing this to help warm up the frigid place. Mother Nature is cold. Mother Nature is warming herself with moose gas. Well, doesn’t this make sense? The moose, innocent animal like every lovable animal and plant in the world, just is the essence of nature, the essence of innocence, so it’s out there producing all this methane, gotta be a reason for it. Has to be a reason for it. As I say, it gets pretty chilly up there in Norway. I think this is the only environmentally friendly conclusion that we can draw. Mother Nature is just trying to warm herself up. Mother Nature could kill the moose and use the coat as a jacket or something, but no, Mother Nature is not going to destroy the moose.

How about the dinosaurs? Can you imagine? You want to talk methane, I wonder if they gassed themselves into extinction now that this report has come out? This is absurd. The idea that cars were destroying the planet, and now it’s a moose, does anybody want to really try to intellectually follow these people? It just gets more and more ridiculous each and every time these people come up with some finding, like these clowns at the physics place that have discovered the long-held secret to the source of sunshine. It’s the sun! Who would have thought it?

Now, from LiveScience.com. It’s getting close to back to school. I hope your parents’ credit cards are still working here, kids, after you’ve gone out there and gotten ready to go, but for those of you who haven’t done the back-to-school-shopping yet, I have some tips for you, some environmentally friendly back-to-school tips from the World Wildlife Fund. They want to keep your backpack green as you head back to school. Here are some of the tips. Get this.

‘Number one: See if there are things, such as pencils and pens, left over from last year that can be used this year in school, rather than buying new.

‘Number two: Look for school supplies — folders, notebooks, staples — made of recycled materials. Using recycled products helps save landfill space and cut pollution. The EPA has found that recycling reduces water pollution by one-third and air pollution by 75 percent.’

I don’t know how you recycle staples. I guess you get the staples that came in stapled documents. You take the staple out with a staple puller. You know how to do that? And then when it comes time to recycle the staple, I guess you get a hammer and try to hammer the staple into the stack or you just take one hole at a time for each side of the staple per page. Let’s say you’ve got three or four pages that you need to staple — we ought to do a video demonstration of this, I can show how this is done. You take a staple that you pulled out of a previous document, and you take it one page at a time, you take one end of the staple and you hammer it in. Make sure you got a Band-Aid and some hydrogen peroxide hanging by when you stab yourself doing this.

‘Number three: Try finding back-to-school deals on the web. Ordering school supplies online or by phone saves you a trip to the store as well as the fuel needed to drive from store to store.

Never mind that if you order online, a jet’s going to bring it to the airport near your house and a big van is going to be then delivering it to your house. (Laughing)

‘Number four: Look for the FSC label on pencils and paper. Many paper products are made from trees specifically grown and harvested for papermaking, thus sparing delicate rainforest ecosystems. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies that wood and paper products are grown and managed responsibly.

‘Number five: Purchase supplies with minimal packaging. Packaging makes up about a third of the garbage that piles up in landfills.

‘Number six: Brown bag meals and avoid plastic.’

See, if kids follow this, we might not have found that decapitated woman’s head in Alligator Alley the other day. No criminal is going to decapitate somebody and put their head in a brown bag. This could lead to problems solving crime. But they still say it. ‘Brown bag meals and avoid plastic. Pack school lunches in brown, unbleached, recycled paper bags whenever possible. And if your child has a favorite superhero, there’s a good chance the character is printed on a re-usable lunchbox.’

‘Number seven: Prepare lunches,’ for your little crumb crunchers. Who does this? There’s a school lunch program; a school breakfast program. Who the hell is packing lunch for kids anymore? (interruption) You do it? Okay, well, then if you do that, use local produce, it says here. ‘Be aware of the distances food travels and the emissions necessary to ship and truck it there. Although broccoli is grown at nearby farms, the ones that shoppers pick up at the supermarket traverse an average distance of 1,800 miles.

‘Number eight: Refill water bottles. Don’t throw them away.

‘Number nine: Look for laptops made by companies working to reduce their global emissions.

‘Number ten: Walk or bike to school, not only to get exercise but also to benefit the environment.’

So there you have it. Global warming update today, the environmentally friendly back-to-school tips, all designed to pollute the minds of you and your kid.


RUSH: So let’s review, folks. We got a moose burping; we got a moose farting; we got cows farting. There’s a whole lot of crap going on out there. I also want to know what kid, what normal kid, eats produce, especially for lunch at school? And, of course, walking to school, that’s increasingly difficult in this country because of busing.

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